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  • Ah thanks again for the kind words :heart:. I actually didn't really mention that I was in High School (I'm in the last year though, fortunately, getting really sick of it). I'm very interested in sciences, with the exception of Physics which I hate, I both adore Chemics and Biology. It's kind of boring at times, but they're certainly the courses in which I'm invested the most. Maths are very hard, and I was terrible at them for more than three years, fortunately I'm pretty good at it this year. I really want to study Biomedical sciences next year, it perfectly fits with my current direction (which is Latin-Sciences), I really like to work in a labo, and I always liked to study Medecine but the studies themselves are far too hard, and Biomedical is pretty close to it. Lol, an almost followed dream.
    I don't mind the length of your post(s), I see the effort you put in it for me, and I totally appreciate it, thank you so much :)

    For my allergies, I tried a bit of everything, from pills to saline solution to herbal medicine, and more the times goes on, the less those things work. Didn't even know what Neti pot was, it looks pretty weird but I should totally give it a try, I don't really know where to find it though. I don't really suffer from headaches, more from my nose being constantly infected. I think in my lifetime I seriously could fill in a whole lake with snot (sorry for that imagery, especially if you're eating :<).
    Yeah, I know there's always much worse in the world, but seeing people suffering always saddens me. I have mutiple allergies, especially to dust, it's not even close for being a terrible illness, but I suffer daily from it. I already find it painful and unbearable, so I can't imagine how it feels to have a true chronical disease, but in some way I can understand it, proportionnaly.

    Also, thanks for the compliment, it's really appreciated ! On the other hand, the great boarder here is you, I can't say enough how much I appreciate youre great humanity and you're absolutly awesome in debates. Stay the way you are !

    What's going on in my life ? Nothing really interesting, I'm just a pretty generic someone who goes to high school. And you ?
    Ow crap, that sounds awful. I really feel sorry for you. All my hopes goes to you getting better !
    I saddly didn't follow everything, but what sort of illness do you have, if it's not indescreet to ask ?
    No worries, I'm pretty much the worst person I know at responding to things in a reasonable amount of time. I haven't done tinychat in a while and didn't see your message until really late at night but I'll definitely log in one of these nights soon.
    Ah, damn. Well, chat pretty much wound down for the night anyway. Think pretty much everyone bar Kaos, Jay and Pkkao went off for the night. Always next time though.
    Dunno if TC just flat out is refusing to work for you now but the chat is still going if you wanna try again. :)
    Oh it hasn't really been serious, just small things getting in the way. Good luck with your appointment then!

    Man I wish I could go see a film for £5 somewhere haha, still undecided on Deadpool though but knowing me there's a very high chance it'll be seen eventually.
    Don't get me started on speeches!

    I've been fine thanks, just really not had a lot going on recently which is a pain so i'm kicking my heels a bit. I had been hoping to visit the boyfriend again but he's had various ailments :(

    How have things been with you? Anything more interesting? (preferably in the good way)
    Oh well that's tragic, I mean i'm still going to rally against his casual misogyny but it's sad that it came about because of that so I won't exactly be harsh.
    Can I request a temporary ban? I think I need to be away from this forum for awhile. I caused some drama in one I&S Land thread.
    it certainly doesn't make me a saint, but it's certainly evidence to the contrary of these silly assertions (of which there is no evidence) that I have a problem with either group.
    Thank you for your submission(s) to the Dogs On Streetview From Every Country series, TurkeyPardon

    As we did not already have a dog from the country Turkey we will use this submission in a future episode and credit you.

    - Jay
    Probably. Not sure when, just a matter when we want to start mass-changing and recording names, I guess.
    super sorry if i did/said something that ran you off of tc. i'm not sure exactly what happened but i'm a thoughtless and clueless idiot so i just wanna make sure you know i didn't intend anything of the sort if it was my doing. i don't wanna dive into specifics and make things worse so i'll just leave it at that.
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