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  • Crash looks so seductive in your signature.

    Also, PaRappa looks really cute in those PlayStation adverts.

    I think I have a weird attraction to these Sony characters.
    Thanks for the "head's up" about the VGM elimination thread. I'm not much of a gamer, but I have listened to a bit of game music and chiptunes here and there. Sounds fun!

    LOL! He did go out with a bang! I had my moments... but, fuck me, that's a total 180 from when I knew him here. Glad I missed that transformation, 'cause I liked him.

    Thanks for the catch-up! See you around the board, bud... and have a good night!
    Yeah, I'll stick around for a little bit. Kind of want to do the summer music elimination thing.
    Why was Johnny Deformed banned? He was one of the nicest people on the board....
    Ah ok. We were having a discussion in Discord about during VGM chat because I immediately recognized it (love that movie too much) and we weren't sure.
    This is kinda hard to prove because it's not actually in a soundtrack form but the Ratatouille track in the VGM is actually pulled straight from the Giacchino score and remixed. This video has a sample of it at the start but you actually have to watch the movie to hear it (the OST doesn't feature it as it's "source music"), but it's the song that the rat band plays in the film:

    Obviously you're way too far in to do anything about it but I just felt I might as well say something.
    Looks like it's the 5 day one from the automated system. I pitched to them whether or not the other mods want to do an extension, so I dunno. Maybe it'll blow up again in a week.
    ten bucks chris tries to make another account within the next 12 hours

    hell that's probably giving it way too generous amount of time
    I don't know what I expected from the start. I was just sick and tired of your attitude, and wanted to tell you... Which I've done now anyway. But I'd honestly still like to be cool if you're in.
    And I'll say it again, you can think it's stupid all you want, but the amount of times you were so annoying about it was what led me to sending the "what's your problem usernote". So, like... I don't know I'm not expecting anything to be said. I mean you don't really have a personal reason for it, you just find some things I say stupid. But it's really annoying the way you "call me out". That's the whole point I guess. I mean continue if you want, I've vented enough here. But I'd prefer it if you didn't cause you are a chill dude otherwise.
    I did actually, but decided to post it anyway. Also, honest question btw, is "aggravatingly dense" supposed to mean that I am being aggressive, or I say stupid shit that makes people aggresive? If the former, then I'm really not until you come after me. And by people I only mean like, 2 others. But "That!" is supposed to mean people who act like smug annoying cunts, not just anyone who calls me out.

    But this is getting sort of off topic now, the reason I sent the first VM was because I was annoyed with you always getting on my back and acting dickish no matter what. Maybe you don't think you do, but it sure feels like it since you do it for a lot of things I say.
    But see, I wasn't getting pissed or defensive over it. I was simply stating an opinion and you went right at me and that's what pissing me off. You. Just like what happened right now. I am aware I talk about "the strangest" or like obscure things from cartoons, but that shouldn't really matter. Anyway we don't need to talk the specific subjects of things we've had this argument over, you can do that in the thread if you want. I'd just prefer it if you didn't have to act like such a cunt.

    (I am being sencere even if it doesn't look like that what with the word "cunt" in the middle).
    Well, I mean I did regret it like I said. But seriously, I lose my mind when I try to talk with people on here and they act like... That! And seriously, you still continue with those damn comments after this, like that past part? Could easily put an "If you really need it spelled out" comment here but I won't (Although saying this is basically the same), but I obviously exaggerated.
    Eh kinda regret sending that now. I mean I've explained the situation to you numoreous times and you just scoff it off as me saying "stupid shit" sorry for that little overreaction, but honestly, you do act quite like a dick to me no matter what I say. I don't know what constitutes as "stupid shit" but you act like a cunt (It's just the perfect word to describe it) to me no matter what I say like, I just say I prefer bratty Cartman, or I hope an episode is non-canon. Or I simply take a picture of my screen instead of a screenshot. Like, maybe you not agreeing with it makes it look like "stupid shit". (Obviously just recent examples) Fair enough, but you're still being quite a cunt about it and that's not really needed. I'm not even denying that me jokingly saying random stuff like "I am a child of the board" or gloating about swag isn't stupid shit, but thats the whole joke. But it seems like no matter what I say, yes, you do pretty much act quite dickish.
    Actually, that's literally what you're doing. Jesus fucking goddamn Christ it's actually un-fucking-fathomable how much of an unaware hypocrite you are. You act like a cunt no matter what I say. No. Matter. What. You're nothing but a despicable asshole. I've tried talking with you rationally but it always ends up with your smug "But hey..." behavior. You are an absolute fucking shithead. And no this isn't no BSC case where I got upset over a misunderstanding of an avatar, you are acting like a huge fucking prick and will continue to do so and I assume there's no talking sense into you. Jesus C................. Fucking....... I just.......... Ugh. Yeah, it probably looks like I'm "raging" right now which automatically means I've lost, right? Sigh. Fucking Christ. Also, fucking lmao pathetic way of winning by scoffing off my argument cause I use the word "cunt". You've seen the SP episode regarding f**s, it's the same situation here.
    Sigh. Yeah, sure. Even though my point was you act like a complete cunt no matter what I say but no, it must be me getting upset over getting "called out" for saying "stupid shit". Sigh, Jesust Christ. AAAAAND HERE WE GO AGAIN. Now this will just continue and continue and continue. There's a reason I deleted it.
    How'd you see a deleted message? Also, see, you're just being a cunt again. It was a good move cause I didn't want to continue pointlessly arguing. Point made; you're simply being a cunt and I'd kindly like you to knock it off. Say otherwise if you will, idc.
    cool, i just got a proper computer again. not having one kept me away for the last year
    there is a password but i'll ask around
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