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  • Hey, quick query. I haven't been able to log in to the NHC on mobile as of late. More specifically, my iPad. I've repeatedly typed in my user credentials, and have been denied access to my page. Everything works fine on my computer, but it's simply my mobile devices that won't work.

    Is this a board issue, or something that's unique to my situation?
    I know you don't take action for what happens in Discord, but the harrasment of me by a specific group of people (Painty-can, comeau, Mr. Teenie, Sam, Peyrin, Kaos, Moose, Torm, Ryan) is getting out of control. I get called "racist", "sexist", "transphobic" and more for very minute reasons (A few days ago they said I was homophobic and transphobic for liking the Simpsons, they still call me racist for my dislike of rap) and sometimes I don't even say anything (A few days ago out of nowhere they just started talking about how I'm "anti-semetic"), and every time I give a dissenting opinion everyone screams at me, sometimes it's even something like watching Pokemon which leads to them trying to rile me up, saying I have "objectively bad taste" and saying "Pokemon Is Dead". I know I can be annoying but this is borderline cyberbullying. I really want you to do something to stop this because it hurts my feelings to be treated this way.
    That's an accurate description of a hall monitor haha. It's weird looking at that thread and seeing those other two who aren't around anymore, plus others. Kind of sad really. But nonetheless, fascinating piece of board history there. And dayum, 2003 was before I really understood the internet in any capacity.
    There should be a soft delete option added, methinks. Oh well, thx for checking. And what, you've been a mod for more than a decade I presume? Long time indeed
    Yo kupes, is there a way you can see and restore my deleted usernotes?
    It's not that bad really I enjoy talking to him, but he does the spam the same gif thing 300 times quite often.
    hey whenever u get th time switch my name back to kaos, lowercase as written. many thanx in advance.
    wow that dude on your facebook status about trump's star is textbook trump supporter material...

    starting to think that they're manufactured in factories or something. went for the bill clinton toss and everything.
    yo amber, finally got a new computer (it's been a long 12 months) and wanted to tinychat again.
    shaun gave me the room name but didnt know the password.
    if ya know i'd appreciate gettin it.

    p.s. you get a lot of vm's from weenies don't ya?
    why does no one bother me?
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