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  • Sorry for annoying you guys. I've realized that I don't show myself in the best of lights while I'm in chat which is a shame, so I'll post more constructively from now on if you let me back in.
    The Barbie Army was a band from Chicago in the 80's. I recently looked them up cause my parents are friends with the singer. The guy that uploaded that track uploaded a few more, but unfortunately I haven't found any on itunes/soulseek/blogspot/etc, so those 4/5 on youtube are the most you may find digitally. I think, according to discogs, they released a compilation album with demo/7" stuff, but I'm guessing that's impossible to find.

    I'm glad you liked it. It's a wicked cool song!
    yo happy birthday duder! celebrate your 24th with the traditional food of Cake™, pictured below:

    that thing has been sat in my cupboard for like 6 (?) months now after we took it to eb games and they basically wrote it off
    im considering buying a new one so ill keep you posted
    Oh no, I hope nothing too serious? I'll be thinking of him and hoping he gets well so you two can get your luvv on.

    I'm finally going to see a neurologist in less than two weeks. At first I was very anxious, but I'm getting exited for it.

    The SO and I were supposed to see Deadpool today, but they still have a cold and I woke up feeling woozy. We're going to see it next Tuesday instead, pretty excited :) I found out not too long ago the theater nearby does $5 matinees on Tuesdays, so we're going to make it a point to go out to the movies more.
    Oh I didn't mean he deserves any kind of pass, he'd still be a huge damned bigot even if he dropped the anti-feminist bs. Just more to the point that if you do decide to take the time to listen to the video and respond, knowing that might help you feel a little less wall-punchingly frustrated with him.
    I don't really want to post it in the thread, but from what I saw on Tom's website, this is really about the regret and anger he feels for being pro-choice a long time ago. He got a girl pregnant and they weren't financially able to take care of a baby, so he encouraged/supported her having an abortion. Over the years he came to reject being pro-choice and, while he hates himself for being "selfish", he blames feminists/liberals/progressives for "lying" to him and "brainwashing" him into believing in being pro-choice. Feel kinda bad for him.
    i do 2 days a week at the local primary school (starting a pgce in sept) and then rest of the week is delivering maths tuition sessions for cash
    what are you up to these days
    i dunno really, was shattered early in the week from volunteering
    do feel a little burnt out from big board arguments post-joey though, yeah
    my home internet situation has not improved even infinitesimally sad to say. i dont see this changing either, any promises regarding better internet access nearby have been met with no actual follow-up so *shrug*
    My argument was proven, the moment everyone immediately started pointing their grubby fingers and accusing me of being something so foul. She's a race baiter. She'll cry racism at anything if it has the slightest tangible connection to the subject of race. And as for the other thing; well there's no other means of proof when you're on a bloody forum, is there? Actually, what am I saying? On a forum? There's no other means of refutation at all. It's a corner that can't be backed out of. And I can't very well remain completely silent either. What do you expect me to say to refute accusations of which there's no proof? That I send money to the starving children in Africa? Because I don't, haven't, and likely never will.
    Doesn't mean much, does it? It's all well and good to condescend and grace me with the appraisal that I'm apparently a decent boarder, all while ragging on me in the thread in question, and thumbing up posts that do the same. All seems a bit two faced, dunnit?
    Spruce, I already said I'm not participating in that thread. If you have something to ask me, ask me through VM. Because I'm certainly not playing the fool and dealing with a multitude of people coming down on me from all sides, all because I aired a little frustration with certain people's posting habits.
    the thought of getting other people to play undertale ...

    it fills me with determination.

    Do you happen to have the full 2014 album list along with the points each album got? I'm thinking of merging the 2014 and 2015 lists to create an ultimate ranking. Even if you just have the top 100 it would be handy.
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