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  • I wonder how you would feel about Lisa’s behavior in The Kid Is All Right, when she was upset about Isabela being a Republican, a Dubya-era Republican at that. Considering you said that you can’t be a “good” person if you support the GOP and that you said that Reagan was “the devil.”
    true, true. just hope one of em don't try to bite me (they won't)!

    don't think i've been on your friends list before, but now i am! feel free to read the 50+ pages of spammy vming between me and chibi, or anyone else lol
    yes, and that is pretty fascinating, isn't it? speaking of deer, there's a species of them that have fangs:

    The first thing I thought when I heard that Trumps officially at presidency is how terrible this whole situation must be for people like you. I feel really sad and sorry about this. I wish I could give you a giant hug in real life, and all I can do is a virtual one which saddens me even more
    Ow, continue to kick men's butt, especially that of BSC, you fantastic human being :heart:
    Oh man, I just learn about it, I feel really sad and sorry for you :(. This is just awful. I don't know when it happen, but I hope you're going fine since.
    I truly wish those who did that get someday some sort of STD that eats them from inside, slowly and painfully.
    I went to Luxembourg, not too far from where I live. It's a really beautiful country with a lot of typical European charm, completly perfect for long walks. I had a nice time as you can guess :). Do you also travel this year?
    Hello, I was on a trip yestersay so I could not wish you a "Happy Birthday !".
    I hope it isn't too late now :)
    it isn't much, but congrats on finding yourself and facing your situation with confidence. wish u good luck further down the road
    Thank God.

    She did reply this morning, apologizing for the silence but stating she has so much school she doesn't have much time to be social :(
    Oh my God, is she okay?

    I'm fine, I guess. But there hasn't been much school, so I've been bored some days. And as you also probably know, I'm crushing on a girl who hasn't written in 5 days, which makes me feel a little... sad.
    Hey, don't worry. Everything is ok with everyone on my side, and I'm happy with that. Thanks for your corcerns :heart:
    I like cooking too ! I will certainly enjoy you talking about cooking. I greatly enjoy watching culnary programs on the tv, and doing things on my own, but I'm a terrible cooker, I think I barely can even cook an egg properly..
    Oh I totally understand that staying at home part. I'm really uncomfortable being in the middle of folks too. I'm sure your collages are awesome, gonna give it a watch. Do you draw too ? I like drawing a lot, I feel sometimes that I have too much creativity in my head, and drawing is the perfect form of expression for it.
    I think you once mentioned your age, but I already forgot it. But... do you still study or something, or do you have a job ? (ew, it's kind of rude to ask it like that, but I don't really know how to ask it)

    (Ugh, the characters limit is very annoying)
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