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Below you can browse through our collection of Simpsons related articles from years past.

12/18/1989 - "Life in Hell's Matt Groening goes overboard to make The Simpsons the first family of TV 'toons" by People Weekly
"On Jan. 14, Groening's animated cartoon, The Simpsons, which appears in 15- to 20-second vignettes on The Tracey Ullman Show, will get its own 30-minute slot on the Fox lineup." >>> Read More
5/18/1990 - "The Making of 'The Simpsons'" by Entertainment Weekly
"More than a hundred names flash on the screen in the final few seconds of The Simpsons every Sunday night: the writers and actors, animators and editors, technicians and producers who collaborate on that hit Fox show. Some of the jobs are, well, unusual. There are layout artists and background artists, color designers and a whole crew of people who do nothing but double-check other artists' work, making sure they didn't smudge anything. And there are almost as many other people, another hundred names, who get no credit at all. And credit is due." >>> Read More
5/23/1992 - "Our Times" by TV Guide
"At a convention of religious broadcasters a few months back, President Bush got rolling on the 'old-fashioned values' theme that will be so central to his campaign. 'We need a nation," he said, "closer to the Waltons than the Simpsons.'" >>> Read More
3/12/1993 - "'Toon Terrific" by Entertainment Weekly
"Year after hilarious year, The Simpsons keeps outdoing itself with wry sarcasm, topical themes, and superb scripting that put most other comedies to shame. Now in its fourth season, The Simpsons has never been better." >>> Read More
5/2/1994 - "Simpsons forever!" by Time Magazine
Here's one person's ten reasons why The Simpsons are "America's ideal family." >>> Read More
12/7/1994 - "The Simpsons in Cyberspace" by The Philadelphia Inquirer
"The global computer web, called the Internet, was ingeniously designed to survive a nuclear holocaust. And should it ever come to that, one figure of the late 20th century is sure to stagger from the fallout and demand a brewskie. That bug-eyed dope Homer Simpson." >>> Read More
3/3/1995 - "Groening Has a Cow Over 'Critic'" by The Los Angeles Times
"'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening is so angry with executive producer James L. Brooks for cross-promoting 'The Critic' on this Sunday's episode that he has yanked his name from the credits." >>> Read More
1/3/1998 - "Home Sweet Homer" by TV Guide
"A 63-year-old Kentucky great-grandmother won the top prize in a Simpsons House Giveaway last November -- a life-size replica of the Simpsons' house worth about $100,000." >>> Read More
1/3/1998 - "Crazy for The Simpsons" by TV Guide
"I don't like to cook, my wife hates golf, and our children think fishing is cruel. Just about the only things we do as a family are argue about table manners and watch The Simpsons." >>> Read More
5/20/1998 - "Beer Bonanza" by The Advertiser
"TV's Homer Simpson can't get enough of it ... and now his favourite beer, Duff, has become a real-life collectors' item, being offered for sale for up to $10,000 a case." >>> Read More
6/1998 - "I Bent my Wookiee! - Celebrating the Star Wars/Simpsons connection" by Star Wars Insider
"The Simpsons has become almost as popular and ironic as Star Wars itself, and it seems only right that these two powerful pop cultural phenomena have joined Forces on occasion." >>> Read More
6/4/1999 - "Catholic Complaints Censor Simpsons" by Mr Showbiz News
"The Fox Network allowed its collective sense of humor to be waylaid by a Catholic activist group, and some minor but telling editing in a Simpsons episode took place." >>> Read More
9/4/1999 - "The Gospel of Homer" by The Ventura County Star
"From 8 to 11, seven nights a week, religion is a frontier. Television shows that don't hesitate to bask in violence and sex avoid faith as if it were a mortal sin. The best the divine can hope for on most shows is a cameo. Entering its 11th season this fall, 'The Simpsons' is changing that, said Robert Thompson, professor of film and television at Syracuse University." >>> Read More
12/31/1999 - "The Best TV Show Ever" by Time Magazine
"In a decade packed with breathtaking innovations from 'Seinfeld' to 'The Sopranos,' 'The Simpsons' is the show that captured the '90s cold from beginning to end the consumerism, the media saturation, the stresses on families and civic culture." >>> Read More
1/14/2000 - "The Fun In Dysfunctional" by Variety Magazine
"No way was this show supposed to survive for 10 years. Ten weeks, likely. Ten minutes, possibly. Ten seconds, conceivably. But then, 'The Simpsons' has made News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch a medium-sized fortune by routinely defying odds and narrow expectations." >>> Read More
1/24/2000 - "Worst Episode Ever" by Salon Entertainment
"After 10 years, 'The Simpsons' remains one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV. You'll find it on the 'best' list of almost every TV critic, along with words of praise for staying irreverent and funny after all these years. But if you turn to alt.tv.simpsons, the show's Internet discussion group, it's as if a different show is being talked about. New episodes are routinely panned and held up as evidence that 'The Simpsons' has been vulgarized and cheapened." >>> Read More
4/15/2000 - "America's First Family" by The Times Magazine
"Without The Simpsons, there would have been no Beavis and Butt-head, Duckman, King of the Hill or South Park. It redefined television animation, spawning shows that seem far more extreme by comparison - which naturally helped its own continual acceptance into the mainstream." >>> Read More
8/21/2000 - "Play on, MacHomer" by The Boston Globe
"Rick Miller is, by his own admission, nuts. Who in their right mind, after all, would adapt 'MacBeth,' one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, by casting Homer Simpson as the ambitious, tortured Scot? That Miller's wildly imaginative one-man show 'MacHomer' is one of the hits of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival is testimony to the rarefled place that the dysfunctional American cartoon family the Simpsons occupies in British society." >>> Read More
2/7/2001 - "The Simpsoffs" by Slate Magazine
"In its prime, it was among the greatest TV shows in history. Even now, it has moments of brilliance. It's still better than 95 percent of television. But it's time to cancel 'The Simpsons.'" >>> Read More
3/11/2001 - "Liberated Lisa" by ToldedoBlade.com
"Has there ever been a female TV character as complex, intelligent, and, ahem, as emotionally well-drawn as Lisa Simpson? Meet her once and she comes off priggish and one-note - a know-it-all. Get to know her and Lisa is as well-rounded as anyone you may ever meet in the real world." >>> Read More
6/30/2001 - "Confessions of a Simpsons Junkie" by Star Week Magazine
"The darkest months of the year are upon us. For some, the liking of winter's grim veil heralds a con current rise in spirits, a renewed enthusiasm for the myriad wonders the world has to offer. They are the lucky ones, for to a substantial number of obsessively minded TV viewers, the summer means only one thing: No new episodes of The Simpsons for at least four months. Truly a season in hell." >>> Read More
2/12/2003 - "Like, cool, dude! Bart & family hit 300" by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"To celebrate Sunday's 300th episode of 'The Simpsons,' Cartwright, Smith, Castellaneta and four other members of the versatile voice cast gathered in Hollywood last month, slipping in and out of character as they talked about their long runs in one of TV's most unusual acting jobs." >>> Read More
2/12/2003 - "Who turned America's best TV show into a cartoon?" by Slate Magazine
"For several years, watching The Simpsons chase Ozzie & Harriet's record for the longest-running sitcom has been like watching the late-career Pete Rose: There's still greatness there, and you get to see a home run now and then, but mostly it's a halo of reflected glory." >>> Read More
11/7/2003 - "'The Simpsons,' back from the pit" by msnbc.com
"Perhaps if TV shows can jump the shark, they can jump back, too. 'The Simpsons,' which in recent years seemed to have lost all trace of its original brilliance, certainly is attempting a daring feat, reaching back to its roots without ignoring just how far itís come in the 15 years it has been on the air. Perhaps Bart put it best in an episode last season: 'If I may dust off an old chestnut: Ay caramba! Ay caramba, indeed.'" >>> Read More
8/17/2004 - "Life Imitating Bart" by The Sydney Morning Herald
"It might be just 15 years old but with nearly 350 episodes in the can, The Simpsons is practically middle-aged. When the first episode went to air in 1989, Driving Miss Daisy was in cinemas and the world was talking about the Exxon Valdez oil spill and protests in Tiananmen Square. The global landscape has changed dramatically since then. The Simpsons' incisive social commentary has kept up with the times but the key to its longevity, says executive producer Al Jean, is making sure nothing else does." >>> Read More
5/15/2007 - "Rolling in d'oh: 'Simpsons' hits 400 episodes" by the Hollywood Reporter
"The series' characters, who first appeared as crudely produced shorts on Fox's 'The Tracey Ullman Show,' will celebrate their 20th anniversary on television with a feature film this summer, 'The Simpsons Movie,' which will have a global release July 27. How has this longevity even happened in a medium known for inspiring fickleness and apathy in audiences? Executive producer James L. Brooks says it's a combination of great raw material and uncommon creative freedom." >>> Read More
7/20/2007 - "'Simpsons Movie': Homer's Odyssey" by Entertainment Weekly
"It's a perilous project that's required years of plotting (up to 18, depending on who's counting) and the complicated synergies of hundreds of individuals (some not quite human). It has triggered surprise, curiosity, glee, anxiety, and a nationwide epidemic of finger-crossing. But on this June afternoon in L.A., it's just a bunch of guys trying to beat a deadline." >>> Read More
5/15/2008 - "Homer and Marge's eeeexcelllent adventure" by San Diego Union-Tribune
"What's new, irreverent, exciting, technologically advanced, maybe a little bit scary, sorta green and very, very yellow? It's the newest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, and it features that popular and dysfunctional TV and movie family, the Simpsons." >>> Read More
6/5/2008 - "Ageless Wonder" by Portfolio.com
"Bart Simpson hasn't aged a day since The Simpsons launched on Fox in 1989. Neither, it turns out, has its audience, which may explain The Simpsonsí current first-place tie (with Gunsmoke) for the longest-running primetime TV series, ever." >>> Read More