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Below you will find links to what we consider to be the very best websites, blogs, and social networking accounts devoted to The Simpsons. We also highly recommend that you visit the five pages discussed in detail below if you haven't done so before.

Dead Homer Society


About Dead Homer Society: If you visit this page expecting praise for recent Simpsons episodes, well, you must be lost. Our favorite Simpsons blog is the Internet's home for those who despise & spit on the current "Zombie Simpsons" era of the show and have nothing but love for the mostly-brilliant episodes from the 1990s. And oh yeah, they wrote a book as well.

Last Exit To Springfield


About Last Exit To Springfield: Launched way back in the late 1990s when it was known as "The Aussie Simpsons Extravaganza," this well-designed fan site currently contains possibly the largest online collection of Simpsons audio clips, downloads, games, imagery, screen captures(over 70,000+), and desktop wallpaper. Unfortunately, updates to this site have ceased.

Simpson Crazy


About Simpson Crazy: Describing itself as the "ultimate Simpsons fan site," this page offers several games, guides, lists, episode scripts, imagery, desktop wallpaper, and website widgets. Check out its Simpsons dictionary.

The Simpsons Archive


About The Simpsons Archive: Our partner site and the most-visited Simpsons fan site, the Archive is a repository of frequently-updated information pertaining to the show. Online since 1994, the page features character guides, FAQs, reference lists, scheduling information, spoilers, articles & interviews, bibliographies, and more. Its most well-known feature is its many episode capsules.


A newsgroup founded in 1990 that has been lampooned on the show itself.

Four Finger Discount Podcast

Mitch and Dando are life-long fans of the show, and they share that passion on their outstanding podcast.

Picks' Tribute To The Simpsons

Online since 1995, this beautiful homage to OFF has plenty of original scans and downloads.

Robertuybrush's Page

Arguably the best Spanish tribute to The Simpsons.


Nearly every page on this long-running fan site has something to amuse you.

The Simpsons Comics Site

A page devoted to comprehensive reviews for the Simpsons Comics, featuring numerous strips available for viewing.

Simpsons Wiki

An enormous Simpsons database that anyone can edit and contribute to.

Springfield Punx

This blog hosts Dean Fraser's fan art, featuring Simpsonized drawings of various TV and pop culture icons.

Wikipedia: The Simpsons

An extensive historical overview for the show, including a list of episodes, themes, and more.

Dr Zaius

Simpsons quotes that nobody gets anymore

The Simpsons (Official)

Where's my elephant?





Mmm... The Simpsons

The Simpsons Forever