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Thanks to Angi Duke, Matty Jorrisen, Lee Kaldany, Jake Lennington, Nina Matsumoto, and Ed Slavin for providing us with some of the below images.

Age: 36 to 39, depending on the episode.
Weight: Somewhere between 239 and 260 lbs.
Occupation: Worker drone/safety inspector, Sector 7G, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. (Holds plant record for most years worked at an entry-level position)
Awards: The C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, Employee of the Month at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Belching Contest Winner, Grammy Award for "Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word, or Barvershop Album of the Year" for his work with The Be Sharps. High school reunion trophies for most weight gained, most hair lost, most improved odor, and person who travelled least distance.
Favorite foods: Donuts, Pork Rinds Light, Chippos, Krusty Burgers, pork chops, steak, bulk seafood, and honey roasted peanuts.
Favorite beverage: Duff Beer
Surgeries: A triple bypass operation, resulting from his love of the above foods.
Favorite pastime: Sitting on the couch while watching TV and drinking beer.
Favorite store: The Kwik-E-Mart
Says: "D'oh!" when upset, "Mmm..." when tempted.

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