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  • I accept their suggested solution, although it's not followed up on as much as the other leads they went into depth on. So there's wiggle room if anyone wants to argue with it. The final point of the mockumentary makes it weirdly irrelevant, though.
    I finished the show, it was an alarmingly fast watch. Thanks for the recommendation, I really enjoyed it!
    (By the end, I didn't even really care who drew the dicks anymore. Although when THAT MOMENT happened in the finale, my head was on a swivel. There was practically a record scratch sound go through my head when they said that.)
    She would need a second person in on the plan to actually execute the crime, who I have no idea who that would be... Would probably be someone in the News Show 9 or whatever, unless MacKenzie had access to Dylan's key to the computer room. And I have no idea why she would do it, other than she was tired of him and the Wayback Boys or whatever. I feel like whoever did it is someone who really really really hated Dylan's guts. And knew about his run-in with the Spanish teacher.

    (stupid VM character limit)
    So far, my initial instinct is that it was Dylan's girlfriend MacKenzie, in conjunction with someone else. Structurally, the case looks very much like the archetypal mystery centered around a framing. The decision to vandalize the cars using dicks suggests that someone specifically had Dylan in mind as their fall guy. They establish that everyone in the school immediately thought of Dylan when they heard about it. The problem with doing a framing, is you have to make sure the framed person is out of the way and not have an alibi for the window of the crime. It doesn't make sense to draw dicks, if Dylan was clearly seen somewhere else during that time period. I find it suspicious that MacKenzie makes her Instagram post at the time of the crime to ensure that Dylan's alibi gets messy.
    *puts on detective hat*

    I only had 2 episodes left of 30 Rock, so I was able to watch 2 episodes of American Vandal so far. That was the episode where they discuss whether that guy got that handjob, and then going over the timeline of Dylan's movements with the prank/dog food. Here's my instinct so far, which may or may not be way off base and contradicted in Episode 3. Or maybe this is exactly where the show is going, who knows?
    That Netflix thing sounds dope. I will definitely check it out. Am furiously trying to finish my 30 Rock re-watch before it leaves in October and then was going to do BoJack, but maybe I'll do this first? I see it's only 8 episodes... It's this, Bojack, and Stranger Things for October. Pretty good lineup of stuff to watch. :)
    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the Monsters Inc. review! Was hoping you enjoyed it.
    Good news! I talked to my managers at work, and they gave me this upcoming Friday off. We're kinda breaking the rules by letting my have the day off, but I think this is more of a goodwill thing. They've been working me really hard this year (I've only taken 1 vacation day so far), so I think it kinda guilt-tripped them into just letting me have this.

    Have you already ordered your tickets and whatnot? Local places around here (Kroger, Burger King, etc) offer these $22.00 off park admission coupons. Dunno if you found a cheap deal online or what, but I already picked one up and could pick up another one for you. We could save on parking by carpooling as well.
    I don't know what's up with Vortex. Because it is definitely the ride that I feel the worst after riding (now that I'm in my 30s) but I don't recall a lot of head-banging. I remember when they first opening The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, they had overhead restraints, and that was a head-banging experience for the ages (they've since changed them). But the Vortex, I don't know if it's the comfort of the restraints and seat or what, but my joints always feel weirdly ache-y. It's weird.

    Excited about Mystic Timbers, I'm curious to see where they built it. I'm guessing, by its name, its over in the old rivertown area near the Beast where all the trees are.
    (I am going to be pretty darn annoying describing how, "Oh, this changed, and this used to be this")
    Yeah, I assumed the itinerary and your scheduling was pretty locked in at this point. I have a bad habit of looking at workloads and thinking optimistically, but I think there's a good shot we won't be as crazy busy during that particular week. I could work 7-11 AM that day and get there around 12:30 or 1 or something like that. I live only 90 minutes away.

    Regarding the Vortex, I have a question for you. Do you have bony shoulders by chance? The Vortex is indeed a rough coaster (especially for a steel one!) but the over-the-shoulder harness kinda destroys my shoulders. It pushes down straight on them, and then you rattle around as you go through the inversions.
    OK, so we're potentially going to be running into issues... My co-worker took that week off, so it will be challenging. I talked to my supervisor and she said that it's not a hard "no" that I can't have the day off, it's just really dependent on what our workload looks like for that particular week. She also suggested the idea of maybe I could do a half day and meet you afterwards.

    I assume with your flights, and you traveling to Cedar Point, that you're locked in for King's Island Friday and then Cedar Point Saturday (that the days couldn't be reversed)? I'll try to get things setup on my end, it's just a little up in the air right now for me.
    OK, I'll check to see if I can get that day off. I remember one of my coworkers (that I have to alternate vacation days with) saying she was taking a day off on early May, hopefully it wasn't that one.
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