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Thanks to Alexander Gustafsson, Jake Lennington, Nina Matsumoto, and Ed Slavin for providing us with some of the below images.

Age: 34
Shoe size: 13AA.
Role in family: Thread that holds the Simpson family together.
Things occasionally found in her hair: Large sums of money, cats, roosters, and Maggie.
Admirers: Artie Ziff, Mr. Burns, Moe, Springfield Isotopes player Flash Baylor.
Political affiliations: Mary Bailey supporter. Twice voed for Jimmy Carter.
Favorite singer: Tom Jones.
Quirks: Cooks with less than eight spices. Believes potatoes are neat. Often sleeps naked. Has webbed feet.

Age: 1
Role in family: Pacifier-sucking youngest Simpson child.
Monetary value: $847.63.
Only true enemy: Gerald, the baby with one-eyebrow.
Dexterity: Low. Falls over often.
First word: "Daddy."