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Hello, first time caller....

I felt nostalgic today for many things, one was The Simpsons and the other was using a forum to discuss the things I like rather than the cursed social media. Looking forward to reading your threads and slowly getting the confidence to provide some of my own garbled musings.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Welcome, hope you have a nice time.
Hello all from Australia! Always loved watching some Simpsons when I was growing up, and over the past couple of months have become a bit more nostalgic and started watching some old episodes, as well as some of the modern ones, once again. Thought this would be a good way to share some thoughts on the show

Also, is the search function currently not working? Keep getting an error code whenever I try to do so
hey i’m a huge simpsons fan and love the idea of going through threads and discussions to see people talking all about the simpsons, and honestly any other show (related) and such. so cool to see people still active to this day even with a join date of 2009. i’ve been a fan for the longest time and the simpsons would always just be in at my house. i love the idea of the nohomersclub, i’m so happy to be a member.
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hi, i just got back into this show for the first time in a while during quarantine and bc i have a lot of time now (due to bad air quality where i live it is unsafe to go outside, and covid is still spreading). i've been really on a big kick with it lately so i started lurking here to see what peoples opinions were, why not. so i figured i should make an account and maybe post myself here.
i hope whoever's reading has a nice day and i hope to have good chats with the userbase here
Hi everyone my name is arad ralami, so I searched about Simpsons seasons and I found this community so i decided to join your forum, hope we have a great time with each other here, my other hobbies are watching movies and anime. Sorry for my bad English it's my second language.
I love these types of adult animated shows

Hello! I started with family guy as a teen as many of us gen z folk do, not so much into it anymore. After I got into American Dad, then I saw every episode of the Simpsons. I am up to until the very last season (2020). I used to pirate all the Simpsons episodes when I had a PC and somehow figured it out. I like that many of the writers are math and science type people like me and think the jokes are very clever. I also like Futurama and not very into Disenchantment. I wouldn't lump Rick and Morty into this but its amazing as well. But I do like the Cleveland Show and find any animated series that Seth Macfarlane does to be irresistible. But my favorite is American Dad, I like the drama between the characters and the very real and gritty scenes, feelings and reactions that they have. Something about the realness and intensity of it makes me obsessed.
Hi, I've been a big fan of the Simpsons since first watching it as a kid in the early 90s and even after all these years and countless rewatches still love the show.
Hi, I REALLY like the simpsons and have 5 season boxsets on dvd of the season 10 and earlier era (hope to get all 1-10) I've tried watching modern stuff and it's extremely hard but only really enjoyable like the other old episodes about 1 to 5% of the time.

I made an account here because there's a small minority of people who will respond to me about Simpsons stuff in the categories of Yahoo Answers where you can talk about TV.
I'm not sure if I have to post here or it's just an option, here I go anyway.

Hello. I registered few minutes ago, hope you all like my nick and can identify it, it's one of my favourite moments in the show. I'm from Spain and my English level is not good so probably there will be kind of a language barrier here, but since I'm not a talkative person maybe it's not a big deal.

I decided to register after checking this forum for some months. I must say that I have already learned a few things about The Simpsons that help me better understand its decline over the years, because I have always analyzed it mainly based on the number of good jokes. Also, about me, I really dislike the last 15 seasons and watching any of their episodes makes me feel a bit bad because of the drop in quality, but I'm really in love with the first 6 or 8 seasons.

Nice to meet you all.