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  • Hi. I'm just here to tell you that I'm sorry for the discord incident. I know that some of the stuff I said was in the way of cyber bullying, but as the months went on, I started to like you more, and I regretted saying that stuff in Discord. It was wrong for them to lure you here so that they can just torment you. I wasn't one of them who wanted you to come there. I was literally fearing the day you would come on and see all of that. I'm sorry. You've gotten better over time and for that, well done.
    Historically it's been shortly after an episode airs.
    However, my weekly front-end work schedule is rather bloated right now so it's probably not going to be until Thursday or Friday for the first few weeks of the season.
    Exactly. That troll just feeds on this crap. I'm not an idiot and I'm gonna be played for one any longer. If that douche wants to act like a baby and avoid actual discussion then that's fine. I don't want any part of it.
    Yeah, you're right. I keep letting myself get baited into these nonsense. Sigh. It's exhausting. That's not why I come to a forum for. I want to have compelling discussions about interesting topics, like the conversations I had with OldSchoolerSimpsons. Doesn't make me look good either. These arguments are making us look like fools, tarnishing our reputation on the forum.
    Thanks. People like that like arguing, even if they have nothing to say. Duff Blimp posts messages and never thinks, so I wouldn't be too worried. Just try to avoid idiots like that guy. I don't like calling people that, but there's no other explanation. He's the worst kind of idiot, the kind that think they're smart.
    Yeah, I know. I did enjoy the discussions here, especially your input. You've been refreshingly positive, which is helpful to counter my cynicism. lol I just would much rather avoid such drama if I can. I really didn't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I tend to post messages before thinking.
    I was gonna go to bed, but felt bad that the discussion got so ugly so fast, so I went back and, initially, I was gonna apologize for getting heated, but then Mr. Duff there continued with his self-righteous ego and all my apologetic sentiment just shrunk away into nothing. Sigh. I really, really hate arguing on the Internet. It's so cliched and stupid.
    Man, I didn't know this forum is a breeding ground for such passive-aggressive toxicity. Don't take this the wrong way, a few of you are cool like you and Sandurt, but it seems like discussions around here easily get turned into generic flame wars that memes actively make fun of. Not sure if I should stick around. I never had this kind of drama over at the forum for Buffy the Vampire Slayer that's still active.
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