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  • Ah, crap. Didn't realize if a DFA player is claimed on waivers, the claiming team would only owe league minimum ($400K+) (and really only a portion of that, since the season is nearly 2/3rds over.) Tigers would still be on the hook for the rest.
    Yeah, at a link to a Marlins rumor is where I found that video. It'd be sad to see him go, but at least we'd be off the hook for the 6 million or so.
    That Batman story along with the Las Vegas Batman incident got some play on FBHW this morning. They were thinking about sending Joe up as Robin to Petoskey Batman's court date in a few weeks. Someone should tell them you guys got it covered.
    Nope, not too late. We're going next weekend. I've never been to Red Ginger, or actually had sushi for that matter. Thank ya, sir.
    Thank you, sir. I shall pass on the information. Heh, we're already planning on going to North Peak and Short's (she doesn't like beer) so I'll let her decide which dining establishment we'll attend.
    My wife's looking for a hidden gem of a seafood restaurant north of TC. Any suggestions? I think Pearl's in Elk Rapids was the N.O. Cajun style restaurant you mentioned this summer. Wondering if you've got any more recommendations.
    Have a great holidays, Fish!

    Actually ended up going to Charlevoix for a little bit last Saturday, had no clue the Venetian Festival was going on, got some taffy at the taffy shop downtown and walked the channel out to Lake Michigan. Saturday night we went the back way to Turtle Creek Casino and took Williamsburg Rd. and it suddenly clicked that when you mentioned you did a remote in Williamsburg at a casino that it was Turtle Creek. We go there a few times a year. Hah. We're headed back up again this weekend.
    Awesome Blue Angels pics, dude. My wife says you should be the air show's official photographer. From now on I should just message you when I know I'm going up north for the weekend to see if you'll be in TC. Heh, we've been close enough for a meetup a few times now, might as well attempt to make it happen.
    Haha, seriously. Are there any other DYA alums here or is it just you, me and Mr. Dude Guy?
    Bummer dude. I'm knocking off work shortly and headed up to TC tonight for a 4 day weekend.

    Have a good 4th. Later.
    Yep, yep. Didn't get to see the game, but did see the highlights. Crushed it.

    Be awesome if he made the all star team this year.
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