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  • hahaha that video is awesome

    we all need to get together and catch a tigers game in 2012, for serious
    Haha... I never noticed the video you posted on my wall! if we get a few asians on the team this could have a strong united nations feel to it. thank you venezuela for giving us something to watch, huh.

    oh, and nick castellanos... let's hope he gives us something interesting to watch at 2rd base in perhaps a few years from now. I am totally convinced jacob turner will be starting next year... I have a friend that lives at the state line and plans to watch him pitch at home. it's nice to get the right free agents aboard on the team, but it's thoroughly satisfying to see young players move up in the organization and bring something to the team. I wish my work and life schedule wasn't so hectic... I have made only one game this year.
    for the first time in years i won't be, unfortunately. my parents went on a two week sailing trip so they will be on the water and i'll be staying here in lansing. i'll let you know the next time i'm heading that way though, for sure.
    Hope it's not too late. But totally forgot about red Ginger in TC if you're into sushi.
    Wow that's awesome dude :) I should try and find a cheap copy of Scientific Progress for nostalgia's sake.
    Yeah I got the "Scientific Progress Goes Boink" collection at a flea market when I was probably 7 or 8 years old and I remember reading it over and over, it was so good. It's been a very long time though. I remember one strip in particular of Calvin's dad telling him that the world used to be in black and white until the 1950's or something.
    Nice, I'll actually be at the nightclub inside Turtle Creek this Friday night if you're in the area. We have another party there Saturday night too, but I'm hosting a different club night up in Petoskey.
    We've got events down there this weekend, but I'm not doing any of them, haha. oh well.
    haha, yeah totally dude. and thanks for the compliments on the pics!
    haha, fair enough. You are better off without one. I deleted mine for well over a year and then got sucked back in.
    I may have asked you this before and just forgotten but do you have a facebook?
    catchy. there was some great imagination, or perhaps dope smoking going on, when they created songs like that.
    happy birthday!
    Ha, that's awesome.
    Maybe we'll meetup at that Pizza Hut someday and chow down!
    haha. when I said "what the fuck's that supposed to mean" my tongue was firmly in cheek. I knew you were just kidding around, so no worries, Jared :P

    That's a cute kid, yours?
    I will actually be in the TC area tonight, Williamsburg to be exact. At a Casino Night Club.
    not for me, but our crew will be out and about this weekend kicking off the Cherry Fest. I have the unfortunate task of manning the studios back here in Petoskey this weekend and all next week.
    yeah, needed an avatar change, and figured I'd go back to a tigers one. Hell of a blast from Inge today, huh?
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