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My express of depression is still happening to me. I shouldn't have posted "Who is your favorite singer of the Simpsons?". I am so sorry, and I apologize about that. It is probably because of my observation that I made about how I am obsessed with Marge's terrible yet funny singing voice (that's probably what made someone mad), and maybe about Bart. I didn't read the comments, so...

Bart saying "You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't" relates to me about how much I am damned if I do and don't. Like I said, I apologize for what just happened. Thank you!

Sincerely, Aubree

Edit: Please ignore these comments; the problem has been solved. There is actually no criticism in the thread. At the time I wrote these comments, I didn't read the comments because I didn't want my legacy to be ruined, and it would depress me more. The main reason was from a "Mad" reaction that was actually a misread. My apologies for them!
Please Read

Hello everyone, here I am, my mature self again. If I am being my immature/crazy self, please do not disrespect and/nor harsh me, as well as my opinions. Opinions matter (I do care about if people has the same opinions as me), and sometimes, I just want to have fun and be wild; it just feels good on me. It is part of my autism spectrum, and any mad reactions and disrespect is not gonna help; it will hurt my feelings, especially that I'm autistic. If you are going to continue harshing out your words to me, disrespecting my opinions and my playful self, as well as trying to say weird/awful things to me, I will report you, so you will learn your lesson to yourself. The main rule for right now if you are going to talk to me is this.

Thou shall understand me and learn your lessons to make sure I don't look like I'm  bad

I am just a kind of girl who is a Simpsons fan, and I am developing my interest by discovering, as well as watching and rating episodes of the series (I am planning to rate the shorts and the Tracey Ullman shorts soon!). I am honored to be part of the club, and any serious consequences will not be tolerated! You will be reported immediately (and of course, you may be banned)! If you don't like me or anything I did, just ignore me. That's all I can say. I get moody at times, but you better learn, or else... Thanks for reading, and remember, bee your good, moralistic self!

Sincerely, Aubree


Hmmmm... If you started watching the show back in 1989, was the first anything you watched of the show "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire?"
Yes, that was the first episode I watched followed by Bart the Genius. I don't recall watching any of the Tracey Ullman shorts as a kid.
Note: Just want to let you know that my reviews may not be as good due to exhaustion or having a headache after watching the episode, so please, ignore if it's not that great! If I remember without watching it, I may do better. Thank you!
It would be cool if the Simpsons crew do a Superhero themed episode where Bart & a group of kids become superheroes. While I do wish for something similar to this comic (which I haven't actually read), part of me is expecting them to go with the usual group of Bart, Milhouse & Nelson.


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I get to post my own humor in here, and I don't care! Go talk to me, if you can... Go dare, or go tell... Hehehe! Will try my own best...
The more I think about it, the more I wander what my first Simpsons YT video should be. Should it be on Modern Simpsons or just my general view of The Simpsons as a whole.
Hello. Can you please don't use colorful font all the time? I understand, we all want more colors in our life (especially me, who lives in WAR for long time), but technically your posts are hard to read, as well as respective thread page. Would be thankful.
Thank God, I'm allowed to delete posts on my profile, so please, be careful, clean, and nice, and don't use slur words! I am a White Native American!
Me, Aubree, got Lisa Simpson on Which Simpson Character Are You? quiz in that particular website! Fits me a lot, and I'm proud of it! It is the most accurate quiz I've ever took!