would you ever pick up a hitchhiker

do you want to get murdered/pick up a hitchhiker?1

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Sep 28, 2002
Las Vegas, NV
like, no. fuck no. never. i rarely see them but i would never pick them up.

but would you feel guilty if you ever find yourself in that situation? but why would that ever happen in our technological day and age


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Aug 6, 2017
I hitchhiked once. Was downtown with no phone and it was like 92 degrees, and I just sat and the sidewalk looking sad. Some old gabrage man picked me up after like an hour.


Not Forgotten
May 27, 2014
Bay Area
I honestly probably wouldn't, even though I have hitch-hiked before. My friend and I hiked over 25 miles in Yosemite and ended up far away from where we started. We hitch-hiked for a while on the highway we ended up on until a young couple headed into Yosemite Valley took us back there. I mean, if I hadn't been with my friend who collects guns and worked for Yosemite's bear patrol, I might have been too scared to do it :ashamed:


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Aug 12, 2009
Dickshooter, Idaho
nope. have hitchhiked one time, when i was a teenager. it was a rainy ass saturday in may of 2006 and I was due to work at the pizza place i was employed at, but before work I decided to meet up with my parents who were buying a brand new Ford Mustang for my dad(he still owns this car to this day). by the time I left the car lot where they were signing the paperwork at it was raining pretty good, and around this time I noticed the gas gauge in my old 1970 ford maverick I was driving at the time was nearly on the "E". no big deal, there is a stinker gas station in the parking lot where I worked.

fast forward about five minutes and roughly seven miles, and my car starts to cut out. ah shit, I'm out of gas. I let off the throttle some, but still try and get the car to go as far as I can, until the point where the car is simply not accelerating at all, its just coasting. finally I pull over right near a track of homes that is still under construction with a few houses completed. I had no cell phone at this point, and even if I did I couldn't call my parents, they were still at the car dealership. so I did the only thing I could, ran through the rain into the track of homes knocking on doors hoping they were occupied and that I could get some help. apparently none of them were occupied though, since I didn't find anyone. finally, after a while of knocking on doors of empty houses a guy in a painter van pulls up and asks me if I need help. I explain my maverick is dead on the side of the road about a quarter of a mile away out of gas, and he drives me two miles up the road to the nearest gas station. I go into the station and buy a gas can and fill it up with gas and off we are back to my car to get enough gas in it to bring it back to this gas station and fill er up. all is well right?

nope. I dump the gas I had just bought into the tank and try and start the car. nothing. fuck me sideways. thankfully the painter dude stuck around to make sure I was alright, so he drove me back to the gas station, where I once again went into the station and bought another gas can, and filled both those suckers up with gas. as we are traveling down the road back to my maverick I was embarrassed as fuck and soaking wet, and I sheepishly tried to give this dude a $20. after a bit he took it, but it was clear he didn't want it. I dumped both gas cans into the tank of my car and tried to start it again, which it fired up without hesitation. thanked the guy and took off, and filled up at the stinker station that I had originally intended to fill up at. was nearly an hour late for work.


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Jul 24, 2007
Northern Ireland
I remember my dad picked up a couple of hitchhikers when we driving out of town one time when I was a kid. If memory serves he did it just to fuck with me because I was so against it having heard horror stories about such things. They didn't need to go overly far though and turned out to be pleasant enough (They were just a couple of college girls in their early 20s who were attempting to walk to wherever it was they were going but gave up halfway though because one of them was so worn out that they were almost at the point of collapse).

Personally I wouldn't but God bless anyone who's good enough to do so and doesn't get carjacked or killed.


The Devil Himself....
Jul 13, 2012
Wolverhampton, UK
Never hitchhiked. Would I? Yeah, if there was no other choice.

It's a situation that has so much horror surrounding it that I'd never do it if there were alternatives.

People trust others too much.


Thinking thoughts
Mar 20, 2017
Previously often being a hitchhiker myself, I would volunteer to help someone out, under certain conditions.

The location would have to be in a safe town / spot. If I'm driving around in a shady neighborhood or whatnot, I usually avoid 'em. It would have to be daytime as well; if the person happened to be committing some risky business, they would usually do it around the night hours.

It also depends on who I'm driving with at the time. I'll usually pick someone up if I have someone else in the car with me, for the sheer fact that two would be safer than a lone person.

Dr. J. Loren Pryor

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Aug 6, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri
I don't think so though I did feel bad for this one guy who wanted a ride with one leg and claiming he was a veteran. I felt really bad though I was in moving traffic and a gut feeling told me not too.


Feb 28, 2002
Mililani, HI
More than likely would not pick one up myself. Not sure, tbh. I am easily swayed apparently.

Did get yelled at by parents and husband alike for letting some guy pick me up and give me a ride half a mile a few years back. My husband had a brief stay in the behavioral health hospital in an unfamiliar area and I couldn't find the danged entrance to the place when I got off the bus to visit. I started just walking in one direction along the highway because eventually I'd get to the road or back to another bus stop I assume. Some youngish guy stopped and asked if I needed help. He was stuffing his face with a McDouble so I felt no danger I GUESS I dunno I just wanted to get to the stupid entrance before I lost another hour of visiting time. It was literally 3 minutes of driving and man I got a talking to from both my husband in the hospital and again at home from my dad, lol. I shouldn't have even told anyone I took the ride.

The guy did ask me for my phone number before I got out of the car and I just gave him an awkward "oo sorry I don't really give my number out!!" and scuttled off.


I'm Bartman.
Sep 11, 2005
I wouldn't, but I probably would feel slightly guilty, depending on how bad they looked on the side of the road. I tend to beat myself up about those kinds of things afterwards.

I feel like I am not very scared in terms of being out and about, in general... Like, I've never felt the need to buy a firearm for protection. I don't really get nervous around strangers on the street. But having a stranger in the car with me seems risky, for some reason.