What's the last video game you played?

Gave Holocure: Save the Fans a go as it's free on Steam.

Played Vampire Survivors on my phone, and liked that, and so figured I might like this too even though I'm not very familiar with vtubers. I've seen a couple of Gawr vids on youtube, can recognise some of the others from general net osmosis, and that's about it.

It is indeed pretty decent so far. Though I'm not sure if I'm not remembering what the Vampire Survivors early game was like as I've pretty much done everything in that*, but this has been kicking my teeth in. Took me a whole bunch of attempts to get past the first ten minutes, and a bunch more just to beat the first stage.

(*not counting one of the impressively dirt cheap dlcs which I do mean to get, also the new Among Us themed one isn't out on phones yet)
Cyberpunk 2077: I've been getting lost in this game's world doing all the side quests, so I've only just gotten into Act 2 and I'm already overpowered as hell (by normal difficulty standards). I just can't get enough of fighting cyberpyschos and pummeling fools with a lead pipe/shotgun combo, it's so addicting. Here is my V, inspired by Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X:

I also went on a rollercoaster ride with Keanu Reeves and no I'm not elaborating on that.
I'm playing In Stars and Time so far and I love it. So far I'm currently searching for the reason behind Siffrin's time loop dilemma as well as discovering why Siffrin is slowly going insane. It's kinda like Groundhog Day meets EarthBound meets Chrono Trigger.
Decided to revisit the Shadowrun games, as I needed something that'd run on a cheap laptop for christmas, and my usual go to option for that which is FTL, I'd completed by beating every ship on hard last year.

Of the three I did beat the first one back in the day, but hadn't finished the other two so started with Dragonfall. That was absolutely excellent. Well worth checking out with a genuinely decent plot with some challenging morale choices.

Now I'm on Hong Kong and heading towards the end... and it's not as good. Waaaay too much text, text, text, some of it is good text for sure but I don't think it's ever hit Dragonfall levels. The characters outside of Racter, who really is fascinating to chat with, are all on about the level of Blitz who was by far the weakest of the Dragonfall ensemble. Worst thing though is what they did to decking. Whoever thought up making the turn based strategy game needed an incredibly punishing real time element needs to be hit with all of the black ice. Worse is I just did a run where my character died in the matrix, and I got soft locked as the run couldn't continue without that being done, and it wouldn't let me try again, forcing me to reload to the start of the area and wasting a bunch of my time.

It's still worth playing, but also disappointing for sure compared to what came before.
Finished the Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy I - VI recently. Was nice to revisit them all with updated/standardized graphics and a brand new arranged soundtrack. The NES/SNES era games only get better as they go along with each entry. Each game is more grand than the previous and I don't dislike any of them. You can see the little additions each entry makes to try to make combat a little more dynamic or make the story a bit more cinematic. You can see how the characters become more individual with their own personalities and goals. They even start expanding the overworld map to be underwater and in space in some cases. The quality of life updates to the PR collection make a lot of the tedious grinding and item hunting way less painful, too.

Also finished Yakuza: Like a Dragon after taking a break from my last save file back in 2022. I avoided Yakuza games until now mostly because the beat 'em up stuff didn't appeal to me. Y:LAD is the first entry to switch to a new main character and play as RPG style combat vs button combo mashing. I got the game for free and gave it a go...absolutely hilarious and wholesome game. Very dramatic at times for sure, but it hits a great balance between drama and straight up fun. The main character has a heart of gold and I can tell the previous games follow the same model and feeling with Kiryu. It almost feels like a parody of RPGs at times. There's so much fun crap to do I can't even begin to talk about all of it. I'm much more willing to go back and play all the Kiryu/Majima beat 'em up games now having gotten a taste of the series, especially since these games are riddled with callbacks, refs, and cameos.

Right now I am splitting playing time between Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (sequel to Y:LAD that takes place where I live in Hawaii) and Horizon Forbidden West (the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn which I enjoyed). Both games are very fun, and both have an overwhelming amount of side story stuff to do so it's nice to hop between both of them and not get burnt out on either game. These will keep me busy for awhile but I do plan on picking up the Tomb Raider I - III Remasters that are coming out this month. Huge Tomb Raider fan since middle school, need those OG games.
I'm currently 50 hours into Baldur's Gate 3, which I'm couch co-oping with my wife and it's been a blast. I recently finished Amnesia: Rebirth and am close to finishing Amnesia: The Bunker. I'm also working my way through Star Trek: Resurgence while replaying the original Quake for the first time in some 20 years.
Super Mario 64... except it's a multiplayer online version! SM64 is always jankier than I remember (and to that effect, Shifting Sand Land and Tiny Huge Island are... ugh) still, it was mostly a blast! The multiplayer actually syncs up very well, and it was immensely satisfying to cooperate and cheese some of the more annoying stars. "Express Elevators--Hurry Up"? Nah, Express Elevators--have someone wait at the bottom and board at a leisurely pace! Also it's fun to let other players spawn the star and then just steal it before they get their control back.
Also you get to pick palettes as well as models between Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, they have their own voices too! Naturally, I had to take Wario with Mario's palette.
Super Mario 64... except it's a multiplayer online version! SM64 is always jankier than I remember
yooooo same, i would recommend playing ''mario 64 plus'' it removes the jankier elements and makes the controls and movements tighter and feel better to play, even adds moves from other games like the dive jump, the rolling. dont know if you can play mario 64 plus with the mutlitplayer version tho
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Ooh, sounds interesting! But yeah I don't think it'll work with what I played. Mainly because I think it's *technically* a separate game. Just well, identical to SM64 in almost every way. Probably had to do that to support a proper multiplayer since I've played OOT co-op on the actual emulator and you don't really interact much and some things like enemies or bosses can't be interacted with by other players on my screen... whereas we kinda double-teamed a lot of bosses on this one!

IIRC it still needs a rom to work (probably copyright stuff) but the thing you get patches it into its own program or something. Either way yeah, interactive multiplayer SM64!
I've been playing Fallout 4 survival mode as default Nora (I could never disassociate the voice from the default character's face), and my main goal so far is to join the Brotherhood of Steel so I can make a Power Armour stealth build. Here is how it went last night:

- Got sidetracked in Diamond City and ended up helping Travis the radio DJ become confident (by systemically picking off a warehouse full of raiders)

- On my way to find the Brotherhood's lost recon team, I died to a legendary ghoul 5 times (I did manage to get him twice with mines, then got killed by ANOTHER legendary ghoul), died to super mutants at least 3 times trying to run away from them, and killed myself with mines a few times trying to kill the mentioned ghoul.

And that's when I remembered levels actually matter on this difficulty, and so I was stupidly trying to tackle a level 32-35 area as a lowly level 12. Back to the main quest (and Nick Valentine) I go, at least until I'm a little less squishy.
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Batman Arkham Knight: I've been away from it for some months so I've been mediocre at the combat, but even still that slow-mo batclaw slam hits like crack (and because of that fact I use it to end every fight). I really look forward to eventually trying NG+ on this one, seems like it'll be a more extreme challenge than City's version was.
Batman Arkham Knight: I've been away from it for some months so I've been mediocre at the combat, but even still that slow-mo batclaw slam hits like crack (and because of that fact I use it to end every fight). I really look forward to eventually trying NG+ on this one, seems like it'll be a more extreme challenge than City's version was.
the batmobile is one of the coolest fucking things to ever be in a videogame
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