What's the last video game you played?


Feb 14, 2015
Just what it says. Any format, any date, any console (or computer). What's the last game you played? If it's one where you can customize your character, tell us a bit about them.

I'm playing Dragon Age Inquisition right now, and my character is a human male mage named Severian. I tried to make him look a bit like the literary character of the same name is described: black hair, dark, deep-set eyes, pale skin, long nose and face. He still looks a bit too pretty though, so I might ugly him up when I go to the Black Emporium. Screenshots to possibly follow.
new super mario bros 2, come at me. was playing it for a bit earlier today.

one of my files has like 438 lives lol
I'm just wondering why I made Severian a mage and not a warrior, since the actual Gene Wolfe character has a big ass sword... Ugh. Fail.

Shoulda named him Elric. :/
nba 2k13, pc: trying to fix the espn scoreboard mod i downloaded and install enb effects (complicated as hell, had to reinstall the game cuz i fucked it up).

the escapists, pc: still on shankton state pen, had to reload again (guard heat was at 90%, so they knocked me out), lost all the prison keys i had on me + a few other essential items needed to enact my escape plan. this prison is hard as shit, and it's only rated as "moderate". o_O
Jumped back into "Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped" the other day because I've been on a bit of a Crash high from the trailer/gameplay footage dropping for the remastered trilogy that's coming out next year. Going back through the game to get all the gems and time trial relics and having a blast doing it.
Democracy 3 on PC

I had it for a while, never really played it but decided to try it out again. It is fun in small doses but do wish the layout was simpler.
I've been on a Skyrim binge lately since I got the special edition on steam.

Playing as a Dunmer female named Shaeli. Have Lucia and Sofie as my children, and Uthgerd the Unbroken as my wife. My family lives in Proudspire Manor, but I also own Breezehome, Windstad Manor, and Severin Manor. Finished the thieves guild quest line. Spent a lot of time working on the housing situation. I've started most of the guild quest lines, as well as made a dent in the main quest. I have been putting a lot of effort into the Dragonborn expansion lately, as this is something I had never done much with before (sadly).
I still need to play DA Inquisition. Well, I gotta play II, too. Only played Origins which I enjoyed enough.

I'm trudging along through the Christmas update of The Simpsons: Tapped Out because I don't know how to stop. More importantly, just started the main section of FFXV last night. I have been enjoying this game quite a bit, especially taking screenshots. Combat is fun, the characters are likable and the story is starting to get interesting.

This is definitely the worst part of the game, though:

But as long as I get to take cool screens 4ever (...well, until my limit is reached) I am happy. I like earning AP to level up my Ascension Grid to get more techniques, skills, stats, etc. Making my combat flow smoothly and then making sure my guys are good in recovery is usually what I do with games like this as I tend to play damage dealers like warriors and monks more than anything.
Lego Dimensions. It's been a long time since I've played it, but with the Year 2 packs dropping, I finally got back into it. Out of the two packs I've bough for the Year 2 wave's so far, the Mission Impossible level pack was a lot of fun, especially the level itself (mostly because I have never seen the original Mission Impossible movie, so I didn't know what the plot was or where it was going), even if it was one of the longest stages in a Lego game I've ever played.

The Sonic the Hedgehog pack, on the other hand, is actually really good, since it blends together Sonic's style of gameplay with the gameplay you would see from a typical Lego game. The pack itself is clearly really meant for the older/longtime Sonic fans though, because most of the characters, levels, and references are to the games that take place from the original Genesis era to the Adventure series. It's actually really amazing just how many in-jokes and references this game has (such as Knuckles quoting his rap songs from the Adventure games in his sidequest, Sonic having to break the barrel from Sonic 3, or Knuckles throwing away Shadow's gun), you can tell the developers are either big fans or did a lot of research for this one. Plus it brings back a lot of elements that haven't been seen in a Sonic game in a long time (such as Knuckles being the guardian of the Master Emerald).
skyrim: special edition. played a bit as a female argonian named okurei (who i had in morrowind), and used the alternate start mod to begin in the dark brotherhood (one of the best quest-lines imo). fun stuff, but with the graphical updates it's even better.
Grand Theft Auto III: Not my favorite GTA game, but it's still a great one. I finally beat that annoying mission where you have to collect those donkey magazines which I kept failing every other time because I accidentally missed a few causing the time to run out or because of the tipsy-ass van you have to use for this mission. Hell, I was close to failing it since the van was on fire, but luckily I got into that mission light before it exploded and the flames magically disappeared.
i remember GTA III cuz i originally had it on my now broken ps2, but luckily i bought it on steam. i remember failing the really easy mission where you have to set a bomb on some guy's car, because i kept getting out of the car and then back in and blowing up, for some reason not understanding that you have to get away from the scene lmao.

well, last game i played was SpaceEngine, an ultra realistic universe simulator. here's an ice jupiter that i found:

fuckin cool as hell, maaaaaan
Hmmm...Mama Khemia: Student Alliance for the (emulated) PSP was the last game I played and I just watched that Chinese Blockbuster Monster Hunt last night.
I'd say in in for an entertaining life and afterlife. Alchemy while I'm alive and catching & fighting monsters after I am dead, aww yeah.
TASM 2: cuz it was on sale for ten bucks, so i thought, why not. pretty much the same game as the first. iirc peter was never this built in the movie and the unmasked version looks nothing like andrew garfield anyway (they didn't even try lmao). plus there's the fact that you don't get to just swing around anymore because of the godawful "hero or menace" mechanic which FORCES you to do side missions or you'll get attacked by robots or something (wtf?). also, you're guarunteed to fail to save civilians from burning buildings, cuz spider-man is liable to just jump around in random directions you don't want him to go/fall off of the building cuz his foot touched a tiny piece of geometry/fall because the camera keeps moving around when you don't want it to.

so yeah. not really feeling it with this one.
The Simpsons: Road Rage. Yeah, I've only briefly played the GBA version a few times as a kid when one of my relatives came by, I never actually played the console version until now. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but after playing it for a while, I've come to the opinion that...it's alright. I mean, I know it's a complete knock-off of Crazy Taxi, that much I already knew before playing, but honestly, I think it's a competent clone of the game that does a good job of being a playable and fun shameless copy of the game. I like the large amount of characters you can play here (although Homer takes up two character slots and has three vehicles to himself), and the six locations you can visit. The amount of fanservice and references to the show is the best part, it's clear that the developers were big fans of the series. Speaking of which, I noticed that a lot of the voice clips used in this game for the Simpsons and several other characters while driving are literally the same ones you can hear in Hit and Run, probably because they were both developed by the same company (the models look like an even cruder version of the ones in Hit and Run). The only real problems I have with it so far is that it takes an annoyingly long time to try and get $1 million, some levels (like Springfield Dam) are pretty awful for getting money because of how far the stops are from each other, the game doesn't tell you the stats of each car or how they each differ, and exploring Springfield isn't as fun as Hit and Run because you can't get out of the car.

And really, the Simpsons house is bright red in this game? I mean, what?! Why would they give one of the most iconic buildings in the show the completely wrong color? Was it just limitations with the graphics or something? Because I can't really imagine any other explanation for the odd coloring.
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super mario world: spent my time trying to find all the secret exits all the way up to the forest of illusion, which is a case of frustrating trial and error (especially in the ghost houses, grrr). there's one exit where you have to jump towards the main exit, fly under it and dismount yoshi to get behind the goal. died so many times trying to do that, heh. fun as hell game though, just how i remembered it.
Banjo-Kazooie. Finally broke out and dusted off my old N64 because I am attending Awesome Games Done Quick, which has a casual gaming room with CRTs to boot.
Super Mario Run - Tricky, tricky game if you want all those purple coins in certain levels. Tried to beat Bowser but kept wasting lives to get the purple coins. Couldn't quite get the hang of hitting the Bob-Ombs back in tandem with coin collections but per my daughter and my husband, I did a lot better than they did and without getting mad about it :P
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - Snagged it for $15 at a Walmart bin last weekend (99% sure it was put in there by accident), really loving the combat + open world so far. Only a few hours in so far, most of that time just spent just trying to see everything (and die to monsters 50+ levels above me).
Been playing Alien: Isolation but have been hopelessly stuck in a point where I have to sneak past some people. Haven't even encountered the monster yet and I keep dying, not a good sign. So I took a break from that and have been doing a new playthrough of Bioshock since I haven't touched any of those in years.
!!! I think [MENTION=23743]D4C[/MENTION] is playing that! He never really plays while I'm around so not sure how far he got. That game looks appropriately tense, though. Only Alien game I touched was Aliens vs. Predator on 360 which I mostly enjoyed due to the different campaigns.
[MENTION=67667]LosTickaToeRest[/MENTION], I assume you're at the beginning where you get fired upon by those other survivors, and you have the little access tuner thing and you have to find a new component for it? The way I got through that on my last play through was to sneak upstairs, then lure and kill those assholes one by one by beating them with the wrench. Just sneak up behind them one at a time (obviously you don't want them to see or shoot you) and kill them.

Unless, of course, you're going for the trophy where you don't kill anyone, but I've never gotten through a play through of the game where I haven't killed someone.

[MENTION=1694]kupomog[/MENTION], Alien is one of my favorite franchises and I really love how the game expanded and fleshed out its world. it has some dodgy control and weapons/gadgets issues that are really frustrating but not enough to kill my love for the game.
That's exactly where I am. I keep trying to sneak away but no matter where I go, they invariably see me. I'm almost never able to leave wherever I'm hiding from without getting spotted, and when I am, the survivors are never spread out enough for me to kill one without all the others immediately finding out and shooting me dead right away. I can sit there under the reception desk or behind the railing at the upstairs part of the room for ten minutes straight and have there never be a point where someone isn't staring in my direction.
I did everything in the room first then after picking up the hacking device thing (that's the area were talking about right?) I literally ran straight toward where the enemy was going to come from, ducked and hid very close by and they just walked past me with me right under their nose. So far I've been running and hiding in very close proximity to enemies intentionally and it's been working out.
Street Fighter V. Played it at the AGDQ arcade. I'm usually best with speed characters in games like this.
Finally done with Road Rage. It took a lot longer then I thought it would, mostly because it becomes a chore by the last 200,000 dollars you need to get. The ending where Kang and Kodos show up really is a good example of the whole crude graphics. I mean, I remembered they look pretty good in Hit and Run, but here....yeah. I am kind of impressed that this game actually had an ending cutscene to wrap the game's plot up at the end though, especially since the story of the game was basically "Mr. Burns begins running radioactive buses, so Homer starts Uber. The gameplay is still mostly solid, and you can say more traces of Hit and Run, like the mission mode and Homer having an alternate costume and three cars.

Funny enough, in the Springfield Dam level, I had no idea how to cross the bridge to get back to the rest of the level after I jump it the first time. I couldn't find a way back and I ended up always getting timed out on this section. I eventually found a pathway back, but until then, out of desperation, I ended up deciding to get back to the rest of the level by driving up the side of the dam...and it actually worked. Probably because of this games' poor physics engine, which is also why everyone I ran into always hilariously went flying off into the distance.

By the way, there's a weird thing I noticed where in the character selection screen, there's a grey slot with a question mark there. Why's it there? I'm pretty sure I've unlocked everything. At first I though it was supposed to let the computer randomly select your character, but that wasn't it. I guess the developers didn't want to lose the chance to hear Homer scream "D'oh!" when you select a grey slot.