What was the last thing you purchased?

A pint of Symonds cider at my local pub, The Griffin after a long walk in incredibly good weather here in the south of England. About 23c today and this was so refreshing and crisp.

Yesterday at Wal-Mart:

Duncan Hines German chocolate cake mix (to make my own birthday cake, even though I'll be 56 this coming Sunday) and Japanese (Calbee) shrimp flavored rice crackers (I highly recommend them; you can also get these at any Asian supermarket).
During the weekend (Saturday)

A kimono style lightweight unbuttoned blouse from a catalog company called Jessica London: got 30% off from it and paid a little under $40.

King crab legs (Birthday dinner)

Huh, I have seen them yesterday. (first time this year)
Took a photo cause they looked monstrous and funny.

My last purchase was ... um, a bunch of products for pizza (a fault of pizzaovenradar ... and a friend, who showed me it)
I gonna waste all my money on pizza this weak an then just starve without cash.
Though, no regrets.
I bought a big tub of catnip flavored cat treats for one of my internet friends: she lives in New York and she has a cat who, if she does NOT give her cat treats, she will BITE her toes!
I bought and installed a set of nerf bars because my nieces and their mom (my sister) are having a hard time getting in my pickup.
A pink T-shirt that has a Hawaiian hibiscus from a catalog company called Crazy Shirts Monday night
Went to Cost Plus World Market to get some German Pot Roast Mix to make tomorrow night's dinner.
A second computer monitor just so I could play my games on one side and have everything else on the other
Dragon Ball GT Series boxset. I know Dragon Ball fans don't rate GT very highly, but I still wanted to give the series a try.
You should get one.
Its an excellent game I’m almost done my 2nd play through while pondering purchasing the DLC expansion pack.But I’m still only in the pondering process no decision is final.

Yest my plan is to get the switch as soon as possible, but getting one still far off. As for DLC for the game I get if I can once I evantually get the switch.