What makes you not like a fictional character?


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Dec 26, 2021
I was thinking about peoples reasons on why they don't like characters, as they can vary from them been annoying, because they are a jerk to the main character, because of what they do in a piece of media, personal reasons or something else.

Personally, I generally don't like a character if they are nothing but annoying (Tibbles from Arthur, Gregory from BCG), if they are are irredeemable (Mr. Tucker from FMA, Majority of the Consuls from Xenoblade Chronicles 3), if they are nothing but a pervert (Mineta Minoru, Herbert), personal reasons (preivously, I wasn't a fan of any character called Juliet, but I have since gone past that), if they are a greedy millionaire (Paul Robinson from Neighbors) or if they are a one-note bully/character (Chandler from The Loud House, Beta from Hailey's On It). I will say that I can easily be influenced to not like characters when it comes to anime, the main examples coming to mind been Hinata Hyuga from Naruto & Orihime INoue from Bleach).

There is a reason why I was thinking this earlier today, and that is the reason been "because they are a jerk to the main character". Personally, I'm not a fan of that been a reason for people not liking a fictional character, espicially of said character has been more kinder to them since that moment of jerkassery. I will say that there is a specific anime I am thinking of when I say this, that been Naruto. I like both Kiba & Tenten, but there are a lot of Naruto fans who outright HATE them just because they were a jerk to Naruto at one point, and seemingly forgetting that after that moment of jerkassery, Kiba & Tenten aren't jerks to Naruto, and it really annoys me, its like they think they themselves are Naruto, and I get people do see themselves in fictional characters, but there is a certain point where you go too far, and hating other characters because they were a jerk at one point to a character you see yourself as is taking it too far imo.

To use an example from Western media, Lynn Loud. A lot of Loud House fans hate Lynn because she is a jerk to Lincoln, and I will say, when it comes to Loud House, it is more complicated. However, there are moments when Lynn does care for her younger brother, the scene when she shouts "Baby Bro" during the Loud House Movie is one of the moments that stands out for me in that regard. However, Loud House fans still hate Lynn because of those jerkass moments and seems to ignore the moments when Lynn is more caring towards her brother and siblings in general. I will say, by extension, the same is for Lori, Luan & Lola too.

Jerkass characters in general do seem to be getting more controversial in general as I think about it more, with characters like Helga Pataki, Francine Frensky, Ronnie Anne Santiago and more getting more disliked for having a jerkass nature, and seemingly forgetting that they aren't always a jerkass, but that feels like another topic honestly in regards to the Base-Breaking Character trope, but that is the end of that tangent.

Again, I am curious about you guys, what makes you not like a fictional character?
I dropped off of watching Demon Slayer after Zenitsu's introduction because I found him very one-note and grating, and would slow the pace down to a crawl to yell, and the character I dislike the most in The Simpsons is the Crazy Cat Lady, so I guess I dislike characters whose sole purpose is screaming.
I guess I dislike characters whose sole purpose is screaming.
Understandable, I would suggest to avoid Black Clover thou, that anime contains a lot of screaming Asta
I don't outright hate Sergio Casagrande I just find him a little annoying at times or maybe it's just his voice I feel that way IDK
I think a lot of the time I dislike a fictional character, it tend to boil down to finding them annoying or obnoxious. Characters being a jerkass or an asshole doesn't alone necessarily or immediately make me not like them (albeit there's correct and incorrect ways to write jerk characters, with some being just irrepentant assholes and that's their entire personality being one of the incorrect ones), but if it goes hand in hand with them being really annoying to the point of being really unlikeable, then there's a problem.
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I don't like a character if:

- They're clearly a writer's shitty fanfic insert (Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3)
- They're assholes with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (everyone in House of the Dragon, Bill/Billith in True Blood)
- They're creepy and that's the entire joke (Glenn Quagmire, Herbert the Pervert, Howard Wolowitz in early TBBT)
- Their actor can't act to save their lives yet they're featured prominently (Gal Gadot' as Wonder Woman)
- The character jumped the shark and turned into someone entirely different (also Bill/Billith in True Blood)
- The actor doesn't fit the character (Ezra Miller as The Flash)
- The character long overstays their welcome (Daryl in The Walking Dead)
- The story tries to gaslight me into thinking they're a good person when they're really not (Kenny in TWD games)
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I dropped off of watching Demon Slayer after Zenitsu's introduction because I found him very one-note and grating, and would slow the pace down to a crawl to yell, and the character I dislike the most in The Simpsons is the Crazy Cat Lady, so I guess I dislike characters whose sole purpose is screaming.

Zenitsu kind of sucks, yes, but imo he makes up for it whenever he goes into his sleep-induced super-state. Seeing him do the series equallent of Saitama's seriou punch (One Punch Man reference, in case anyone doesn't get it), when he inevitably defeats any opponent in just one spectacular attack is just about my favorite thing in the whole series. But yeah, other than that he's annoying and one-note.
I never liked the Weasley twins. They were bullies (testing products on 11 year olds some of which were muggleborn and wouldn't be used to magic side effects, giving Dudley the ton tongue toffee, feeding young Ron an acid pop that burned his tongue as well as Fred giving Ron his arachnophobia by turning Ron's teddy into a spider for revenge because he accidentally broke Fred's toy broom) and animal abusers (Fred killed Ginny's childhood pet by using it for bludger practice and they both fed fireworks to lizards), plus all the cruel jokes they played on Percy before he sided with the ministry (dragon dung in the mail, trying to shut him in a pyramid on their egypt vacation, the constant name calling and the homophobic comments about his boss) and they never got comeuppance because Harry liked them and found them funny.

I know Fred died and that was sad because it's always awful when someone dies in a war (even if they weren't a nice person) and his family loved and mourned him but that's not really explored in the text because the story ends like 3 chapters later.
I will say in regards to the Weasley twins, I never knew how to feel about them myself, I always found myself annoyed by them, but there were moments I did find them funny, and I did like their role in Order of the Phoenix (which, is my favourite movie from the HP franchise), and I was sad when one of them died (not sure which one, I never knew which one was which honestly). I don't know thou, perhaps I should rewatch the movies to see if my opinion on them has changed over the years, I do have the DVDs (outside of Goblet of Fire which is in fact my least favourite movie, and I only have the first one on VHS). However, I don't want to for obvious reasons

Never read the books, so I can't say anything in regards to what they say about the twins that the movie does not.
A new one I've recently been reminded of is: if the character is a (supposedly) cooler replacement to a character I already like.

That one being inspired by discussions of who should be a new legendary lord in Total Warhammer and me wanting Morglum Necksnapper, a very cool orc in Warhammer Fantasy Battles who was uncerimoniously offed for the Poochie equivalent that was Grimgor when they later added him to the lore and pushed him too hard to be the coolest orc ever in the setting which involved making some existing characters less cool in the process to give him a leg up.
It's usually going to boil down to a character being unpleasant without being entertaining/funny/cute, or just being irredeemably horrible to others. That can cover a few character types right there depending on the show setting like say users/abusers, hypocrite characters in a school or basic drama, pompous know-it-all characters in any type of show, pushy characters that really want you to notice them but are just annoying, certain types of villains (some villains are highly entertaining despite being irredeemable). Another direct example... South Park is a show riddled with absolutely shitty people, but none of them get my goat as much as Randy's stupid ass. After a certain point in the show, he becomes absolutely insufferable and not funny.

I can also get very annoyed by certain personality types/archetypes but it's dependent on the actions in their show. I wouldn't normally get annoyed by "young energetic hero boy who never gives up" type characters for instance but there's actually few main characters that are exactly that type which annoy the crap out of me. The "stoic character who never fails and is unbeatable" type gets tired and weary unless the character is just truly badass. Then while I appreciate the need for say "characters who only delivers yucks and crack jokes all the time" especially in a literal comedy, sometimes I just want them to pipe down. Case by case basis pretty much.

I feel like I could come up with more but I need my brain jogged.
Been a long while since I saw it but Bloo of Foster's home was really annoying to me. Super childish, rude, and obnoxious (particularly to Frankie and Mr Harriman) and thought he was the coolest dude ever. I don't think I've ever laughed at his antics.

First anime character I remember hating was AJ in Pokemon the beginning. He was the guy who trained (abused) his Sandshrew by making it wear a painful brace and dive into a pool of water despite its type weakness. He was hellbent on getting 100 wins in a row and the cruel jerk actually succeeds, beating both Ash and team rocket in the episode. I know Ash was being cocky but it says a lot that despite taking a small level in jerkass I still rooted for Ash over AJ.

Whenever Sandshrew is available in game I always include one on my team and cherish raising it, because I still feel so bad AJ's Sandshrew was abused. This extends to the alolan Sandshrew too (I have one in violet and I love them.)
I'm on the same page as @kupomog regarding jerkish characters. I can't care any less about insufferable assholes without any appealing trait to them whatsoever. To be more specific, I'm not asking for redeemable villains or anything. Hell, Frollo is my all-time favorite Disney villain and he's one big motherfucker. What I have more in mind are characters that are meant to have many unsympathetic traits to them but nuanced enough to be either entertaining or compelling their own way. You know, what makes the difference between, say, Eddy from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy or Bender, and Mindy Kaling's Velma or pretty much every Family Guy character during the darkest seasons (for that matter, completely miserable characters also count and kind of follow the same rules to me).

It's a fairly complicated matter because there's definitely a thin line somewhere.
Like others have said, the death kneel for a character is being unpleasant without having something postitive to counter-balance it. And I don't of course mean that the positive have to be positive in the sense of the character having some sliver of good morals inside them, but moreso from an audience point of view. Like being funny. If a character is funny then there is no limit to how horrible they can be. We all love Eric Cartman, not to mention the Joker. Though of course in Jokers case it's not always that he's actually funny, but even when he's not we love him for being charismatic, entertaining, and badass. Being badass enough is obviously also something that can counter-balance a character being morally abhorrent, as is of course very very often the case with villains. We all love Jason Voorhees but it's not because he's nice.

But yeah, characters who are deplorable people and don't give us any reason to be allured by them are the worst. For me personally, one of my most hated character in all of fiction is Scully-era Homer. I just can't find a positive about him. Sometimes he says funny things, but so does all the other characters and he's not funnier than many of them, so I personally cant think of him being funny as the kind of plus that could salvage him. He's just a screaming, petty, mean, bullying, stupid, selfish, whiny, entitled asshole. The only good thing Jean ever did for the show once he took over after Scully was killing off Scully-Homer, in a manner of speaking.
I hate jerkass Homer. I like Homer to be a bit simple minded and boorish but he's trying to his best to understand his family and loves them and would routinely sacrifice for them (the air conditioner, the duff blimp ticket, preparing to lose to burns at golf so Marge can be in the country club etc) He's still flawed, he hates going to church and he drinks too much but you shouldn't feel as if Homer would endanger or deliberately embarrass his family the way he does in Scully seasons.