What are your favourite sitcoms?

Favourite Sitcom?

  • Modern Family

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  • Abbott Elementary

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  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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  • New Girl

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  • Cheers

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  • Friends

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  • How I Met Your Mother

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  • The Big Bang Theory

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Dec 26, 2021
Nearly forgot the reason why I created this poll, but I am curious what everyone's favourite sitcom is?
Where's Frasier!?

My answer is Frasier.
Well that is the either Cheers or other sitcom. My apologies, I will hate forgetting to put that as an option as the Internet commands me to
My favourite is The Good Place and it's not even close. I don't do a lot of live action sitcoms in recent years, but The Good Place is a masterpiece I hold dear to my heart.

I was a huge fan of HIMYM back in the day, but it aged like milk and ended terribly, so it hasn't stayed so near and dear for me. Sitcoms were often just background TV or the thing you put on because nothing else good was on, so streaming pretty much killed any time I spend watching them.

1) Seinfeld
2) Everybody Loves Raymond
3) Cheers
4) Frasier
5) Newsradio


1) Malcolm in the Middle
2) Curb Your Enthusiasm
3) The Office
4) The Larry Sanders Show
5) Louie
6) Scrubs
7) Parks and Recreation


1) The Simpsons
2) King of the Hill
3) Futurama
4) South Park
5) Bob's Burgers
6) Mission Hill
The lack of Frasier almost made me spill my sherry, even more so given the Simpsons crossovers.

Such a shame that the creator of some of the best UK sitcoms went on to lose his mind on twitter so won't mention those ones.

So I'll just shout out Spaced and Blackadder instead.
I am currently watching the third season of Full house and I like it a lot. So I like Full house and The Simpsons the most.
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The Simpsons.

As for non-animated ones, it's Seinfeld, with none other even coming close.
Aside from Simpsons, Clone High's pretty much the only sitcom I've seen that I really like
My favourite is of course The Simpsons by quite a long way and Bob's Burgers would be second so I voted for animated, but for non-animated sitcoms I think I'd pick Frasier. There are quite a few I like quite a lot, but Frasier's one of the few non-cartoons I love.