Trivia Rules and Award Info (Updated Feb 18th 2003)

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Comic Book Guy

Aug 27, 2001
Rules and Award Info

Trivia Time Rules
  • Number your questions and answers.
  • Don't submit an answer to a question if another member has already given the same answer you are giving in a previous post.
  • Stay on topic to the original questions that are being asked (don't go off having long conversations with people).
  • Try to provide the correct answers to your questions if the answers aren't given.
  • Refrain from yelling at or insulting a member if they give an incorrect answer. Instead, please point this out politely, otherwise leave it for the topic starter or the moderators to correct the error.
  • Play nicely. This forum is supposed to be fun and has a nice atmospehere, lets keep it that way.
Trivia Time Award
The Trivia Time Award will be awarded once a month by the moderators of the forum to the user who has shown "outstanding achievement in the field of trivia excellence" by adhering to the rules as stated above and making Simpsons trivia questions. The award can only be won once a year per user. Good luck!

Jan: Jillian
Feb: TheAnswerMan
Mar: SideShowBen323
Apr: Wo__dF_ir
May: Forbidden Donut
Jun: Lance
Jul: Zillionaire
Aug: Hollis Hurlbut
Sep: Anti Smithers
Oct: «WÅRÑÎñG»
Nov: Dennis
Dec: C-Tall
Jan: Lard Lad Donuts
Feb: ?
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Jessica Lovejoy

The Notorious “JLJ”
Oct 16, 2001
St. Catharines, Ontario
That's right people, if you don't understand it now then you'll understand it after reading this: Comic Book Guy and myself along with the other moderators of The No Homers Club have decided to introduce an award to be given out in the trivia time forum to a member in good standing in hopes of boosting the quality of the posts in this forum. So if you follow the new Trivia Time rules (effective AS OF THIS MINUTE!!!) that CBG has already given to you in the previous post and if you contribute your fair share to the topics in this part of the board then you're a contender for January's award, which will be given out sometime after the new year.

Good luck everyone!
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