Things wrong with this forum

Jerkass Homer

Nov 18, 2012
1. It's so dead. There are like only 5 people on everyday, i mean seriously you would expect a forum that has been around since fucking 2001 to be more alive. You guys need to start becoming active or i need to start bringing members from other forums!

2. The mods and admins are so inactive, i have private messaged Eric begging him to make me the admin but it probably take a while for him to log on and give me the title, i mean seriously you mods and admins should be on a lot more, im going to be on a lot more now when i have claimed the king title!

3. You guys like the new episodes way too much. I mean seriously how can you look at the post-season 9 shit and say its good? It's poop and you should know it, i legit have to question anyone who can like a single episode in the past 10 seasons

4. And ofcourse that every member pretty much is so boring, im like the only one who actually has a personality and drive to bring this forum to what it should be!


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Jul 24, 2007
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Dark Homer just explained it. Putting > before a line of text on 4chan turns said text green.