The "which episode" thread


Oct 17, 2001
Okay, I'm primarily just using this for my own purposes, but I figure this place could probably use such a thread anyway (and this was better than a whole thread to ask one question). When you can't think of what episode a scene or joke is in....ask it here.

MY VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: I've been saying "accidental bundle of joy" for a while (when applicable) and I'm something like 90 percent sure it's from Futurama but I can't for the life of me remember which episode. I feel like there's one where the Professor says "I assume there's an accidental bundle of joy on the way!" to Leela (or Amy?) but I just can't remember for sure. Anyone have any idea?
I couldn't tell you right now if I do or do not remember this, but might I suggest taking advantage of the full transcripts of Futurama episodes

I searched the Infosphere for "accidental", "bundle", and "joy" which gave:'s_Hands_Are_Idle_Playthings

but with a cursory look I don't think those have what you're looking for. maybe you and your lost memory will have better luck with summoning it from the depths of the infinite brain though, good luck.
let's use our google influence for evil

Well that search didn't find what you were looking for, but it did direct me to the "worlds best condom sampler tin" for $27.95. Sounds promising.
Actually the phrase does ring a bell. If that line wasn't on Simpsons or Futurama then a line similar to it was. It sounds a bit like something Flanders would say, and it sounds familiar when I imagine it coming out of Apu's mouth.

Or maybe I actually heard it in a real conversation.
Futurama questions

(Actually I only have one question but if others have questions we can turn this into a Q&A thread.)

Does anyone know which episode has Zapp Brannigan (I think) mixing his metaphors? And what is the exact quote? I remember him saying something like "let's run this up the flagpole and see who salutes," but with some other metaphors thrown in.
Crap, I suck at reading things properly, I looked at the thread list and didn't spot that one... @mods, feel free to merge!

Anyway after I posted that bullseye/domino one did spring to mind. But I'm sure there was another one about running up the flagpole.