The Simpsons-- intriguing quotations


Mar 9, 2012
Taipei City, Taiwan
When talking about quotations, there are thousands of different ones to choose from. Out of the huge variety, some are more intriguing to the mind. Some are more philosophical, or may hold concealed ideas. From your years of watching the show, which quotations intrigue you a lot? Which quotes makes you think more about how our society looks like, or how it changes your views? Do you agree with them? Etc.
Share some of your 'brainy' quotes and your thoughts about them.

Here is the first that comes to my head, and I know I've posted this in my I&S thread:
Cartoons don't have messages Lisa. They're just a bunch of hilarious stuff, y'know, like people getting hurt and stuff-- stuff like that.
I personally find it quite ironic that the quote itself is messaging something to us. But I can't find a good grasp at what exactly we are looking at when we are watching "The Simpsons". I'm pretty sure the show is not about theme-less broadcasting; I'm still kind of thinking this through though.