The Most INAPPROPRIATE Simpsons Jokes. (Serious Topic Warning)

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A WAY less known joke is in "Treehouse Of Horror XXX" In the first segment, At the hospital Bart, Using graffiti spray on a sign that says "bone room ahead" And for the adults and teens out there (Or people who watched The Episode) I bet you can guess what Bart writes next, He writes b*ner room ahead (Very serious and inappropriate word, do not look up the term)

I looked it up. Can you say that on television? My goodness the stuff they get away with nowadays! Saying boner on television— oh god I said it
god forbid they actually watch other TV shows that have much more explicit sexual content

bart writing boner on a sign is like almost like Nickelodeon shit at this point
Bart writing a derogatory sexual term made me feel shocked.
And yes it did feel like some shit from nickelodeon
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