The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

I still use this thread at times, but apart from the few D'ohmer conservations and when Elf Girl was around, it's been quiet these past few years, becuase of Discord. Is it irrelient? Maybe not as the thread with the most replies in the whole of the NHC.
You are reading too much into his comment. It was kinda tongue-in-cheek, there wasn't an account called "Gatorgod 1". When he said that he only meant Gatorgod.

My comment really has not much to do with his comment at all. In general, usernames have to use numbers because the regular username is taken.
you guys seen this?
I should take dating advice from you pumpkin.

This girl is still awaiting a response. I'm gonna send her, "Yeah sure that sounds great you fucking cunt".

I think this will go well. Yes, yes indeed.

IIRC, this girl and I actually briefly dated lmao. (I did not send this message)
I get an error when I click on it, I don't think the edit history was preserved in the switch to xenforo

My guess is that was the original post but it says edited because the title got changed a lot
Not gonna lie, I'm kind of surprised, for a thread that has 2909 pages, 87K likes & 16M views, this thread ain't really that active these days