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A little trivia question:
I remember watching a simpsons episode where Homer is trying to watch a show on TV, but it is interrupted by a telethon. They need to get a certain sum of money before they can go back to the regular TV broadcast, so Homer decides to call in to donate the rest of what they are needing (it was some large sum of money, in the thousands I believe). Obviously Homer doesn't have the money, so when the telethon (camera's and helicopters) show up to his house, he finds himself in a classic Homer pickle. Can anyone help me out???
I have my own pc, which my parents didn't pay for (unlike you) and it uses renewable energy, not only that but I hunt and could survive in the wild in the cruelest conditions. whether or not I sound arrogant or pretentious it doesn't matter, these are pure facts and you owe A LOT of respect to me, not just for being your elder and superior, but because I'm not sinking to your low level.

Really? Actually, I bought my PC with my own money.
Also, you claim to be my (and apparently everyone else's) elder, but you haven't mentioned your age at all, so...
I just think [MENTION=27278]Darkel[/MENTION]'s got a pretty good shtick going. Carry on spreading the good word!

I'm not usually one to be rude to guys on here but you are a complete and utter fool.

You paint yourself as a true individual whose sole purpose is to rebel against the masses and to chastise people who are brainwashed by commercialism.Yet there are several people like you which contradicts the 'revolutionary outcast' persona you are boring us with.

You automatically assume I'm a spoilt brat who sponges off his parents. WRONG! I pay for just about everything I receive with my own money, I suppose the only financial gain I do rely on are Government Disability Benefits which are a great help.

I don't expect any respect from you, so why should you expect some from me? I don't respect the fact you hunt, or that you may live in a wooden cabin or that you're some kind of survival expert. I admire you for your feats, but I certainly don't respect you. Especially someone who thinks they are superior to me because their Ego is as big as a small African country.

I don't need your forgiveness either as I haven't done anything wrong.
Joey, I think you're taking [MENTION=27278]Darkel[/MENTION] way too seriously. When I read his posts, I laugh and move on. Changing my username to "some nobody" when he quoted me in the Beatles discussion was an eye-roller.
It may seem like I'm being serious, but I'm just giving him what he wants. I mean who writes that stuff without wanting someone to take the bait?

I'm not taking him seriously, even though it seems like I am.
That "G" grade he gave the Simpsons Movie? Priceless. If you haven't, read his review.

He's definitely trying too hard.
it was mostly people who graduated a year or two before (the guy taught 10th grade history as well as I think AP History).

IIRC a couple people who still go to the school saw it and believed. geez.
rip darkel 2009-2012

possibly '13

Your right, that's the way I'm going. I see the way this place has changed in my 3 year stay, from being a cool, if nerdy place for young twenty-somethings to hang out to, well, a college freshman's social lounge. A lot of talk about the common topics but no insight. I respect you though Jesse, you mended your spammy ways and turned into a genuinely interesting person, and I can respect that because you have everyone liking you. I however don't change, people see the way I present myself as a load of cliched nonsense, allegations of pretentiousness and trolling, what can I do? apoligise? for being unique and not ashamed about it like most freaks of the modern society the conservatives have painted us?

I don't see myself as a "character", more the polar opposite. Posting my genuine thoughts and habits, no matter how embarrassing they seem, but what Simpsons message board was built to contain such cynical disillusionment of modern society ?

I await such a place where people are tolerant of other people. this place already harbors too many grudges.
I never thought I'd say this, but I've kind of grown to respect you Darkel, you may think I'm kissing your ass, but I'm not. I hope we can just stop all this ninnying about and not really be friends, because that's asking too much too soon, but just to tolerate each other.
Yeah, me and Venomous are gonna be with our dad for the weekend. No idea what we're doing while we're there. But we'll be back Monday night, so it's only a few days away from NoHomers. ;_;