The Loud House

We now know what the rest of Season 6 will bring us:

620: The Loud Cloud/You Auto Know Better

The Loud Cloud: Tired of Mom's sticky note system, Lincoln and Lisa create an app to keep track of the family's schedule

You Auto Know Better: Lana creates an auto-body shop to try and buy a new bike, but her shop turns corrupt when Flip becomes her mentor

621: Unnamed Halloween Special (the Title has yet to be revealed for this one)

The Louds team up with the Casagrandes for a Halloween storefront decorating competition, but things get out of hand when they use Lucy's spell book to make the Mercado extra spooky

622: Pop Pop the Question/Lynn and Order

Pop Pop the Question: When the kids discover Myrtle has a shady past, they try to expose her before Pop Pop proposes

Lynn and Order: Lynn and Liam butt heads when they're forced to partner up as the Middle School hall monitors

623: Snow Escape/Snow News Day

Snow Escape: To make it to school, the Louds must survive a monstrous Lynn when the weather man declares it a "Packing Day"

Snow News Day: When there are signs of a yeti in Royal Woods, the Action News Team sets out to prove its existence

624: Day of the Dad/Small Blunder

Day of the Dad: Lori struggles to make a good impression on Bobby's dad after accidentally pushing him into a puddle

Small Blunder: Desperate to have the best show-and-tell in class, Lily takes Lisa's shrink ray to school

625: Fashion No Show/Doom Service

Fashion No Show: Leni and Carlota's working styles clash when they are both interning for a famous fashion designer, Mariella Moss

Doom Service: The Louds book a stay at an all-inclusive resort, only to find the vacation is not what they imagined

626: The Hurt Lockers/Love Stinks

The Hurt Lockers: When a sinkhole opens up at school, Lincoln and his classmates are forced to share lockers

Love Stinks: When Lana brings home a skunk to rehabilitate, Lola grows attatched when she finds the skunk has finer tastes

Not gonna lie, the end of Season 6 looks rather interesting, out of the recent batch of reveals, I'm probably excited for the Halloween special & Carlota episode. The two Snow Episodes I'm not looking forward to however, "Snow Escape" gives me vibes from "Lynner Takes All", which is an episode I didn't enjoy, and "Snow News Day" feels rather predictable.

Other episodes I'm looking forward to include: The Loud Cloud, Lynn and Order, Doom Service & The Hurt Lockers.
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It's silly but I'm really afraid of skunks so gonna skip that one. A Carlota and Leni episode sounds fun as does the Halloween. Or maybe I just prefer the casa grande kids (minus Carl) to the louds.
Fascinating they are already starting to incorporate the 'Casagrandes' (RIP soon, show) characters into 'The Loud House', but I like those premises they have (the Leni & Carlota episode sound interesting, as does the one with Lori & Arturo. I'd actually not say no to a Lola & Carl episode to be honest, lol. Would be amusing to see those two butt heads).

I'm also surprised to see you actually look forward to the Halloween episode, @TheIrishJackomon, as you've made it clear you dislike the Halloween and horror-related episodes that aren't from 'The Simpsons'. I'm guessing it's the fact that it'll be a Loud family & Casagrande family story that has gotten your interest this time around?

The rest of those also sound promising and interesting as well (and proves that season 6, to me, has been kind of a return to form for the show which I've felt struggled last season). The skunk episode is one of those I like (I think the only Lola & Lana episode I outright haven't enjoyed was 'Strife of The Party'). Also Snow Escape' could turn out good even though I'm vary of them taking Lynn too far (also, was I the only one who liked 'Lynner Takes All'? I actually wasn't bothered by her in that one).
Thought I would share my opinions on Hiccups and Downs & The Loathe Boat

Hiccups and Downs: I really enjoyed this episode, its not as great as "One Good Scare Ought to Do It" from P&F, but still a great episode. I did like how Luna turned the hiccups to a song at the end thanks to a suggestion from Mazzy. Not much else to say about it really

The Loathe Boat: I was going into this episode expecting to be bored by it, but I actually found it okay. There were some good moments in there and I did love Bertrand's parents, they were fun characters. Not sure about you guys, but Bertrand's Dad gave me Mr. Turner vibes from Fairly OddParents.
I'm also surprised to see you actually look forward to the Halloween episode, @TheIrishJackomon, as you've made it clear you dislike the Halloween and horror-related episodes that aren't from 'The Simpsons'. I'm guessing it's the fact that it'll be a Loud family & Casagrande family story that has gotten your interest this time around?
Yep. While Halloween episodes don't interest me unless is Simpsons & Stranger Things. This upcoming special has me interested only because its a Casagrandes crossover.
'Hiccups And Downs' was really good. Nice Luna episode with a good plot (her suffering from vicious hiccups right as her band is about to be in a competition). I really like these problem-solving episodes where one of the Loud siblings have a problem and the others are there to help out & this was another one of those, with a lot of really good fun scenes, nice jokes & also a really creative solution. I enjoy these where they take a simple premise and manage to make so much out of it. Solid episode

'The Loathe Boat' was also quite good. I tend to like the episodes with Lucy & the Mortician's Club and this one had a lot that I enjoyed: It was nice to see Bertrand again and the story (him enlisting the help of the gang to help him get away from his parents' cruise ship on which he's miserable) was a fun one, I also thought his parents were pretty funny & the ending resolution/twist was nice and pretty unexpected, at least to me ( I'm guessing he's back in the group now? ). Liked it a lot.

Also, I couldn't escape noticing how much the animation has improved: I spotted several rather dynamic shots/low angles, good lighting and fluid movemets throughout these two episodes. Has anyone else noticed it too?
Tentative airdates for new episodes:

September 5th - Crashed Course and A Stella Performance
September 9th - Cheer Pressure and Stroke of Luck

There's also to be a new Halloween episode this year which has a synopsis but currently no title:
The Louds team up with the Casagrandes for a Halloween storefront decorating competition, but things get out of hand when they use Lucy's spell book to make the mercado extra spooky.
@John95, the Halloween episode & its plot was already mentioned earlier up this page (by @TheIrishJackomon), but I still like hearing of it (as it do sound very promising. I also like the idea of the Loud family visiting the Casagrandes in Great Lakes City) and the airdates for those four regular episodes are new (good to know they are not far away and that we won't have to endure another extended hiatus).
More episodes confirmed for September:

9/9 - Cheer Pressure and Stroke of Luck
9/16 - Space Jammed and Crown and Dirty
9/23 - The Orchid Grief and Forks and Knives Out
Quick post before tonight's episode about there being two more for this month, The Loud Cloud and You Auto Know Better will be airing on the 30th.

There's also a trailer for the live action show out and supposedly it's due in November. From what I've heard, the reception for it isn't too hot which is no surprise.
Quick post before tonight's episode about there being two more for this month, The Loud Cloud and You Auto Know Better will be airing on the 30th.

There's also a trailer for the live action show out and supposedly it's due in November. From what I've heard, the reception for it isn't too hot which is no surprise.
There was, along with a tweet that was since deleted. Nick has since aired a promo thou:
Both episodes tonight we're decent. Nice to see Lori again as well as an episode centered on Stella. Preferred A Stella Performance more.
I saw the recent couple of of episodes and I liked them both.

'Crashed Course' was a nice episode on Lori. Of course, the main point for me is having Lori back in a major role (long time no see, kinda) but the plot itself of the other Loud siblings deciding to help her out as they believe she is flunking her grades was good and enjoyable too. It was kinda basic (there was a lot of dress-up trickery in this one) and it waspredictable, but there were some funny moments & it is nice to see them all work together for a common goal (which I've said before). Oh, and the cameo by Bobby was a plus, of course.

'A Stella Performance' was pretty solid and the better one of two, easily. Nice to have Stella being the focus and the plot with Lincoln & the gang helping her boost her self-confidence for an upcoming stage presentation was fun. I liked to learn some of her past and the humor was quite good ("Rusty's delusional confidence" made me laugh and the way Zach's self-hypnosis tape backfired was pretty funny). It had a nice and surprisingly heartfelt ending of sorts (and the twist, as mentioned by Clyde, was a good one). Haley Tju's performance as Stella was especially strong and really helped give this one a boost (almost got a Marcy Wu vibe at times). Good stuff.
The last duo of eps I found nice as well. Spoiler reviews below.

'Cheer Pressure' (the one that was formerly named 'My Cheer Lady') turned out to be a good Lynn episode. Interesting story of Lynn making a bet with the cheerleader trio (that she, Margo & Paula can cheerlead better), having some fun stuff going on (especially with the main portion of Cheryl & Meryl helping Lynn's crew learn cheerleading) & a nice ending (and Lynn actually, honestly admitting she was wrong, apologizing and complimenting the cheerleader trio, was neat. I always like to see her showing humility & accepting she's not better than someone else at something. Was a quite realistic message) and having a nice final bit with some development for the cheerleader leader (and the coach getting her comeuppance was a plus). Also, did the kangaroo make anyone else think of 'Kangaroo Jack'?

'Stroke Of Luck' was an all right one. Always nice to get another Lori episode (and this time she was the main focus). I found it interesting that this was pretty much a direct sequel to 'Crashed Course', with how it turned out Lori's perfect hole-in-one at the golf course (which turn her into a campus celebrity & golf hero) turning out to be Lisa's doing (a flag seeking ball), being another example of the siblings butting into her college life to help out their own ways. We've seen the ensuing plot before (Character having found out their success wasn't real and keeping the truth away from the public, not finding the moment for the reveal & getting dug in deeper), but there was still a share of moments I liked (such as Lori's ending) & dedicating an entire episode to her was neat so in the end, I enjoyed it.
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Was waiting till all 4 episodes from last week to have officially aired to talk about it, but I got distracted by XBC3 so I haven't gotten to talk about it. I'll be talking about them from least enjoyed to most enjoyed.

Stroke of Luck - 6/10 (Meh): Originally, I gave this episode a 4/10, but the more I thought about it, I couldn't think of anything negative things regarding it. In general, the plot feels kind of repetitive, but at least Lori wanted to tell the truth. The other people making a big deal out of it was annoying.

Crashed Course - 8/10 (Like): The episode has some good moments, the antics the siblings get into to try and help Lori was funny. I also liked how the episode shows how Lori has grown compared to Season 1.

Cheer Pressure - 10/10 (Best): Originally, I gave this episode a 9/10, mainly due to Meryl & Cheryl, but I kind of felt stupid for giving the episode that rating just because of Meryl & Cheryl. It was a pretty good Lynn episode, and a good episode for Margo & Paula too.

A Stella Performance - 10/10 (Best): Not sure about anyone here, but the TLH Wiki Server I talk about Loud House, this episode was pretty much the most talked about episode before it aired (given Stella is a popular character in the server). Honestly, it lived up to the hype for me, and it easily became my 2nd favorite episode of Season 6. Stella was funny in this episode, and honestly, she gave me a lot of Marcy/Darcy vibes, which I loved. Not much else to say about it really, other than it was the best from last week's batch of episodes for me.
Not even a year later and Clyde's already getting a new VA!

Due to his previous VA Jahzir Bruno reprising him for the live action series after already portraying him in the movie, Jaeden White will be voicing him starting with The Orchid Grief (which airs on Friday) due the complications with Jahzir being on the live action series.

Also beginning with that episode, Harold McBride will now be voiced by Khary Payton (Cyborg from Teen Titans, Maurice in KND and Wasabi in Big Hero 6: The Series, among others) instead of Wayne Brady.
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I get the sense Wayne Brady might be busy with Dancing with the Stars as he was announced to be starring in the upcoming season of it
A little surprised that the reason Jahzir Bruno is replaced is not due to his voice changing to puberty, but I guess it was bound to happen due to his commitment to the live-action series (and besides, IMO his Clyde sounded kinda off at times, not to say he did bad since he didn't, but I never felt he slipped into the part as comfortably as Andre Robinson did when he took over from Caleel Harris, but he still did well). Hopefully Jaeden White will do a good job in his place as the animated Clyde.

Also, as for Wayne Brady being replaced by Khary Payton as Harold, I'm not surprised as Brady seem liked someone who's busy with other things (I won't be surprised if Michael McDonald (Howard) will be replaced eventually as well). Neither Howard or Harold appear a whole lot during the series (I think there was even a time during the show when they were absent for a longer time) and I'm thinking a recast with less busy actors would allow for more appearances from them.
'Space Jammed' was meh. The premise of Lisa building a real working space rocket was all right, but the execution was a little too silly, it wasn't that funny ay all & the hysterical pacing didn't help (although good animation work); it just became a little too much in such short time (and I started losing interest), albeit Leni was the highlight; her scenes were quite funny.

'Crown And Dirty' was a nice Lola episode but also a good one on her and her mother (Rita), with a a nice plot on Lola doing her utmost to avoid having to do a mother-daughter pageant with Rita. Good and fun scenes throughout & I like the thing with Lola hiring a fake mom. Good heartfelt end (with Lola coming to her senses) & a funny little end gag.

'The Orchid Grief' was a decent Lincoln & Clyde caper. Them setting out to find a new rare replacement orchid for one of Clyde's dads was a good adventure (and the swamp trek was interesting), there was a nice boat chase & even though the orchid thief's identity kinda felt obvious, I though the ending made up for it (funny little twist).

'Forks And Knives Out' was quite solid. The plot of Lynn Sr. & Lincoln competing against Rosa & Ronnie-Anne on a cooking show had the crossover factor (which was great, mind you), but I also liked the story was handled (that they were so friendly with each other they couldn't naturally fight & sabotage the other & had to be coerced into it by the jerkass host) & the ending was perfect ( that they realized fighting was stupid so they quit the show ). Best one of this batch.
I don't see what sense it makes to have a live-action version of the series airing while the original series is happening, much less having it exist at all. What am I supposed to get out of it that I can't get from the cartoon? This is seriously the reverse of what happened back in the day when sitcoms got their own animated shows, for no reason other than to cash in on the sitcom's popularity.
@Dr. Nihilistic, I never understood the fascination of giving an animated series a made for TV/DVD live-action version (whether or not the former is still ongoing or not). There is really nothing that can be done better in a "real" version than in animation so it feels pointless for sure and is so obvious a way to cash in on the popularity, like what you said about giving sitcoms an animated series way back (but I'd also count giving a live-action movie an animated follow-up of some kind) or an animated series a live-action version (even if the end result can be interesting once in a while, such as the 'Flintstones' movie in the mid-90's, which I think was a time where the animated series saw a surge in popularity).
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I thought the recent couple of episodes were both good.

'The Loud Cloud' was a really nice one & had that classic Loud House feeling, with the focus being family shenanigans. Lincoln & Lisa having the "post-it note on the fridge" reminder system replaced with a digital one (a cloud service) was a nice premise that lent itself to some good scenes and nice gags when the family's reliance on technology increasingly went too far and there's mishaps (also decent satire on the drawbacks of relying too much on digital technology). Good throughout & with a neat ending (that, while sorta expected, closed it out on a nice and rather feel-good note abou the old being better in comparison to the brand new, at least this time). I'm glad they still keep doing these episodes that feel more like something from the first three seasons once in a while.

'You Auto Know Better' I liked as well. Good Lana-centric episode with a simple yet likeable premise (Lana wanting a new but expensive bike & starts a vehicle repair service to make money) and she's very sympathetic. Her partnering up with Flip to access his unused auto service hall lent a good morality tale (with his tactics getting increasingly scummy & corrupt) & even though he was a bit too much of an asshole (IMO) & it being a little painful seeing Lana not protesting more (she felt really naive, but then again she is 7), it had its moments (such as the more "realistic" Loud family) and the ending of Lana deciding to do with the right thing, using her earned money to give honest repairs, was great (plus Flip got his comeuppance, which made it even better). Good one, mostly due to Lana herself.
No episodes this month it seems, but so far there's two for next month. Snow Escape and Snow News Day both air on December 2nd while Day of the Dad and Small Blunder air on... Christmas day?!

It's really rare to see any new episodes of a series airing on Christmas itself (last time I can think of this happening was AD! airing one in 2017, which was a Christmas episode), but it's even more puzzling to see that the episode in question isn't even winter related! One would definitely assume that the snow themed episodes would've been better picks for this date instead.
Realized that while I saw the Halloween crossover nearly a month ago I still haven't given my thoughts on it. I'l do a review:

'Great Lakes Freakout' was enjoyable and good overall.  Nice crossover premise with Lincpln & Lori coming to visit the Santiagos & Casagrandes in Great Lakes City and the former deciding to help them out with decorating the bodega for a Halloween contest. Good stuff with Lincoln (with Lori's help) bringing in some of the Loud sisters as assistance (Lucy, Leni, Lisa & Lana; all well chosen) and there's some funny moments & neat individual character interactions (something the episode did better than The Loudest Thanksgiving, the last 22 minute crossover of the two shows); I also thought Boris (being along for the ride) was a good choice (as he's funny as usual, but I'd probably credit that to Nika Futterman's voiceacting, plus the way he suddenly became important was great, lol). The supernatural content with the accidental zombie invasion (due to wrongful use of Lucy's spellbook) made for a neat and entertaining spooky second half (and the ending was a nice one as well). 

 I would say that it felt a little messy and confused as it felt like it both wanted to be a 'The Loud House' episode & a 'The Casagrandes' episode, as the first half was about mainly about Lincoln & the Loud sisters, but in the second half it changes to being a Carl, Bobby & Hector episode with the zombie problem and the Louds turn into supporting characters right up through the ending, where we only see the the Casagrandes crew (and Lana, brought in to wrangle the alley cats & then participates in the Halloween celebration, completely disappears halfway through). I mean, I still liked it, found it fun & no character portrayals annoyed me (the usage of Carl was fine, also) but I would've liked more consistency with the character roles (it should've ended with a scene with Lincoln, at the very least). Also, with how it turned into a 'The Casagrandes' episode, I think this would've served as a perfect finale for that series (which ended in September). Still, it's a good episode. 

I haven't seen any more episodes, but will get back to comment on those once I've seen them.
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Schedule update for next month's episodes. Snow Escape and Snow News Day which were previously set for December 2nd have now been moved to Christmas Eve, Pop Pop the Question and Lynn and Order are set to air on the 29th and Day of the Dad and Small Blunder which were previously set for Christmas day have been now removed completely.

This current scheduling makes a lot more sense even though I'm bummed to see Day of the Dad get bumped from airing for now. That said, I'm gonna be honest and say that I won't be surprised if both it and Small Blunder end up getting leaked beforehand.
@John95, I wonder if the delay of all upcoming episodes has something to do with the live-action series 'The Really Loud House' having premiered recently and they don't want the animated original to air alongsides the first batch of episodes?