Survivor (Game Thread)

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TRIBAL COUNCIL 11 - The Pretend Chef
Voted off: [MENTION=21074]Financial Panther[/MENTION] (2 votes)
On the verge: 1010011010 (1 vote), The Thompsons (1 vote)

The Thompsons:

Financial Panther, gotta stick with my formula.


oh god, it's hard. all three seem about equal to me. Ill go with numbers. seriously, raisins?

Financial Panther:

I'm done, aren't I...

The Thompsons because he's performed quite well in most of the challenges. He needs to go.


Panther. Lowest in challenge an the last Sharp to kill off
TRIBAL COUNCIL 12 - Gone, but not Forgotten!
Voted off: [MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION] (1 vote)


I want to vote thompsons off. I didn't like his youtube video he posted, and, i don't know. When it comes down to it, i'd rather see numbers win. bit petty, but what you going to do.


Winner: [MENTION=23929]vriskatime[/MENTION] (6 votes)
Runner-up: Binary (1 vote)

Financial Panther:

My heart says 1010011010, but I have to go with vriskatime. He did better overall and won a lot of immunity challenges. It seems 1010011010 got by because he wasn't spectacular, but he wasn't terrible. He was under the radar a lot.

The Thompsons:

vriskatime, he won more challenges and I guess there is some sort of weird karma voting for the person who voted you out. That's how it works a lot of the time.

Frightened Inmate No. 2:

I would like to vote for vriskatime to win, because he won more immunity challenges, and seems like the most competent survivor out of all of them.


I vote for Binary to win. He seemed very modest in his earnest attempts to win, while vriskatime also seemed modest, but not so much of a good sport.

Lionel Hutz:

After thinking it over, I`ve chosen vriskatime as the person I want to win
He survived several tight votes, always did well on his challenges and was a considerable threat throughout (which is why I attempted to vote him out at least twice while Zombies was protected by immunity)
Numbers did very well and played a safe low-key game (like I did), but vriskatime EARNED the title of Sole Survivor

Zombies Rise from the Sea:

vriskatime: His responses of that of a true winner; one of skill, one of determination. There was nothing in there that suggested he would ever give up and with his art skills, survival skills and even management of his personality, he deserves to be crowned Sole Survivor.


Okay, my vote is for virskatime, for performing better on challenges, and basically being more determined to win this!
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