STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

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It's funny because I love everything Star Wars, but this one just struck a nerve in me. It's a bunch of course correcting, mushy fan-service bullshit JJ wrote with no logic or consideration of how the previous two movies played out in pursuit of his artistic "vision" of what Star Wars should be. The way Ben's story ended is what angers me the most. A phenomenal character and a fantastic actor wasted for no good reason.
[MENTION=38730]tyler[/MENTION], [MENTION=1694]kupomog[/MENTION] & [MENTION=67747]pax[/MENTION], so you guys would argue that it is the worst film of the sequel trilogy (and one of the worst of the saga, maybe)?

I went in seeing it with low expectations and I liked it fine as said, but I will agree that it could and should have been much more. I so wish they had an overall plan mapped out before starting with Force Awakens instead of improvising everything from film to film (and Abrams & Rian Johnson should have had some dialogue of what to do and not to do and make their films interlink well from movie to movie).
At the moment I like it the least of all the sequel trilogy movies. I would have to do a full rewatch of the prequel trilogy to rank against those, but I have consistently had AOTC as my least favorite this whole time. If there's one thing I love about the sequel trilogies it's the lightsaber fights feeling so visceral and less video game floaty than ppl flipping around and junk in the PT. And that right there is largely due to Kylo Ren. Duel of Fates still the only fight I really cared for in PT and that was the start of it all. A big issue I have with TROS is the heavy "Oh, that thing in TLJ? FUCK THAT." feeling I got at a few moments.
As said before I loved both TFA and TLJ dearly, so yes, TROS is easily the worst of the Sequel Trilogy. I would argue Clones is the worst of the entire saga, but at least that one has originality and creative thought put into it other than "lol Palpatine's back, don't ask any questions k?" mentality TROS is plagued with.

To add to what kupo said about Sequel Trilogy lightsaber fights, TFA ending fight is still my favourite because of just how POWERFUL the saber hits sound. It really adds an extra something to Kylo overpowering and disarming Finn when his strikes sound so damn menacing. The dead silence just before John Williams' score kicks in is just icing on the cake.
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Since there's been little over a year now since the Sequel trilogy wrapped up, I thought I'd bring this back with a question: How are your feelings on the sequels now and how would you rank them?

To add to the above posts on TROS, as I've seen the movie twice I feel more sure what to think of it and yeah, I would too say it is the weakest of the trilogy. The base is good and there is a good story in there, but I just felt it was too rushed and like a fetch quest with pretty much no breathing room, just rushing from scene to scene and setpiece to setpiece & I think they should have continued from what TLJ started instead of going its own way (even though I do like Palpatine revealed to have been in the background all along, much as I think he's a great villain worthy to be the final antagonist of the Skywalker saga, I just felt it was too late and should have been hinted to at least in TLJ).

That said, it is still visually great, the music is solid as usual, I like the trilogy's cast (and even some of the new ones like Babu Frik, who was pretty fun, and Zorii Bliss, who felt sorely underused; in fact a lot of the characters felt underused. Bizarre they didn't know what to do with Captain Phasma for instance) and I do still like the overall plot (which contains a lot of great scenes and moments), but the way it felt like they winged it all and improvised a lot (like much of the trilogy) and relied a little too much on the original trilogy and nostalgia instead of being more original and daring is a shame, though not nearly enough to ruin the whole thing for me, which had so many things I really liked.

Ranking them it's TLJ > TFA > TROS. For all the crap it gets, I think TLJ stood out the most as original, trying new things and driving the franchise forward in new unexpected directions that weren't simply fanservice. Too bad that Disney got cold feet after the backlash of the toxic fandom, which simply has more or less killed my interest in discussing the films (it just isn't as fun anymore with the constant bashing the films get on the internet). Luckily The Mandalorian is there to bring the fandom together again (and it is a great show IMO).
On the sequels, I feel like that they weren't very good, and even seem a tad worse than episodes I-III, with the exclusion of The Force Awakens, which was the only one which I liked. As for the rankings, It's VII followed by VIII and then IX.
I've been thinking about the Sequel Trilogy/ST and how the internet continually lambasts them with some of the biggest hate and vitriol I have ever seen of a movie trilogy (just typing in 'sequel trilogy' in Google search and I get a lot of negative suggestions like "retcon", "reboot", "failure" and all that) and I wonder, are they really that awful? I still think they are good but flawed movies that are well directed with some wonderful visuals and polished CGI & effects workds, solid acting and a lot of nice sequences among other things.

They do have problems, especially 'Rise Of Skywalker' which still remains a rushed movie that just feels like it wants to quickly get to the end, but as a whole, I definitely don't think they deserve the horrid treatment they get (the hatred I feel is insane at this point and the worst thing is that the haters of Disney Star Wars have essentially ruined the fun in talking about the franchise; seems like every time SW is brought up on it turns into some discourse on why the ST "sucks ass" or something and is a complete insult).

I would like to hear some opinions from this board (and maybe also personal ranking of the theatrical movies, if possible).
Disney's Star Wars leaves a bad tase in my mouth with how obviously focus tested and bland it is. The only Disney produced Star Wars movie that I can actually respect is The Last Jedi. You heard me. It's not a very good movie, but at least it feels like someone's (in other words Rian Johnson's) genuine artistic vision. I don't know if it's true that Disney did indeed basically told Rian to do whatever he wanted with the film, but if they did, then it's a shame that the movie ended up being as hated as it was since this has probably turned Disney off of ever letting a director realize his or her personal vision with one of their tentpole movies again. Rise of Skywalker was the most pandering give-the audience-what-we-think-they-want-to-see-and-nothing-more movie I've EVER seen.

Last Jedi to me is actually very similar to the prequel movies. Those too are movies that kinda suck but were at least not embarassingly pandering. George Lucas is insane and don't know how to tell a good story, but at least he told us HIS stories, not stories that a chart produced by focus testing said that he should tell.
'The Last Jedi' remains my favorite of the trilogy (much in how it took fresh, unexpected directions and actually felt like something new) and I would consider it a good one, full stop, but then with 'Rise Of Skywalker' they backtracked on it due to the fan backlash (which remains one of the biggest backlashes against a single movie I have ever seen, the prequel trilogy movies included).

As much of an unpopular opinion it is, I believe they should have let Rian Johnson make the entire trilogy (I think JJ Abrams went too safe a lot of the time, even though I felt 'The Force Awakens' was a lot of fun). The trilogy definitely needed to be a lot more original than it was and if all three had been by Rian I can imagine it being really quite good, overall.
The biggest flaw with this trilogy to me is that you can tell they had no idea what to focus on all through it from the get go. For all their flaws, the prequel movies do feel like they knew where they wanted to go from beginning to ending. If they succeded or not depends in the viewer, but this trilogy has the focus the sequel trilogy doesn't fully have. Hence why The Rise of Skywalker looks so much like the writers just asked a bunch of Star Wars fans what they wanted to see and blend them together in such a ridiculous way (the first sentence of the opening text should've been a red flag). It's a shame because, on their own, I like The Force Awakens and especially The Last Jedi, which might even be my favorite Star Wars film that isn't the IV or the V. But taken as a whole, the trilogy, in a way, is a misfire and that's a shame. If anything, it reminds us that just because they can make more films out of something doesn't mean they should, if the idea doesn't come before the executives. Plus, yeah, many of the so-called fans just ruined the fun, and like Kangdos said, I'm afraid they just convinced Disney to not let someone add his personal vision on their films ever again. Hopefully I'm wrong, especially since one of the future Star Wars films is gonna be directed by Taika Waititi, a guy I have a lot of respect for and someone who can bring something fresh to the table (even if I deeply know why they ordered those movies in the first place).
I still find it nearly unbelievable they actually went into making a trilogy without planning and mapping it all out in advance, going from movie to movie with improvisation. That is definitely not how to do a film series but they did it and to me, it was the biggest failure of its making.
Happy Star Wars day to you all!

Nice to see another fan, @Danker710 (and a new personal ranking of the movies as well. A nice unbiased ranking, it seems, and kudos for giving some credit to 'The Last Jedi', which it is nice to see some love for.).
In a bit of surprising news, a new movie has been announced.

*cue bitter sequel trilogy-hating fanboy noises*

I'm hoping this one happens since I'm interested in a "rebuilding the jedi order" story. Lots of potential, especially now that the franchise has moved on from the Skywalker saga and can do something all-new (and maybe they'll use inspiration from the Expanded Universe).

Oh, and there'll be some other new movies too...

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A bunch of comments:

This was supposed to be Luke’s job.

This was supposed to be what Luke does!!! Dammit!

Remember when Luke was supposed to rebuild the Jedi order?

Sooooo everything Luke was supposed to do but for absolutely ridiculous reasons didn’t.. major fails here disney.

I kind of laugh she’s apparently doing what Luke was SUPPOSED to do.

And Rey gets to do what Luke was supposed to.

Coming from Legends era, this feels like a poorly-thought-out retcon of the fact that it was supposed to be Luke. It was always supposed to be Luke.

Wasn't luke supposed to do that? Will they just change her story decades down the road?

Nothing against daisy, but Luke was supposed to be the character who rebuilt the New Jedi Order.

They did Luke wrong, he was supposed to rebuild the Jedi order.

This was supposed to be Luke’s story.

Because I'm certainly not paying theater prices to watch Rey get the story they were supposed to give Luke.


You mean what Luke was supposed to do? Fuck all star wars


all of those movies are definitely 100% coming out and none of the directors are getting replaced :dudsmile:

I guess this is as good a place as any to talk about the mandalorian. I really didn't like the season premiere because it seemed like the big storyline for season 3 was going to be din looking for a piece of ram for ig-11 (which is insane because the main thing about star wars aesthetically is that everyone's using old tech that's rusted and janky). luckily they immediately abandoned that idea and subsequent episodes won me back with my favorite things about star wars: weird creatures & what life would be like for a normal person in this world (thanks to andor I'm a big fan of random bureaucratic offices now). I also liked the droid bar in the most recent episode, which people are unfairly grousing about because lizzo was in it :shake:
all of those movies are definitely 100% coming out and none of the directors are getting replaced :dudsmile:

Yeah, I was gonna say that Star Wars has a bit of a track record of having new movies announced and then they get cancelled/shelved/nothing happens, but considering these announcements have been made publicly and on stage at the ongoing Star Wars Celebration of 2023 as opposed to just making random announcements in online articles (putting a lot of pressure on them to follow through with these projects), I'd have to guess that these will happen, unless there'll be big issues getting the way...

I really did like that 'Ahsoka' series trailer, by the way. Was a big fan of 'Rebels' and this will definitely be a live-action sequel to that series and will no doubt continue some loose threads and then wrap them up.. Looking forward to see it this summer.

Also The Mandalorian continued to be really good and super enjoyable. I like the diversity of episodes, such as in this third season. It manages to have a red thread to follow (the mandalorians and how they are uniting and getting their homeworld back) but still has a number of side missions and worldbuilding done. Last episode was quite good indeed, was fun to see Jack Black & Christopher Lloyd in there (and I've never heard of Lizzo whom everyone seem to be talking about. Must've missed out on something...). It continues to be a great piece of the franchise and really has the right 'Star Wars' feeling going on. Not so many episodes left so I hope they'll wrap up the season satisfyingly.

i actually dont mind daisy returning lmao

Neither do I. Really curious to see how they'll handle her character from here on out.
If it means Daisy Ridley gets to feature in a Star Wars movie with a better script and a more focused direction this time, I'm all for it. The concept sounds sick regardless, finally the story might be moving past Rebels vs Empire and into new (more creative) territory. I wish (I'm hoping) they could get John Boyega back to rectify how dirty he was done in the Sequel trilogy. The actor and his character deserve more and can be so much more.
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@pax, Yeah, I'm all for this idea, especially as it'll be a chance to do something new and fresh following the sequel trilogy (and it'll be super neat to see the creation of a new jedi order with an academy of students and all that). There's limitless potential in this and I hope they'll do it justice with a great, creative script. Holding my thumbs here.

Also nice to see someone else who's not negative about these news (those Fandom Menace-type people really piss me off to no end).
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people get way to angry and overreact with the sequel trilogy

like i dont like the movies alot but ''it really isnt that bad''
Also nice to see someone else who's not negative about these news (those Fandom Menace-type people really piss me off to no end).
Star Wars was dead in the water for ages, so with that in mind, I'm always willing to give new things the series puts out at least a try. I had no initial interest in Andor, for example, but I gave it a go and my god that show breathed new life into the franchise for me. So fucking good.
people get way to angry and overreact with the sequel trilogy

like i dont like the movies alot but ''it really isnt that bad''

It's fine not liking all of the movies, but the toxicity, entitledness & gatekeeping behavior of so-called fans who attack other parts of the fandom for liking some of the movies (and even call them inferior for liking the sequels, for instance) is absurd, almost makes me feel bad for being into the franchise (I think the vocal toxic sequel haters killed much of the fun of talking about Star Wars in general).

I wish those who didn't like any particular of the movies or shows would respect those who do like those instead of always going on the defensive and/or start to whine, rant and complain incessantly (such as of how Disney killed Star Wars forever, etc.)
The Mangold movie is the only one that excites me a little bit and yet I don't believe it's gonna come out the closest to the way Mangold imagines it, if it comes out at all (and with him still onboard).

I too think an epic about the beginning of the Jedi order is a very intriguing idea, but it do seem like a giant project enough to very likely not come out the way it is initially envisioned. It just doesn't feel very possible.

Also, you're not at all interested in anything going forward post-sequel trilogy era? I'm just as much excited about the future being told as of the far past, which that first jedi story will be all about (in all honesty, I think that 'Star Wars: Visions' episode called 'The Ninth Jedi' was one of the more fascinating pieces of modern SW & that one was set like a thousand years in the future).