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Oct 24, 2006
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Star Wars is my favorite space franchise but I think Star Trek is pretty neat too; discovered it some years ago and found it better and more likeable than I initially thought & I figured I'd finally make a general thread for it here.

Have seen the movies out so far, The Original Series, The Next Generation & am currently making my way through Deep Space Nine and nearing the last season (surprisingly good show; I think it's possibly a little better than TNG to be honest).

Anyone else around these parts enjoy some Trek? Favorite series? Episodes? Characters?
I haven't seen the series, but I have seen all the movies, all the thirteen of them (and I've discored most of them the last year). I enjoy the franchise, the universe, the characters. It's not a franchise that I love so much but like you, I found it better than I thought before. Some of those movies were really good.

I especially love The Undiscovered Country, my favorite movie of the franchise, an excellent conclusion for the original series. Maybe I'll write some thoughts about all the movies later.
Since you liked movies I recommend the series, at least the best they has to offer. The Original Series was the first I viewed and I enjoyed it even though it's obviously dated as a sixties show (the mostly solid writing and performances by the leads really makes it work & I like the updated visual effects) but I dunno if you'd like it as much since some prefer The Next Generation because it feels a little more modern. It's up to you which one you prefer and I'd suggest trying out the episodes that show up on recommendations lists (or ask me).

Speaking of the movies, I did see the first two reboot movies first but it was after they started airing the old movies chronologically on TV I picked up the first series on Netflix and started from there, though I didn't binge it and it was not before the beginning of last year I began checking out The Next Generation (as it wasn't available until then, I believe) so it was because of them I got into the franchise. The original series ones are my favorites (preferably II, III & IV but I also enjoy the first; not too big on the sixth like you but it has it's merits).
I'm not really into series to be honest, but thanks, I take note of the recommendation. I'll try some episodes someday. :) And since you propose it, have you suggestions of episodes I could try ?

For The Next Generation, I don't know if I will prefeer it to the original series (the fact it's less or more modern is not always guarantee of quality, I like some things more dated than others), since the movies of that timeline are pretty forgettable and meh to me (except First Contact). Although I really like Patrick Stewart.
Sorry for the late answer; thread got a little buried.

I understand if you're not interested in the various series (though it's good to know you won't judge them on datedness) but here's some suggestions if you want to check out a number of selected episodes out (I have only seen the Next Generation episodes once so my memory might be a bit sketchy, but I assure you the series is definitely much better than the films, though First Contact is solid).

(* indicates most recommended)

The Original Series

The Corbomite Maneuver
Balance Of Terror *
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Space Seed (introduces Khan; prequel to Star Trek II) *
This Side Of Paradise
Devil In The Dark *
Errand Of Mercy
The City On The Edge Of Forever *
Amok Time *
Mirror, Mirror *
The Doomsday Machine *
The Trouble With Tribbles *
The Ultimate Computer

The Enterprise Incident
Is There In Truth No Beauty?
Spectre Of The Gun
Day Of The Dove
The Tholian Web
All Our Yesterdays

The Next Generation

The Measure Of A Man *
Q Who (introduces the Borg) *
Yesterday's Enterprise *
Best Of Both Worlds (Part I & II; also sequel to Q Who) *
Family (sequel to the above two parter) *
The Drumhead
Darmok *
Cause And Effect *
The Inner Light *
Chain Of Command (Part I & II)
The Pegasus
All Good Things... (series finale)
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There are people into Star Trek here (as has been proven before), but those aren't around a lot now which is understandable, seeing as the board is a bit less active right now. Maybe some will show up again, I hope.

And TNG is better than it's films overall, not just the ones I listed (there are many other really good episodes in there, but these are some of the ones that stood out the most to me as quality episodes). By the way, I thought of narrowing both lists down to five each so it would be easier for you to pick, but found it a bit difficult.
I guess you're right. We'll see soon.

I understand, for series with a lot of good episodes, it's always difficult to pick up just the best of the best, and restrict the choices. I trust you anyway about your suggestions, I'll see them (or at least some of them) someday.
[MENTION=78686]Wile E. the Brain[/MENTION], I updated the list and put an * after my quick pick recommendations (to make it easier for you).
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[MENTION=78686]Wile E. the Brain[/MENTION], By the way, the various series are available on Netflix if you have it. Just a tip.
Disagree that Star Wars is crashing (Last Jedi was successful but highly divisive among the fans and while Solo a flop a lot of folks are discovering it now and do seem to like it; then there'sthe books & comics, the animated TV series & the upcoming live-action series 'The Mandalorian'). It still has life and I think that Episode IX next year will draw in a big crowd.

As for Star Trek, it's nice to see that it gets more than just a revival series with Discovery, namely the mentioned and upcoming TNG sequel series with Picard & also the animated show which I heard a little about.

Also, [MENTION=15439] Wile E. the Brain[/MENTION], decided to add a few suggestions of episodes from the first season of Deep Space Nine in case you want a peek at it:

Emissary *
Past Prologue
Captive Pursuit
Duet *
In the Hands of the Prophets

Duet is by far my favorite from S1 but the feature length pilot is all good as well.
I love Star Trek, along with Star Wars, it got me into Sci-fi, though it’s been a couple years since I’ve properly watched anything related to Star Trek (an episode/movie from start to end), I should really get back into the series.

And I do agree with [MENTION=74869]korusan[/MENTION] ,Star Wars is crashing, they’ve been milking the franchise, I do still have a tint of hope for episode IX, but it might be garbage like Last Jedi, or average like Force awakens but still watchable, Disney probably just brought back Lando, just to kill him off.
I personally really like The Last Jedi, and I found Solo pretty average. About the "crashing", I think it's a complicated topic, when the accumulation of spin-off less or more necessary (and sometimes quickly lead to their cancellation, like the Boba Fett one) and the supposed indecision about the continuity for the movies worry me, on the other hand, there are the other medias who seem to go well (the Mandalorian series is promising). But I guess it's not the thread to talk about that.

Thanks again for your suggestions [MENTION=17229]CousinMerl[/MENTION]. I didn't know the existence of Deep Space Nine. Are there others (recommendable) Star Trek series ?
I like all of the new Star Wars movies so far, btw (The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi & Solo) and I think they all brought something to the table & I hope The Mandalorian will be a good series. I also like the finished Rebels series (the new animation Resistance is in it's early stages so it's too soon to give an opinion). I'm yet to be disillusioned with modern Star Wars.

Anyway, back on topic and to answer the above question about more recommendable Trek series, I haven't seen any of Voyager or Enterprise yet so I cannot give an opinion on those, but the new Netflix series Discovery (set 10 years before the original show) is pretty good; it's been kinda divisive among fans (not unlike like The Last Jedi) but I like it. It took some episodes to get going but once it did I found it enjoyable overall. I look forward to the second season that premieres in January.
I kinda like The Motion Picture. The plot is pretty thin, not a ton of happens for stretches and many of the actors feel a bit off in their portrayals (which is understandable since it had been 10 years since the original show ended), but I like the visuals, the musical score and the mysterious hard sci-fi style and tone; it's pretty much "Trek does 2001: A Space Odyssey" and strangely enough I don't find itso boring but rather interesting (it would probably have been better as an 90 minute two part TV episode or something but it's pretty decent for what it is).
Forgot to mention I finished Deep Space Nine little over a month ago. It was pretty solid and really took the franchise into new and interesting territory with the more darker tone, duality and morally grey stuff unlike the much more clean cut and straightforward The Next Generation. There's lot of good concepts and writing, a solid diverse cast & maybe the best supporting cast in Trek overall. Very enjoyable, maybe the best one in many respects (though still unsure which one I like the most).

I did also start Voyager and have just recently completed the first season. It's obvious that with this one they wanted the TNG audience with the die hard fans who had problems with DS9 and it's atypical presentation and I have to say that I like it a fair bit; not as good as Next Gen but still good. Liked the cast pretty much from the get go and there are some good ideas and plots.
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All the movies are awesome. I haven't seen the series yet but I definitely gonna watch it
Quick update: Star Trek "4", of the reboot, has been shelved indefinitely due to failed pay negotiations.

I think that the cancellation of the modern Trek films is for the best, actually.

While Star Trek '09 was what introduced me to the franchise I don't think they ever really nailed the Trek in Star Trek with the new movies (especially after checking out the series'); they are too much like Star Wars but with much more fast and frantic explosive action and shaky cam and not a lot of thought (also kinda uninspired plots as essentially all three involve a villain wanting revenge). I remember really liking that first one but it aged kinda poorly upon a rewatch as did Into Darkness and Beyond was just ok at best.
Star Trek 2009 was the most 'Trek' movie since TMP. While Khan and Voyage Home are both treats, they're really good horror and comedy sci fi and don't have the wild west coupled with sense of wonder. I can explain further what makes that movie great.

I am however excited for Picard show and the last episode of Disco was great as well. I like Pike.
Just updating a little (even though no one will probably care)

A couple of days ago I finished 'Voyager'. I can see why opinions on it are rather low as it is indeed flawed. Much of it a series of missed opportunities, dropped characters and plot points that would have been interesting to follow & a general lack of development for a majority of the characters, inconsistent characterizations and also hitting that reset button an frightful lot (much more so than a show about a lost starship on it's 70 year journey home should; the ship should not have looked as pristine as it did at the start of every episode). It also felt like a strangely conservative show in a sense, not really pushing the envelope forward like previous Trek shows but rather holding it back and settling for old ideas and some strange, uncreative and sometimes downright questionable ways of thinking.

It really comes through that there were lots of issues with the overall production which explain why it's a pretty messy show, but still, I didn't think it was that bad at all, even though it's probably my least favorite of them so far. The worst thing I really could say about it is that it's incredibly uneven, with a surprisingly limited number of truly great episodes that I could probably count on two hands. Going from 'Deep Space Nine' to this one was a real drop off in a sense and it's a shame because looking at the overarching plot, 'Voyager' probably had the stronger premise, but the sloppy execution let it down. Would be neat with a proper remake of sorts.

Will probably start 'Enterprise' in a while, though with low expectations with how often it's said to be the worst of the original five shows.
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You need to read this book. There were behind the scenes problems with Voyager and by the time Enterprise came out they were suffering from burnout.

Just updating a little since it's been a while and just because.

Halfway through 'Enterprise' by now. It's not as bad as I was expecting (due to it's poor reputation) and is pretty decent. The first season was a bit slow but decent in the end, though the second season was a rather dull mess. There were a couple of good episodes and it did get better towards the very end, but it was difficult and slow to get through with a lot of bad and disappointing episodes I didn't care for at all, including a lot of lazy reusing of plotlines and little creativity. Trek on autopilot. With that season finale the third season does feel like it'll be a big step up in comparison. The show is about on par with the last Voyager season so far, I'd say.

I've also been rewatching TNG every now and then (after having recieved the re-release DVD set of the complete series for Christmas), being a bit into Season 4, and I've found several good episodes that I've thought about adding to the recommendation's list above, but I think I'll leave that one alone as it already has a solid selection of essentials. Still, it's fun to revist a lot of these old episodes.
Not that anyone cares (as Trek viewers seem rare on this board), but I feel like going back to this thread. I finished Enterprise some time in May, the Animated Series (the one that ran between 1973-74) in June and furthermore I also saw the Picard series when it was released earlier this year, wrapping up my viewthrough of the franchise, now having seen every episode at least once.

It's been a lot of fun and interesting even though the quality hasn't always been consistent (such as with Voyager and Enterprise). It's been an good and satisfying ride, yet not done yet, that with the animated Lower Decks series comes in August and later this year it's season 3 of the Discovery series (which I am looking forward to, with how the second season ended)..

Anyhow, I guess I'll end this post (sort of) by giving my tentative rankings of the various series:

Deep Space Nine
Original Series
Next Generation
Animated Series
Lower Decks

Lastly, If anyone has anything to add (like your own rankings of the series), I'd appreciate it.
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