Some questions for you to answer as a Simpsons fan?

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May 31, 2017
Marge Be Not Proud is an excellent episode, even the scene's from Bonestorm such as Milhouse with the wind blowing (I'm sure you know which bit I mean), Bart being pushed out of the house by Luann etc... it's a really good episode.

I tend to get scene's as opposed to episodes too, like it'll be certain things that will stick with me and they're great, I can totally see why Marge Be Not Proud would have a lot of this and the whole episode to be fair :)


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Apr 4, 2015
1. Can you remember the first ever episode you saw?

Yes I can. It was They Saved Lisa's Brain

2. Since you was first a fan of the show, did you ever go off it for a while only to return to it? (did any other shows become a temporary replacement?)


3. Would you consider yourself a fan of the show today or only the earlier seasons?

I consider myself an all around fan.

4. Despite the criticism the show often gets, what do you think made you stick with the show?

Once I get into a fandom of any kind I never truly leave. The characters just matter too much to me.

5. Which character were you a fan of first and is this character still your favorite today?

Lisa because she was an outcast. My appreciation for her has died down since then but I still would call her my favorite.

6. What positives can you say about the show that makes it different to other shows?

The Simpsons manages to be hilarious but can also touch your heart. As far as I know, only The Simpsons and anime can do that.

7. If the show was to finally wrap up, would you feel content with the 30 year run they've had?


8. Is there anything as a fan you would love to do? (for example go to Florida or meet the cast)

Go ride The Simpsons Ride!

9. Has the show taught you anything positive that you take from it?

Not really no.

10. Does the fact the characters have yellow skin add to the shows appeal for you?

It makes them unique. That's enough.

11. Last but not least, what does The Simpsons mean to you?

I guess it means a reason to have a family of my own someday.

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Aug 6, 2007
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Although yeah, maybe make a color that’s easier to read next time.


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Dec 27, 2012
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1. Absolutely... not. At all. My memory isn't very good. I think some of the earliest I remember are around seasons 10-12, I particularly remember the scene from last Tap Dance where Lil' Vicky asks what it's called when everyone's given a chance even if they don't deserve it.

2. About Early in season 28. I'd had it by the THOH and by the time Cad and the Hat came out I just said "fuck it!" and didn't bother with anything else up until Left Behind. Was already going though some shit and I really didn't need any of the misery Season 28 had to offer. Especially after 27, which provided one of the best episodes in decades (that now I can no longer enjoy :V) and was actually helping me get through some stressful stuff. I have no plans whatsoever to go back to it.

3. That's a bit of a tricky one. But generally, yes, for a short answer. I think in a lot of places, it really does get too much shit often for the sake of giving them shit. The "hate anything that's remotely new" mentality is a pet peeve of mine. However when there's things that actually do deserve shit half the time the rest of the NHC loves it despite said episodes embodying the worst aspects of the show and most of the stuff they complain about half the time.

4. It's almost 100% out of attachment to the cast. Though at the same time, it can be what hurts most at the worst of times. Like when they waste screentime on the likes of guest stars (with few exceptions) and characters that were better off being one-scene wonders like the Cat Lady than actually giving attention to those that can be great and pretty easily too if the writers actually tried. It's like mordern-day capitalism, every opportunity goes only to those who don't deserve them and the rest can rot.

5. Take a wiiiiiiiiiiild guess. Actually, I used to like Nelson a whole lot but don't anymore. Same with Homer.

6. A cast that's both huge and interesting... as well as neglected in a lot of areas. I think a lot of its bigger strengths are otherwise shared with Futurama, for obvious reasons.

7. Well no. Not at all really.

8. Be noteworthy in a not-bad way? I'd be kinda nice to have a bit of fanart or whatever that someone on the staff looked at and thought "hey this is neat". Right now I'm probably avoided like the plague and there's honestly some bits that feel exactly like they were made to spite me. :P

9. If something's hard to do then it's not worth doing. All jokes aside, I often consider whether something is far more trouble than it's worth and don't care much for doing the hardest thing in games just to prove how totally hardcore I am. It's also probably why I'll never give a rat's anus about Dark Souls.

10. Not really, aside from a minor bit of amusement. Seeing as Japanese characters have outright white skin on the show despite yellow being a more stereotypical/racist depiction. I dunno, irony or something.

11. Welllll in spite of everything, it's a pretty significant chunk of my life and who I am. Pathetic, I know.