Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

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Munkybutt said:
Logans Run 1976 starring Micheal York
(ever wondered what a cult film is? Try this one)

Logan's Run is one of those future apocolypse movies, kinda like Mad Max. Sometime in the 23rd century, the survivors of war, overpopulation and pollution are living in a great domed city, sealed away from the forgotten world outside.In this world, mankind only lives for pleasure(kinda like Vegas)and machines provide everything. The only catch is... Everyone has a red jewel in the palm of they're hand and when they reach thirty the jewel starts blinking and they have to endure a fiery ritual called Carrousel. The people that don't attend Carrousel and try to escape are called runners. Logan is a cop who hunts down runners, until his jewel starts to blink and he decides to run.

ok I think I saw some freaky no understandees movie with Michael York in it at one stage. Perhaps that was it. (On during the lunchtime crapola spree.) Isn't he Basil Exposition in Austin Powers and Brian in Cabaret with Liza Minelli?
I've never understood the joke in the episode where they go to the Superbowl. They are in the bar and they say "denver broncos" and other words with their beer glasses in front of their face?

Sorry if someone has already brought this up.
By the time that episode was being made, they didn't know the finalists yet and the lip sync would be off, so they purposly put the glasses there and made fun of the fact
Bob Balaban is an American actor, most recently seen in Gosford Park as the detective, which he co-wrote with Robert Altman. The movie was actually Balaban's idea. He was also the network exec that Jerry and George pitch their show about nothing to on Seinfeld, among a ton of other stuff. Search his name on and you'll se a huge list of credits.
brooke2003 said:
Also did anyone notice that Bernice Hibbert is in the Drink Driving Class. What about Ruth Powers, I could believe that she would but maybe not Bernice. There was one weird quote about Nixon and the other president I didn't understand it. At the start of the commercial 'if I was the president I could understand ansnskln' VOICEOVER : Now a word from our sponsor. I would like to take this opportunity...

Alcoholism affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Teenagers to old-timers can become alcoholics. Alcoholism is chronic, progressive, and characterized by a loss of control over alcohol once drinking has begun. When a person is screened for an alcohol problem, the main concern is not so much the person's drinking pattern as assessing what happens once they begin to drink. A person has lost control of his or her ability to drink 'socially' when that person cannot predict with any reliability whether a drinking episode will be normal or uncontrolled.


And Nixon is kind of like Gill:

Overly abitious, and even when he wins, he still feels, and comes across, like a loser.
The quote there is :
"Well I would suggest, Mr. Vancouver, that if you knew the
President that, that was just a facetious remark."

Which might be a real response to a question posed to him during the presidential debates, with that bean-eating war hero John F. Kennedy, in 1960. Nixon was vice-president under Dwight D. Eisenhower, and he was spinning something that the president had said. Nixon lost the presidency that year, but won a few years later. Gil finally got a lick.
in Duffless

when Skinner Bart wins the science fair contest (the hamster)

he says half [somebody] and half [someone else]

who are they?
akademiks said:
in Duffless

when Skinner Bart wins the science fair contest (the hamster)

he says half [somebody] and half [someone else]

who are they?

This was explained just a couple of pages back (maybe one). B.F Skinner (no relation to Principal Skinner), famous psychologist who experimented on lab-rats and small children, and P.T Barnum was one of the people who started the Barnumb & Bayley & Wringling Brother's circus.
The name is based on New York philanthropist Diamond Jim Brady:
Brady, Diamond Jim (James Buchanan Brady), 1856–1917, American financier and philanthropist, b. New York City. He was a bellboy and messenger and then worked for the New York Central RR in various capacities. He later was employed by a railroad supply company, and his selling ability rapidly brought him a fortune. He began collecting diamonds and other jewels and amassed 30 complete sets of jewelry estimated as worth well over $1 million. He was famous for his appetite and elaborate meals and was one of the best-known men in New York's Broadway nightlife. In 1912 he gave funds to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (where he had received treatment) to found the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute.
And the voice is based off any generic Kennedy, not just Jack. Both the name and the accent are probably used to accentuate Quimby's free-spending, free-wheeling, somewhat corrupt personality. The name and accent are unrelated, though.
Isn't that accent/speech pattern a New England thing, not just unique to the Kennedys?

I think I read that somewhere.
comment on alcoholic Bernice

bigwang said:
Alcoholism affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Teenagers to old-timers can become alcoholics. Alcoholism is chronic, progressive, and characterized by a loss of control over alcohol once drinking has begun.

Yes this was in relation to a comment that someone said about there never being a "good" black character without an equal "bad" white character, Like the two cops Lou and Eddie and Someone said Dr Hibbert is the only "good" black character where no one around him has problems. And I was commenting that Bernice is an alcoholic, or a road rager so that proves his theory wrong.
The purpose is to sound like the Kennedy's, but some New Englanders do have them. Boston's main accent is Long Island-esque, the Kennedy accent is similar to Worcesterian accent.
BOSTON ACCENT RULES! I am from Boston and my parents have the most hideous, horrible Boston accents...Picture it as this: People speak, but they do not use th e "r" sound when it appears at the end of a work. For example, they say "caaa" instead of "car". And also, they add an "r" sound to the end of words that don't normally have it. For example: Instead of Lisa, they would say "Liser". But somehow I don't have it. I lucked out I guess....
brooke2003 said:
When Marge is afraid of flying Homer says that's ok Marge we'll just wait for the killer bees to come to us- what the fuck?
Homer's just saying that wherever they go there will be killer bees, and instead of going to see them on vacation they'll wait for them to come to Springfield. No hidden joke there really... I think.
The joke is that they go to a place called "Bronson, Missouri" where all the residents look and talk like an actor named Charles Bronson. You may be a little young to know who he is-he was semi-popular in the 80s. Bronson starred in the movie Death Wish and its sequels (It was a pretty good movie). But he does sound like that.
how about that episode were the sigfried and roy characters lose there tiger and they both go"...number 6" and look at each other

that makes no sence
Its a joke saying that tigers get lost in the Indian flights often Its just being silly because tigers come from India and I like the airline slogan 'we treat you like cattle' that was funny. In America to treat someone like cattle is offensive, to rush them along and not really care, but because cows are sacred in India it's a pun to say they treat them like royalty.
No, see, Ernst and Gunter were asked to identify what kind of tiger they had lost by looking at a chart. The 6th one was the albino tiger that they were missing, so they identified it as "number six".

Brooke, please try to refrain from suddenly going into a joke that nobody asked about.
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