Scheduled NHC Downtime for Significant Upgrade: May 27th through June 1st

books forum rebranded to the finer things club. cole named president.
trying to install more but could break the board in the process. is it worth the gamble? hmm
time spent online leaderboard (link's in the "community" drop down menu in the navbar):

just started counting tonight, kevin & sung are running neck and neck. average time online is just an average right now i guess.

edit: time spent online is also in profiles, on the left side.
how do I have 467?? I don't remember making that many

edit: oh wait it's because of mod forum stuff :oops:
i did not know the second most viewed thread here was something called "the sexy game".

it's... not really a game.
Holy shit.

I spend 41 minutes here?

I really need to do something with those 41 minutes.
BTW on the stats page the top left block is a random stat, bottom left is top posters, and recently replied to threads is obviously to the right. again you can access all those stats by clicking the link under the top # text.

i might add an additional stats related page tonight.
i wonder if steve can keep up his current 13 hours 37 minutes daily average. go for it buddy
all I see is three things-- threads with most posts, threads with newest posts, and top posters-- on the stats page. what am I doing wrong
the one in the top left (I'm guessing threads with most posts) should have a drop down menu on the top of it

you can select a bunch of other stats from this drop down menu
the one in the top left (I'm guessing threads with most posts) should have a drop down menu on the top of it

you can select a bunch of other stats from this drop down menu

Not here - I just had a dropdown for 25, 50, 75, or 100 stats per category, but still just the three categories

Also I accidentally disabled the stats. It says To re-enable them use "Enable Top Statistics" option in "Quick Links" menu. This is not an option in my Quick Links. Li'l help
oh broom. :facesmack:

what style are you using? i deleted the "disable" link on the default style but forgot to finish the job on the others.

edit: gross, sorry about the white font color on the stats drop-down menu on a few of our other styles.
broom go to quick links or forum actions in the navbar up top and see if there's an "enable statistics" link
added quick links to the 30 rock, community, conan, curb your enthusiasm, it's always sunny, office, parks and rec, and seinfeld threads in the tv & film forum description.

any requests for show additions to that list? i could add freaks and geeks :heart:
nice to see i'm still killing it with profile views.

no clue who #2 is (percy wellington?) but i have nearly 3 times as many as he does. take THAT, random motherfucker!
Billy I once clicked on your profile and the views caught me off guard so I refreshed it within the minute and it had gone up another 15 views.

You're a fucking cheater.
when I saw "most threads started" I thought if joe isn't #1 on that list I'll be surprised.
i have another stats mod which will let you view top posters by month & year since 2001 but it may not work and temporarily break the board (another "top posters" mod i tried to install did just that due to bad coding by the author).

let me know if you want to see that stats page though, and i'll talk to jacob again about installing it.

edit: sac, i might need both you and roarke on hand if/when i install this, just to play it safe.