SAG-AFTRA / WGA Strike 2023

Unbelivable how horribly they are treating actors & writers, especially after how the latter two parties have been speaking out. It just reeks of desperation, greed and power-hungry insanity from the studios. At this point, I'm feeling more sure that this shitshow will spell the death of current Hollywood (in one form or the other) and cause some serious shakeups and remodelings (I can already imagine a lot of shelvings and cancellations coming up): All things considered, I'm thinking Hollywood is in need of a proper literal reboot.
Presumably, SAG/AFTRA will put "strike rules" on its website so its members know what to do, but I am hearing that, among other things, its members will not be allowed to participate in Comic-Con panels, as that is considered "promoting the shows."
The strike rules include a ban on "Promotion of/publicity services for work under the TV/Theatrical Contracts, such as:
Personal appearances
Fan expos
For your consideration events
Award shows
Podcast appearances
Social media
Studio showcases"
Apparently, in addition to not appearing at, say, Comic-Con, they won't be allowed to attend the Emmys if they are held during the strike.
Season 35 will definitely premiere as intended (and probably will end up at 20-something episodes so no real differences in terms of episode amounts, I'm guessing), but I can't help but wondering what is in store for Season 36.
Season 35 will definitely premiere as intended (and probably will end up at 20-something episodes so no real differences in terms of episode amounts, I'm guessing), but I can't help but wondering what is in store for Season 36.
If they can get 20 episodes completed and broadcast-ready by Memorial Day, I don't think Season 36 is going to be affected.
If they can. I wonder how many episodes have been written and voiced.
I wouldn't be surprised if Fox airs live-action shows on Sundays from February through May, especially since the recent press release mentions more shows than Fox can fit into the schedule as it is.

This is more Season 35-specific than strike-specific, so I have added a post there; please make responses in that thread
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And besides, there's likely gonna be a Treehouse of Horror XXXV (hopefully with another three-writer format like THOH XXXIII and this year's upcoming THOH XXXIV) happening next year after this fall, obviously... Sorry for being kinda off-topic here
Little did we know back in 2021 that 'Space Jam A New Legacy' was a warning we didn't listen to.

It's odd how people stopped talking about that disasterpiece (which I haven't even seen yet) rather quickly and forgot about it when it obviously had a lot that could be interpreted as dangers to the industry. But then again, most people do not learn....

I hope the writers (and actors) keep up the strike until they get their proper due, especially with the recent AI threats (also, those AMPTP responses as posted above are monstrous, as is the dismissal of the other questions, and only add more fuel to the fire).

Click Here for a downloadable version of the chart, with updates as of 7/17

Here's the quick version of what I think will be the real sticking point:
What should performers get for revenue generated from streaming shows?
SAG/AFTRA: Something
Producers: Nothing

I think that the 2023 San Diego Comic Con wouldn't have any information about The Simpsons' season 35. Or yes?.

Was the show ever planning to have a panel at SDCC?
I know that a planned panel for The Venture Brothers has been canceled by the show's producers.
The Simpsons wasn't even on the SDCC schedule this year the last time I checked
Apologies for the double post, but after looking at the schedule for SDCC 2023, there is no sign of The Simpsons even thou the other AD shows alongside American Dad & Futurama have panels (HouseBroken doesn't seem to have a panel either). The only Simpsons related panel that is happening is the "A World of Collecting" panel which seems to happen every year as I remember seeing that panel in the schedule in previous years.
I'm not at all surprised that 'The Simpsons' won't have a panel or presence at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. With so many studios having been bowing out, prominently of which is probably Disney (no 'Star Wars' or Marvel Studios panels, among others, but also 'The Simpsons' due to Disney's ownership of the franchise) and panels being canceled, I think it was something that we were to be prepared for.

Thats said, I'm still surprised that there are still some who chose to be present, such as Paramount with 'Star Trek' as well as (HBO) Max & Netflix, but I guess those have their good reasons for not having declined (and I guess some will no doubt see them as scabs/traitors).
I don't think it is, looking at the SDCC schedule to check for Simpsons and found this:

Unless your referring to another panel
No, that's the one. Doc Hammer posted on Instagram that he and Jackson canceled the appearance at the last minute because of the strike. Whether or not they have the premiere in the absence of the creators and cast remains to be seen.
It’s crazy to think how far technology has come since CGI was pushed in Terminator 2 in 1991 to AI today. If the execs at Hollywood are worried about paying actors now, imagine in 10 years when anyone could write and shoot an AI enhanced movie on an 8TB smartphone with any actor/character they want. People won’t need Hollywood anymore.

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Okay, but this shows that in reality the studio execs did/have no "end game" (as much as they want us to believe).

They are getting more and more desperate that they want to negotiate with someone to do their dirty work. And that's it, no end game, no master plan. They're just showing their arrogance, greed and ineptitude by pushing this further than they should, when it's as simple as paying their writers.

Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.
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That's right, we don't need every episodes to be written by the AI. Man, I feel like the WGA strike has been going on for too long, don't know why
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They should add them now (or at least start the process to do so, if it takes time). Why wait until after the strike is resolved?! Insanity.
IIRC, WGA pretty much promised this during the last strike, but dropped it as part of the agreement. They might not want to burn one of their bridges.

Meanwhile, in the "not particularly surprising" department, reports are coming out that vendors for the Emmys are being told that they will be postponed, although the Academy has not made anything official yet (CNN asked them, and they said, "Ask Fox," which didn't say anything); I have a feeling it's because they're still arguing with Fox over when they should be held (reportedly, the Academy wants mid-November, while Fox wants mid-January).
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IIRC, WGA pretty much promised this during the last strike, but dropped it as part of the agreement. They might not want to burn one of their bridges.

Even if they aim not to burn any bridges, this could just as well backfire and they will still end up burning bridges (due to choosing to wait until after the strike to even add animation writers to the WGA. Heck, it may not even end up happening in spite of promising to).

F*ck...looks like we might have cancellations incoming

If that ends up being the case, I have to wonder which shows will be the first to the chopping block. Praying it won't be any show that I like or even love (but knowing the usual luck with things, it will probably be some of those).
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