SAG-AFTRA / WGA Strike 2023

I have the feeling that you are not really understanding how important/serious this issue of the strike is, it seems as if you don't really read the articles you publish and you just do it for the sake of it. I've been noticing how you constantly seem to filter your own feelings and desires for new episodes that could be interrupted by this feeling (i.e. your most recent post about the writers not having "scary credits" for this year's THOH).

I just want to remind you again that I understand why you're upset, but it really seems like you didn't learn anything from the last time you also spoke partially about the strike issue. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but I can't help but think that about you.
It's not good news because it won't be resolved by then.

Yeah, by the rate of how things are going, the strike will definitely not be resolved before October. It realistically should be, but with the aversion/refusal from the studios and their suits to accept the demands of the striking writers, actors, vfx artists and whatnot, things are not looking good and understandably so (and I think the sacrifice of some scripted shows like those in the article is a small price to pay so that those on strike will have their demans met and finally get the recognition they deserve).

Also, speaking of the VFX workers, there's this:

I’ve seen these strikes before but there’s a lot more at stake this time—it’s the bosses vs workers vs AI and we’re not more than a decade off from people creating their own shows. When that happens that is, unfortunately, going to put a lot of people out of work.
Fox says

This news article has reported that we will be getting multiple Gordon Ramsay cooking competitions.

Ramsay was one person who actually benefitted from the WGA strike of 2007-08 and now it looks to be he is benefitting again.

As far as The Simpsons goes, I'll bet the holdover episodes are all ready but as far as the next production line goes, who knows.
This news article has reported that we will be getting multiple Gordon Ramsay cooking competitions.
And that differs from every other year in what way, exactly? We already have Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, and Next Level Chef, and Fox has already announced that Kitchen Nightmares will be returning this fall.
It doesn't say which side threatened to extend the strike through the end of the year. It could also just mean somebody misunderstood something; I have heard that if the strikes aren't resolved by October 1, there won't be enough time to make enough episodes of anything to salvage the winter/spring season, although I don't see why they can't extend the season into the summer if necessary.

It reminds me of the NBA strike in the 1998-99 season, where neither side looked like it was going to budge until 24 hours before the "if the strike isn't settled, the entire season is canceled" deadline, after which they "miraculously" found a way to compromise. (The only real loser in the end was WCW, but that's another story for another forum...) It looks like Congress is doing the same thing with the "get a continuing resolution passed by 9/30 or the government shuts down - okay, you can wait until 10/1, since that's a Sunday" problem.
Even though they speak of planning to meet to bargain, talk of a deal and whatnot doesn't necessarily mean it will all be solved, which I doubt seeing the unwillingness from the studio heads to accept the demands from the writers, etc.

I'm willing to believe we're in for a continued strike for at least a while longer (and it could be even long than that). I would be suprised if there'd be sudden news of a "magically" solved strike.
Big Four networks eye early October to end labor strikes . . . or else. From the New York Post

As quoted from the article: “If the strike isn’t resolved by Oct. 1, it becomes really challenging to get scripted shows onto the air within the traditional broadcast season,” said Michael Thorn, president of scripted programming for Fox Entertainment. “The latest you want to premiere these shows — in order to launch or return a show, in our opinion, is in March, and once you get past that window, then we start looking into the summer.

Also a highlight: ABC, CBS and NBC pivoted to reality and reruns of their scripted series with a few exceptions. NBC premieres “The Irrational,” starring Jesse L. Martin, Sept. 25, and “Found” (starring Shanola Hampton) Oct. 3. CBS will premiere its spinoff, “NCIS: Sydney,” Nov. 14. (It bows Nov. 10 in Australia.) ABC is not airing any new scripted shows and, among its reality and game-show slate, only “The Golden Bachelor” is new.

Fox, like the CW, has weathered the strike storm better than most, with its emphasis on animation, reality and sports (most notably NFL football).

“Of course it’s not ideal, but we went into this fall ready [for the strike],” Thorn said. “We’re the only network that has a full night of scripted programming with our Sunday night animation lineup, and within that night, we have a new and original series with ‘Krapopolis.’ Animation is part of our DNA.”
Thank god I didn’t work for Union or Actors, I would had to go on strike too but I’m glad it ending
But wait they had to make a draft on final contract language before it ends, so y’all can celebrates it
If they approve, the deal will be released for voting by all WGA members. The strike does not officially end until authorised by the WGA leadership.
so y’all guys gotta wait for few days if it get authorized by WGA leadership