ROAST the user above

jingle smellso amarite

^also i hope you hop through the snow right underneath the tire of my mustang
Come cumeau, come at me bro

Hope youre ready for Your Actual President
BloodySimpsonsChibi? More like, CruddyHumanBeing!

Also, thanks for spoiling Dragon Ball, you dick!
Say’s a ghost with a wried haircut
(first i was gonna be like, imagine liking ''ween'' but then i remembered they made ''ocean man'' for the spongebob movie)

what kind of profile picture is that, and why does it have a solid background
(The only people who don't like Ween have never heard them. Seriously, give The Mollusk a try as a starting album!)

That avatar choice is so bland it makes Utah Jazz fans look tame in comparison.