Review an episode in haiku form


wah wah wah guest stars
wah wah wah homer pain gags
hilarious ep
I'll do two haiku's:

Co-Dependents Day

Ugly episode
Homer gets away with crime
Marge should have left him

Boring crossover
Was too short and had no plot
The whole thing felt forced
I'll give it a go!

Adventures in Baby Getting

Marge wants a baby
She decides not to have one
Lisa does stuff too?

On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister

Bart and Lisa fight
Skinner makes out with a corpse
Just call this "Fuck Bart"

Stark Raving Dad

Micheal Jackson's here
But he's just a crazy man
Incredibly sweet

Lady Bouvier's Lover

Marge plays matchmaker
Homer and Marge are siblings
Marge why would you even-
Marge VS The Monorail
It’s overrated
Why does everyone love it?
Not complaining though.

Trilogy of Error
Three connected plots
Who said that it would not work?
They were very wrong.

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
Homer makes a blog.
This one is underrated.
But the third act blows.
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I Freaking love this episode

And Maggie Makes Three

Hilarious moments
Completely Underrated
Ending is perfect
"Life on the Fast Lane"
Albert Brooks is great
A dramatic masterpiece
Best of season one.

"Homer at the Bat"
Lord Palmerston’s best
Boggs says Pitt the Elder though
You asked for a classic

"Bart After Dark"
Outlandish plot idea
Does put the spring in Springfield
It's a sleeper hit

"Maximum Homerdrive"
Homer gets a job
Acts like a jackass, ho hum
Why do I like it?

"Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder"
Superstrong Maggie
Mole people and Ron Howard
Who thought of this cr*p?

Eight Misbehavin'
Sloppy scriptwriting
It needs tungsten to live, and
A wacky third act

"Kill the Alligator and Run"
Why, why, why, why, why
Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?
Need I say any more?

"The Computer Wore Menace Shoes"
Incoherent dreck
What happened to Swartzwelder
To produce this stuff

"Hungry, Hungry Homer"
A gem in the rough
Homer is still braindead, but
The audience cares
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Bart vs Lisa vs Third Grade

Lisa's in third grade
Bart is also in third grade
Resembles fan script
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Itchy and Scratchy Land:
Giant bad robots
Oh no they're gonna kill us
Lucky we survived

The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase (ironic):
Today's kids don't know what
Show types we're built our
Fake spin-offs on
Lisa Goes Gaga

Lisa gets sad
Then Lady Gaga shows up
Fuck this episode

Krusty Gets Busted

Very funny episode
Interesting plot
Best of season 1

Treehouse of Horror VI

Adverts attack Springfield
Groundskeeper Willie kills people
Homer's in 3D
I got more. This time, they're ACTUAL reviews.

King Leer

Absolute shite
Moe's family are assholes
Why do people like it?

Bart Gets an Elephant

The title says it all
Nothing else to explain here
It's pretty bland
Marge Be Not Proud
Said to lack satire,
perhaps Christmas stories can
succeed without scorn
ok leftist simpsons haikus lets do this

alright first off capitalism is five syllables so we immediately have an issue

loving entropy
what could crush that free spirit
letters and numbers