Real Life Incidents

Jun 27, 2010
The Cocoon
Has there ever been a scene of moment in an episode where you've went "Oh My God, That happened to me..."?

For example I can relate to the scene where Homer falls down into the basement in the dark in "Bart the Mother"

Has this ever happened to you?
Sorry Comicshow. I know how it feels when your threads turn into jokes. So here's an honest answer: In The Haw-Hawed Couple, the way Nelson was Bart's enemy, then best friend, then enemy again is exactly the path I went with a kid over the span of five years.
i like how Financial Panther first tried to show sympathy for the thread starter because people where trolling his thread, and then went along with the crowd and made a joke post anyway. very nice dude
Man, scrolling down this thread made me laugh way too hard. Well played everyone.