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Dec 2, 2001
For those who dont know yet...
Send In The Clones - Homer's new hammock makes clones of himself, and they run amock the house being even more obnoxious than the real Homer himself.

The Right To Keep And Scare Harms - Maggie Roswell returns to guest voice Maude Flanders as she comes back from the dead.

The Island Of Dr. Hibbert - A parody of The Island Of Dr Moreau.

This season is by far the most promising, lets keep this thread for episode talk and reviews after.
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I'm pretty excited about this one it seems like it will be good. Mike are you a mod now?
TV Guide Description

Treehouse of Horror XIII
30 min.
The series begins its 14th season---tying it with Ozzie and Harriet as TV's longest-running comedy---with its annual Halloween trilogy.
In the first story, a magical new hammock enables Homer to “Send In the Clones,” a small army of duplicates that he happily dispatches to do chores---until one kills Flanders. Next is “The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms,” in which Springfield is invaded by a posse of cowboy zombies led by Billy the Kid, prompting Homer to go back in time to save the day. In the finale, the family ships out for “The Island of Dr. Hibbert,” where they become guinea pigs in experiments to cross humans with animals.
Gagnonsux said:
I saw a review for THOH XIII in the new Entertainment Weekly, they gave it an A-.

Yes, but keep in mind that EW gave that exact same grade to "The Parent Rap" last year. Okay, sure, that was Ken Tucker's review, and this one is Dalton Ross's, but still...Tucker has never seen major flaws in this show. He actually liked Seasons 11-13. Oh, and Ross even mentions something Lou says in this episode during his review: "Now all I got is my enormous genitals." Yeah, that makes me want to watch. :angry: The same secondary character who actually had memorable quotes in Season 3 ("You watch too many movies, Sax!") is now talking about his penis. Oh, that's just golden humor, right there. ;-/
Okay, we get the idea, you hate all new episodes just beacuse they're new...you are, after all, the one who went around saying, "Season 14 will suck. I know it will. Don't try to tell me otherwise, IT JUST WILL." Do us a favor and stop bitching.
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The newer seasons had their good moments. I liked the most part of Season 10 for some reason. I really didn't have a problem with the new seasons until i started reading on this board. sure, i had a little voice telling me that the show seems more childish, but I liked a bunch of episodes.
Has anyone else seen that really cool dramatic commercial for THOH? The one that says "For a year, we have waited, and now its finally here! TREEHOUSE OF HORROR 13, the unluckiest one yet!" It makes the episode look really good. For once, they did a good job advertising a Simpsons episode.
I am looking forward to seeing the new animation of the Homer clone segment since they say it will all be like dat in a matter of time... I love the THOH eps, hope this one lives up to the expectations.