Rate & Review: "The Great Louse Detective" (EABF01)

How would you rate "The Great Louse Detective"?

  • 1/5 -- I'd rather watch "Day of the Jackanapes" again.

    Votes: 19 6.6%
  • 2/5 -- Needs more rake.

    Votes: 34 11.8%
  • 3/5 -- Somewhere between "Cape Feare" and "Day of the Jackanapes"

    Votes: 69 23.9%
  • 4/5 -- The only thing missing was the score from the "H.M.S. Pinafore."

    Votes: 110 38.1%
  • 5/5 -- The perfect episode (.....for revenge.)

    Votes: 57 19.7%

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Nov 21, 2001
huntsville, al
The first of the "EABF" episodes, "The Great Louse Detective," airs tonight and this thread will give the viewers an opportunity to share their thoughts on this highly anticipated episode.

As usual, the thread and poll will open once the episode airs.
very meh. the second act was the only good one unfortunately the killer was an unknown character that ruined things. a few laughs but overwhelmed by the overall averaeness of this ep. 3/5
3/5 Good episode. The stilts bit and Bob's singing at the end weren't as good as they could have been.
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How can anyone say this wasn't good ? This was the BEST episode all year. I thought it was AMAZING 5/5 is not a high enough rating. This is an instant classic. The song at the end was my favorite part and will be long remembered.
5/5. Great episode! I thought the killer was going to Herb Powell fo rosme strange reason although this was much better. Best yet of the season.
I didnt like it too much. im giving it a 2.5/5. The ending just all out sucked. But i did like Bob's references to Ceasar, and the intro was quite nice. Tthis was , imo, as bad as helter shelter. Homer wasnt as big a jackass, but there were moments. We had low expectations for Large Marge, but it turned out great, We had high expectations for this, and it turned out crappy.
Thing is, the past episodes have shown that the show is getting a little more under control. Now it just needs more funny bits and satire.
What I have to say about this episode pretty much applies to every episode as of late: The premise of the episode isn't bad, the plot is decent, and there are some funny, classic moments, but too much of it is spoiled by things such as out of place sex jokes (or any sex joke in general), or any other joke or comment that makes you think "wtf?" or cringe. Case in point, the entire opening was loaded with this gross shit: Wolfcastle's wang, the Yes guy getting aroused by Marge's hair, some disgusting Homer scenes (all wrinkled, grabbing his fat collar, etc). Its this kind of crap that ruins the episodes for me. Well, that, and when they overkill a joke that wasn't funny to begin with, such as Sideshow Bob getting shocked.

The rest of the episode was pretty good stuff. The premise of this episode was actually pretty creative, IMO: Sideshow Bob actually helping the Simpsons. I enjoyed the old refferences, but they seem to try to hard to make reference to old episodes in every new episode, almost like "hey! Remember when the show kicked ass?" I thought it was odd that Marge mentioned Frank Grimes in the beginning, and it was cool that his son was the killer. But they should have ended the episode there, instead of stretching out that horrible musical scene, and they should not have begun with the needlessly long, horrible spa segment. For example, it should have begun with Homer having a normal day, and someone trying to kill him as he leaves work or something.

I just hate how they feel the need to shock and surprise the audience with a crude comment, image, or something as much as they can. If they didn't do that, I'd like the new episodes so much more.

3/5, 2 points off for the spa segment, lame ending, and crude, stupid jokes.
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Very funny episode. The killer was noticeable when first introduced, though I wouldnt have guessed who his father was. A great song and ending. Overall, a 4/5.
Very bad. Maybe better than "Day of the Jackanapes", but it's close. Almost none of the jokes in the first act worked. Sideshow Bob wasn't horrible, but he wasn't good. I got sick of the shocking really quick.

The very end seemed like it wasn't supposed to belong. Like they finished writing the episode and realized that they still had an extra couple of minutes to add on. So they added on a crappy song.

4 out of 5

I absolutely loved this episode. Sideshow Bob is one of my favorite characters, and this episode was full of laughs.

Some good points:

- Carl's Drunken Rambling: "I feel like I gotta throw up. Ever get that feeling beautiful??"
- The Stilt race
- Duffman!!!
- Moe's jar

Once again a great episode.
I thought it was average with a good memorable scene between Apu and Bob. The coach gag was pretty good too but overall very forgettable.
> Rate & Review: "The Great Louse Detective" (EABF01)

I liked the ending and the old references. Not much else.

I guess Bob can't bring himself to kill Bart anymore

Too many jokes imo. They had plenty of humor and could have limited it alot of the gags were overkill. Still a pretty good episode the show seems to be getting more grounded then it has been in recent years.
4.5/5. Just wonderfully done from being to end. WAY better than "Helter Shelter". Great to have Kelsey Grammer back, awesome song at the end, hilarious jokes...

I really liked it.

About the digital animation... It looked fine. I didn't notice any differences thankfully. Still, I'm against the *principle* of digital animation, but it looked fine.
What an odd episode. Much of it felt like a big missed opportunity, but there were some redeeming moments and jokes. The entire spa scene was awful, and the mystery was far too predictable. Still, I enjoyed the ending for some strange reason.

Not the best of the season, but better than "Jackanapes".

4/5. Some funny jokes, I knew it would be someone connected Frank Grimes because
1. The Auto Mechanic really looked like him
2. As soon as it was revealed to be the mechanic it just had to be
i think the ending should have been bob announcing what his part in the prison musical would be