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where is everyone
Nov 21, 2001
huntsville, al
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Pretty good, not EXCELLENT, but good.

The "Marge lifting the bus" thing was a little uncalled for, but the rest of the ep was rather well-flowing, not that much disjointedness.

Better than Large Marge? Well, LM was a tad better.
Some of the funnier jokes this season belong to this episode. I thought it finished off everything way too quick, though. 3.5/5

It felt alot like a classic episode.
More intact plot
No Jerkass Homer!
Homer's Tetris Game
The Robber (with the goofy hat) made me laugh out loud, surprisingly.
The presence of hidden jokes again! no more "pointing them out". (e.g. The "golden globes" sale bin).
Snowball II through the duct
Continued return of old characters (Ruth Powers)


The sword sticking out of homer's belly fell flat a little.
Grandpa in his underwear.
What was with the navy joke?


Marge beating up the bar (it was kinda unrealistic, but in the end allowed homer to get emotional, and prevented him from being a jerkass).

In the end, a good episode. Simpsons is getting more and more to how it used to be.

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4/5 so funny, good story

fav jokes

couch gag
tetris joke


take away the animation and lip sync screw ups and this woukd have been the perfect episode

farscape sucks

You take the good, you take the bad, you take what's left and then you have: The Strong Arms of Ma.

This seemed more like one of the Simpson's comic book stories and not like an episode. But I gave 4/5 cause I stilled laughed a lot.

Marge: I didn't give up my period to get second place.

Lenny: I hear ya!
GREAT!!!!!!! not since NYC vs. Homer have I seen a 5 star episode....the godfather, twilight zone, apocalypse now references were great!!! Did anyone else feel like they were going through nostalgia...so many past references.....the school bus sucked but luckily they saved it with a good joke about "pot"

The simpsons are finally back!!!!!!!!
I really liked this episode. The Tetris scene was hilarious. It was cool seeing Marge kick that dude's ass. ^_^

Great to see Eye on Springfield and for some reason I really liked the tetris joke. Outside of that there wasn't anything particularly good or bad.

The Godfather parody of Marge beating up the criminal makes this episode and INSTANT CLASSIC in my book ! 5 / 5 !!!
I sure hope with that episode people will finally get off Carolyne Omine's case.

Pretty good episode, I can't help but compare it to LM, which was a bit better. The Tetris joke was awesome! A well deserved 4/5
For awhile, I was really enjoying this episode. It felt almost like vintage Simpsons. It had some decent jokes, and even some decent emotion with Marge's struggle with her fear to go outside. I even liked it when she beat up her mugger. After that, the episode fell to pieces, crashed and burned, etc. It immediately turned into "Marge goes crazy with her new muscles", and realism wasn't even anywhere to be found. It was like Marge turned into The Hulk combined with the Tazmanian Devil, and everything was unrealistic, cartoonish, and awkward. In other words, after Marge started taking steroids, the episode both sucked and blowed. It seems like they were trying to tackle the steroids issue, but using Marge as a buff killer is never a good way to get your message across.. they did a terrible job on that. Then we get a VERY anti-climatic ending in which Marge beats the living shit out of everyone at Moes for no reason, and then *poof*, Marge changes back, just in time for the episode to be over! The last scene felt to me like a bad dream *about* the Simpsons where they do something totally stupid and weird. and honestly, I'd take Simpson Safari over that ending.

2/5 - The first half was decent, and even had some great jokes, but not even that can make up for the terrible 2nd half. Thus, this becomes my least favorite of the season so far.

And another thing, I am sick to death of their lame ass sex jokes and toilet jokes. They need to leave that shit out and bring back the dignity they used to have, for God sakes.
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It was quite enjoyable. For some reason, I really liked the Tetris bit. The Rob Schneider line was absolutely hilarious! That was the first time I laughed out loud at the Simpsons in a while (it takes a lot for me to laugh). Disco Stu's line was also amusing. There were quite a few memorable one-liners. 4/5 Great, solid episode.

I think this episode was actually quite full of jokes that I didn't pick up because they passed by too quickly. I have the feeling that I'll pick up more the next time I see this episode. That was a trait of the earlier seasons.

EDIT: How could I have forgotten to mention the Godfather bit? I loved that! But what was the Apocalypse Now bit?

Hi everybody, I'm a new member who wants to say hi to fellow Simpsons critics/lovers.

I'm suprised. Overall, it was a bad episode. The jokes didn't fit, the plot was poor, and it felt sluggish until halfway through the second part. Plus, I was a little shocked by how violent and sad it was, especially at the end of first and third parts. And how would you explain Marge going back to normal by next ep?

But while it was kinda shocking, at the same time, I applaud the mood change into something more somber and serious. The Simpsons has always treated all issues with some level of irrevelance and humor, but this laid it on very heavy-handed with no intention of humor. I applaud that - and hope to see more if it, done well.
Very nice episode! Probably is close up with Special Edna as the most emotional episode of the season. The First and Second Acts were great, the third act tailed off a bit, but a great episode on the whole. 4/5, the EABF's have really turned this season around.

What can I say... I'll point out my favorites.

A parody of my favorite Twilight Zone episode, "Time Has Come At Last" where the world is destroyed and a man finally gets the oppurtunity to read... and breaks his glasses. Classic Twilight Zone parody there.

A parody of "The Godfather" where Marge beats up the mugger in the street. Very memorable moment to parody (when Sonny beat the crap out of the guy in the street). I liked how the setting looked very similar.

Tetris was pretty good.

Rocky music.

Ruth returns.

school bus lifting.... man.... reminded me of an episode of Smallville. Pot joke kinda saved it.

Eye on Springfield opening.

Maybe a few jokes i didn't like, but this episode was a nice thing to see. I wasn't even bothered by the roid rage thing... I guess Homer helping Marge see her wrong way was good.
The first two acts were absolute vintage Simpsons stuff, and I'm not lying when I say it felt like I was watching season 8. The Tetris gag was hysterical, and there were a few other chuckles in act 1 too. I liked how they did Eye on Springfield again (maybe less re-used footage would have been nice though). I thought they handled the mugging scene and emotions well. I don't know what the point of the hat was though.

Act 2 had very good story progression and characterization. All the agorophobia jokes worked, and the basement scenes were nice. I even felt good for Marge when she beat up her mugger.

Act 3 is where it turned into Family Guy's "Lethal Weapons", an episode which also featured the wife wanting agressive sex with the husband, and a bar fight. I could have done without the entire pageant scene, and the bar fight dragged on until I really felt everything was getting too crazy. Homer's emotional speech salvaged some of this, and the very last scene was fine. But overall the steroid stuff, the bar scene, and the pageant really took away from what felt like season 8's good old times. Overall I think we're left with a solid 4/5 episode.
Probably my new least favorite of the season. I really didn't do more than chuckle at any of the jokes, there were so many wacky, season 12-like sight-gags, and they went overboard with Marge's new persona. I can understand how a person could go a bit mad with power after being so frightened then suddenly being in control, but they way she acted was not only out of character, it was shocking. The episode quickly degenerated into: "Marge runs amuck with her new muscles", what I was hoping it wouldn't come to.

Homer's plea at the end was nice, but the preceding fight-scene in Moe's was one of my least favorite things to happen on "The Simpsons" ever.

Rating: 2 or 2.5/5
on wolfcastle's voice: His voice's been kinda off the last few seasons. Too high-pitched.

I really enjoyed Homer's Tetris Game

Speaking of Homer, I liked him in this episode he was not being a jerkass, like people have stated and in the end was emotional to help Marge realized she's truly nice inside like Slappy stated

Also I enjoyed that Relax Don't Do it Song Bit before Disco Stu got hit :cool: