Rate & Review: "Special Edna" (EABF02)

How would you rate "Special Edna"?

  • 1/5 - would be better if the 'real Skinner' appeared again

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • 2/5 - even Friends handles engagements better

    Votes: 15 6.3%
  • 3/5 - nothing special about this episode

    Votes: 27 11.3%
  • 4/5 - he really is Principal Charming

    Votes: 93 38.8%
  • 5/5 - even Agnes Skinner should be proud

    Votes: 102 42.5%

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where is everyone
Nov 21, 2001
huntsville, al
Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel finally get engaged. Little Richard guest stars as himself.
You can read and discuss previews and speculation in this thread until the episode airs. Once the episode airs, this thread and poll will be open for review.
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I really liked this episode. Mainly becuase i really hate Epcot Center....

Its the first time this season where i laughed out loud multiple times.
This was the best episode I've seen made in a long time! Finally one with the Simpsons in Disney World! WOO AL JEAN!!! The ending pie song was great, too!
It was definately better than the average seasons 10-13 episode that's for sure. Not bad, but not great, 3.5/5.

I could be wrong but I could have sworn the "Epcot Center" sign read "Efcot Center"
I really didnt like it that much. I think it was just an average episode. Definately not as good as "Grade School Confidential" but it still wasnt horrible. 3/5.
5/5 Best episode of the season indeed! What was wrong with it?

My favorite parts were the "let's make fireworks bit" and the Springfield bachelors. Everything else was just great!

P.S. Anyone notice the Principal/Pauper continuity error?
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I thought this episode was great, I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. 5/5.
Wow, that was very, very good! I was dredding it, thinking it would be another cheap vacation episode where all they do is make fun of the place they're at, but it wasn't, because they included a decent story too. And Edna and Seymore finally got somewhere!! They're married! Thats awesome, because I'm sick of them just dating and Skinner being an idiot. Also, unlike a lot of episodes lately, this one didn't feature anything crude or nasty. And Homer was not annoying, another plus. I get the feeling that the whole Epcot spoof was just thrown in at the last minute, but it worked in the end, even if it really wasn't necessasary for the plot.

Some Great Jokes:
~Martin getting quickly beat up for making the test much harder than it should be.
~Seymore's pager, cell phone, and the reasons he had to go back to his mom (Fridge Too Loud)
~The IMAX movie - great satire, since IMAX screens are always wasted on the most boring documentaries
~Bart's reasons for delaying his paper
~Grandpa in WWI as a baby.
~All the Epcot parodies, which were very clever spoofs
~Bart's GTA/like game
~Skinner's idea of doing something horrible in Vietnam - stealing cupcakes
~Homer sneaking into the Magic Kingdom (Mickey Mouse is heard over the loud speaker)
~The 14 dollar churro
~Homer singing the pie song because hes so happy to be in the Magic Kingdom, and walking away, but they don't follow him!
and thats just a few.

The Bad:
~It seems kind of strange that Bart would ever nominate her for teacher of the year, or that she would win
~Though funny, the Enron joke was so up to date that it will seem weird in a few years. They need to focus on doing a little more substantial humor instead of doing so many cheap knocks at current events.
~Just to be nitpicky as a huge Walt Disney World fan (but NOT the Disney company itself, *shudders), Epcot is part of Disney World, so Homer saying "Lets go to Disney World!" doesn't make sense! And, they aren't really right next to each other either.

5/5, highly enjoyable episode, an equal balance of wacky humor and an actual, more serious story, the way it should be.

PS: Did anyone notice that every episode this season with low expectations turns out to be good, and the exact opposite for the ones we look foreward to?
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4/5. 2nd best episode of this season. Only second to Large Marge. This was really great andwell done. The song was probably my favorite part. I also loved Bart thinking of the Springfield bachelors.
Bubble Crum said:

P.S. Anyone notice the Principal/Pauper continuity error?

I think Principal/Pauper should never been taken into continuty.

Wow... this was great. Characterization was great despite a few Homer moans. It had a nice pace, and a satisfying ending. The Pie Song, eh... That was a good heh.

The show finally got me to laugh out loud a couple of times. Too bad the proposal was told. That leads to a future Edna/Skinner episode next season.

The Enron Ride was pretty good. So were plenty of EPCOT jokes... It was odd seeing Efcot. I guess a rating of the part made by the Simpsons.

Yay. A joke at Vermont Teddy Bears!

Osama bin Rottin. Wrestling. Black Hawk Up scene was a good laugh. Little Richard wasn't bad either. Yay! Homer wasn't dumb!

4.5/5 (i only give 5/5 to episodes that equal greatness)
Great episode. Some great Bart pranks, great use of Skinner, and a less annoying Homer.

Too bad the episode was overshadowed by an exciting and bizarre NFL playoff game. I taped the episode and will plan to watch it later. I didn't feel like watching it as it aired because I'm in kind of a Simpsons depression.
5/5 Best of the season!!!
The couch gag was creative.
-Martin getting beat up quickly
-Bart's reasons for delaying report
-Grampa in WWI
-Simpsons guessing the theme park
-almost all EFCOT jokes
-the pie song
I like seeing two characters already on the show getting married.
Edna's voice sounded very different towards the beginning. I wasn't paying attention to the credits, what with the pie song and all. Is someone else doing her now?
What Futurama ep was on tonight? I hadn't seen it before, but that was really sad at the end.
CRAP!!!!!!!! I wasn't home in time to see it! I was hoping that it would crappy and not worth watching but according to your posts, you guys thought it was great! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Tell me what happened? Did they actually tie the knot!!!
They did yes but only at the end of the episodes. For the episode itselfs, I thought it was pretty great and had me laughing quite a lot of times even when I re-watched it. The only thing that I disliked was : "Mmmm That's good satire" wich was pretty lame but it's nothing big so : 4,5/5
Mmmm, that's good Simpsons! A 5 from me.

First act was COMEDY GOLD, reminded me of earlier seasons.

Old Time Bike said:
one of the best of the year in my opinion.

(yes, i know you were talking about the season, but it's still pretty darn funny)
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Not bad. Not bad at all. Definitely my favorite of the season. I loved the "holes" segment and the fact that the film was narrated by Wolfcastle. I didn't really like Homer's role/lines in the episode, though. The first segment was pretty good and it did fade going towards the end, but I still liked it (much weaker second segment).

Also, how far do you think they can push Skinner's devotion towards Agnes? I don't think it has gone to far, but what about you?
Slightly less pathetic

I've been harsh on the Simpsons this year and Al Jean's work...for this episode, I'll be slightly less harsh. There were a few good jokes such as the electric car ride. Aside from that, the gags were tired, strained, and simply not funny. Enron roller coaster was simplistic and hardly qualified as "satire". Homer having to pay $14 for a churro was a clumsy, unfunny way to end the episode. The only part I liked was that Skinner and Krabapel are getting married, and the only reason I like it is because it will aggravate "regulars" who watch this show and want nothing to change. But even those of us who are disappointed with the Simpsons continue to watch so I guess Jean and all are the ones who are laughing all the way to the bank.
Re: Slightly less pathetic

jagrmeister said:
Enron roller coaster was simplistic and hardly qualified as "satire". Homer having to pay $14 for a churro was a clumsy, unfunny way to end the episode.

I think thats why they said "MMM, thats good Satire" at the end of the Enron coaster joke. They *know* it wasn't good satire, since good satire doesn't jump right out at you like that did, so to be even more sarcastic, they added that line. I still didn't like this joke and hope they cut it out in syndication. The joke seems somewhat late now.. so just think of how out of date it would be hearing it in a few years? Plus, it really had nothing to do with what was going on, seeing as how they weren't at a thrill park.
8.5/10, a very funny and nice sentimental episode.

-I'll admit it, the Enron coaster gag was great. It would've been better had it been like the Enron Tower of Terror.
-The IMAX movie about holes
-"What Did I Think Of The Pie?" classic Homer
-Bart's prank on the church
-Agnes Skinner fearing a threesome
-The video game Bart was playing (a parody of GTA)

-Bully of the Year gag was probably the only gag I felt was out of place.

It was a great episode that offered a little bit of everything.
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Oh, man, that was amazing! A great plot, great execution, great characterization, great animation...nothing seemed out of place or exceptionally odd! Plus, it was hilarious! I loved it! You're on a roll, Al! :) 4/5
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