Rate/Review "Old Yeller-Belly" (EABF14)

How would you rate "Old Yeller-Belly" (EABF14)

  • 1/5 - Collar grab.

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  • 2/5 - A bitch.

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  • 3/5 - Bark but no bite.

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  • 4/5 - This kitten's got claws!

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  • 5/5 - Man's best friend.

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Eh, it wasn't that good... kinda all over the place and a drunken shark? Gah.

But one thing bothers me: isn't Snowball II a SHE?

Very disappointing ... the plot was all over the place and it had few laughs. Dull and hard to sit through. 2/5.

All over the place with no real point of any kind. They just moved from plot angle to plot angle with the Duff stroyline coming in out of nowhere.

The dated beer humor didn't help maters either. Not hoffic but awfully boring and pointless.
One of the best episodes this season. Great references, the real Duffman (along with the "I must be Jesus. Up, up, and away" joke), movie, meta, and religious references galore (I want a buggy-mobile!), this has to be one of THE best episodes this season.

Not bad, not bad at all, not all that good either though. I give it a 3/5. The beginning of the episode was a little off-base and silly with the amish building Bart's treehouse and then it burning down. And also "Suds McDuff" reminded me alot of Slurms McKenzie (Futurama Episode) and Poochie rolled into one which was rather frightening. But we got to see SLH's original owner as well as Barry Duffman. They did wrap up things nicely for once at the end with the family on the couch. Not to bad.
Return of the Chalkboard Gag. Okay now that that is out of the way, on to the real episode. The Amish builing the treehouse was the only bad thing in this episode. I thought the ep was great! This is like the first episode when they actully use Snowball II. I felt the plot was great and so were the jokes. The hardest I ever laughed this season was when the shark got drunk, I found that HI-larious for some reason...I actully teared. You can disagree, but this was diffentley a great episode. So what a shark got drunk, it was funny. SLH was finally in character for the first time since the classic seasons. This ep worked in everyway. Im only taking off one point for the first 5 minutes...everything else was perfect!

9/10- Second best of season

Otto: Wow! That shark is wasted! :lol:
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i thought Snowball II was a she. I guess it wasn't established... However, Snowball I was definetly a she though.


I liked seeing Howard Duff return and the sleazy owner of SLH return. Some good jokes. I liked the coward scene but it got old. I liked under the mask duffman... Another new Duffman. I guess the old one was fired for the events of Hungry Hungry Homer. I laughed a lot during the episode... but mostly at stupid stuff I won't laugh at the second time. I like Homer's line before he expected to be eaten by the shark.

Writing this review, it is a very low 4/5.
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Not great, but nod bad. I have mixed feelings about this one, though compared to the rest of Season 14 it's definitely an improvement.

Pros: Snowball 2 got some air time, Buzz cola with Lemon, not bad for SLH episode

Cons: Homer trying to scare Lisa, Homer and Bart cried, Gettin' tired of Cletus in every show

But the most important cons, they destryoed the Treehouse and never rebuilt it. How could they destroy it? Those bastards!!!

Another terrible ending, too rushed along with jokes fallin flat.
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it was ok about...2.5\5. i didnt like the new treehouse gag, the duff promotion on the beach...and just a few little things. its wasnt that funny but it also wasnt over board. decent episode.
This post kills me, sorry.

mmforbiddendougnut said:
Yea good point, it wasent to bad, the charactors they used where like odd becuase they have never been main, well duffman and snowball II

I sincerely hope that you further your education.
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Pretty uninteresting episode. The beginning reminded me a little of the older episodes: Bart and his friends messing around in the treehouse. Still, that scene was a bit odd. I also found it very strange when everyone in town started obsessing over the cat. Homer hating the dog was a bit too much like "Dog of Death", and the scene of SLH being taken away was similar to when he was taken in "The Great Canine Mutiny"(although the emotion in this scene was pretty good).

I really didn't laugh much at this one, and the plot just didn't seem to ever get interesting. One of my least favorites of the season, but not horrible.

Rating: 2 or 2.5/5


Homer's hallucination of the pilotless jet was hilarious
The park being renamed to a ridiculous commerical name
SLH in the commercial
Snowball II!
Snowball II saving Homer


Plot was way too back and forth
Ending was a bit weird.
Another above-average episode. A good balance of plot and humor. I rate it a 3.5/5 but I voted a 4 because I loved the Amish gag. Not bad.
If you go in expecting the world, you're gonna be disappointed. End of story.

I enjoyed tonight's episode. First of all, there weren't really any truly lame gags at all. The drunk shark was predictable, which bothered me a bit, but the ending was decent. I liked act 2 a lot for some reason, and I thought they carried Homer'a anger at SLH throughout the episode pretty well. Characterization was excellent throughout, and I liked Duffman's role in the episode. Just a totally solid episode. No plot flow problems from me, by the way.
What, some people didn't really like this one? Personally, I actually liked it. Sure, some of it bordered on being completely ridiculous (the train and the shark come to mind), and it kind of was all over the place, but they didn't really seem like glaring problems to me compared to some other episodes this season, and a lot of things actually seemed pretty funny to me. Also, aside from the weird stuff, the delivery of the jokes seemed to be well done. Some of the time they didn't even stoop to the level that they have on some other jokes this season. The slight continuity with season 1 was also interesting to me, even if it wasn't entirely focused on all that much. And the ending was a bit rushed...but I didn't mind.

Another thing, I liked how Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II acted mostly like animals in this one. Also, the first and third acts were decent, but the second act really surprised me. All-around good jokes, great flow, and excellent characterization (well, that part was constantly good...) really brought up the score for me. Duffman's inclusion in the third act was also well done.

Yeah, there were problems in this episode. But I'd say the pros outweigh the cons. 3.5/5, rounded up to a 4.

Did anyone catch what the last entry on Homer's favorite family members was?
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I thought the idea wasn't that great. The jokes fell flat. I'm starting to see a bit of a decline starting with last week's episode. 2/5
Lame episode. This episode made me realize how forced these jokes really are. This season was pretty dumb as the last one.

Oh well.

They pretty much overreacted about the cat.
The owner of Santa's Little Helper was used badly.
The whole thing about the cat was idiodic. I just cannot get over that.

I guess there were a few good points. The return of H. Duff, Duffman and I didnt reconize any celebrities.
yeah i found it to be pretty good. excellent humor most laughs in recent memory. no standout lame jokes or sex jokes. great use of minor characters in the first act. a few nice parodies (i know people will complain about the shark thing but i saw it as a nice jaws scenario parody with a good simpsons twist)

the only gripes i have about this episode are yeah i guess the amish thing was stupid, very stupid, and duffmans name has been changed. again.

A fine episode, and a nice refresher from last week's mediocrity. The setup with Bart's treehouse club was very nice (with Nelson, Milhouse, and Database used nicely). The Amish bit was kinda weird, but still excusable as it wasn't overdone. The main point of the story was great (SLH and Snowball II finally given their due after years of background work) and seeing Homer and Bart's reactions to the situation was funny. Emotional bit with SLH being taken back, but still a fine wrap-up - I also liked the final scene. All in all, the season just keeps progressing. 4/5.
Mr. Plow said:
I thought the idea wasn't that great. The jokes fell flat. I'm starting to see a bit of a decline starting with last week's episode. 2/5

Agreed. I thought it was turning around, but with the last couple of weeks.... :(
2.5/5 (3/5 on vote)

not too many moments that made me laugh, alot of messed up stuff (how many times have they changed DUFFFMAN's name?), and the plot itself wasnt that great. ill probably forget about this episode by the time the season ends.