Rate/Review: Moe Baby Blues (Season Finale Part 2, EABF17)

How do you rate tonight's second episode?

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pretty rad
Apr 29, 2002
taco town
When Moe saves Maggie, he becomes her new babysitter, but the Simpsons aren't ready for a kindler, gentler Moe, especially when Maggie gets involved in Fat Tony's latest mob war AHEM (sorry, Tony) latest legitimate business activity
Last ep of season 14, and the last R/R thread until next year. Break out the keg!

This one will open up tonight after the second episode airs.
Superb, so much better! One of the best of S14 by far.


Venus Fly Trap "Overpower my ass" :lol:
Moe's Alarm.
Homer squashing the flower, "So Long suckers!"
Krap -E- Latch: "You're baby!"
Costington's "Look at those pants, they're standing up with no one on them!"
Crazy Granpa
Moe bartending to Maggie
Bumper Cars
Adorable Maggie, another episode based on Maggie, good stuff.
"She hates looking like crap."
"Daddy feels rejected, he's gonna eat some cake." :lol:
Uncle Moe's Play Tavern! I want one! Classical drunken Barney.
Moe not in Moe's Bar, Gasp!
"Nooo that was me." "Sometimes I bring them Lemonade!"
Johnny Tightlips, second season finale he's been in.
Homer's Ham, hahahaaha, checkers :lol:

Poor poor Moe.
Asshole Homer to Bart and Maggie.
Alice In Underpants, meh.
Snake Farm?

When I heard this episode was being written by J. Stewart Burns AND directed by Lauren MacMullan, I had high hopes. And you know what? This one's a classic.

The characterization is brilliant, the episode is funny and Moe is not the horrible pervert he was in the bit parts he had earlier in the season. Like last year, they saved the best for last.

The only really bad part was the Venus Flytrap scene, but that wasn't really a problem. The plot flow was excellent and the Moe/Maggie scenes were hilarious. Wonderful balance of comedy and plot without a Full House emotional preachiness. I am impressed.
Wow! 5/5. That's my favorite Moe episode now. VERY good, and he was actually funny with no lame lines and he had a good connection with Maggie.

Funniest line was
"Sorry for thinking you were a Baby-napper, Moe" - Marge
"Or worse, right?" - Homer

The beginning with the Flower thing was kinda lame.
Good episode, good season finale. I could say this was one of the best of the season. Moe was good in the last 2 episodes. The flower gas thing sorta reminded me of the osaka flu in "Marge in chains", but still good. Good story line and funny parts. Nothing over exaggerated, stable good episode. Around a 4\5.
WOW! Definately one of the better of the season. Very touching and had some pretty good jokes. Moe showed us his affectionate side, and it was great. 5/5
whats up with the writters ending the season on a "mob" note

last years season finale was mob and maggie oriented

Bart of war was better bu MBB had its qualities do 4/5
Another good episode. The highlight for me was the spectacular animation. I give a B or maybe even a B+. Good season finale.
Wow, wasn't bad. One of the better episodes this season. Moe telling Maggie the whole Godfather story was great. Especially the whole Italian bit at the end. Finally, the Italian-American Defamation League gets some action!
5/5 !!! Nothing you can complain about this time everyone. This one was simply amazing. I loved the whole suicide scene. What a great way to finish off the season.
First off, why can't Lauren Macmullan direct every episode? The animation and direction was BEAUTIFUL in this ep.

I have a feeling classic Simpsons lovers will love this episode. This one did have genuine emotion throughout. And anyone who had been whining about Moe's characterization this year better be satisfied here, because he was incredibly funny by this character's own merits. The whole Godfather undertone of the episode was very well-done. So many great lines and sweet moments. Overall, just so enjoyable. 5/5
WOW!!! After a few weeks of disappointing episodes, tonight's 2 have once again restored my faith in the show. The opening act of Moe Baby Blues was awkward... the plant thing/celebration was lame, as was Maggie flying through the air. But luckilly, that stuff was short, and everything that followed was great. Moe has finally become a likable character again, and his characerization was great in this episode. For the first time in awhile, he wasn't a dispicable, unfunny, disgusting human. I hope he stays this way. The scene where Moe was about to commit suicide but catches Maggie and smiles was directed perfectly and very cinematic. As for this episode, great, classic stuff. Perfectly structured plot, great, original story, nothing over-the top, down to earth, amazing animation and direction, awesome references and lots of intelligent humor (while at the same time, keeping the "kid stuff" to a minimum)... basically everything that makes the show so great in the first place was in this episode. This would fit right in with seasons 3-8.

Oh yeah, and I loved all the Godfather/mob stuff (Fat Tony and his gang is always great) ("they should really consider sippy-cups" had me rolling for some reason). and I also loved Moe's Play Bar, "featuring classic drunk Barney!" Theres one for the fans!

All in all, tonight's two episodes were a perfect conclusion to season 14, which, while it still had a few stinkers, was otherwise the best season since 9, and is showing VAST improvement. It just seems to get better as time goes on, which is great news for Seasons 15 and 16. (Last review thread for awhile...)

5/5, or an A
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I was just about to say that Jonah. The best most inspired direction in quite a while. Excellente.

I'm still collecting my thoughts for a full review, but I just thought this was absolutely great.
Tomacco said:
The animation and direction was BEAUTIFUL in this ep.
I was just about to post how well the animation looked. This episode had some great cuts and directional views for each scene. Very very well done. It's just a matter of time until more and more eps looks this stunning. I believe this has alot to do with the switch from cel to computer animation.
i loved this. Moe was great. Excellent ending. I thought this was equal to the Bart of War. Both probably tie for best episode for me. amazing. I even loved a lame joke like the ham bit. Godfather = even more amazing. 95/95, A.
Wonderful episode, it had the "classic" feel to it that a lot of people on this board crave, and since I myself have an Italian heritage, I thought the Godfather/Mafia stuff was great.

Another 5/5.
Holy crow, 80% of the votes are 5/5 right now.. and I have to wait 2 more hours to see this one.. awww.
Decent episode, but not one of my favorites of the season.

The first two acts were pretty enjoyable, although not terribly funny. Still, many of the Moe/Maggie moments were quite nice. I really don't remember that much of the second act, it just felt a bit slow to me. The third act was really what picked up the episode. The mobster moments were entertaining and there were some laughs here.

Good emotion, ok humor, not a stellar episode in my opinion, but enjoyable.

Rating: 3/5
9.8/10, My highest praises in a modern (as in seasons 10+) Simpsons episode, EVER. This episode is like the "Spirited Away" of the Simpsons (okay maybe not THAT good).

-Just about everything, from Moe's downdrafts to Homer's bad parenting
-The Godfather homages rocked
-Moe totally fucking redeemed himself here
-Lauren Macmullen = Hayao Miyazaki
-No obligatory SARS joke during the Dim Sum scene, it's nice to see my country represented without a SARS joke (although I probably wouldn't mind).

-Lisa pointing out the sign joke, lame

Can't really say anything that's already been said, great season finale (totally makes up for the excuse that was "The Bart of War"). Here's to next season, you know I'll be there. :D
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At first I thought Bart of War was better, but now I've changed my mind. Very good, nice to see Maggie get some attention again. Hopefully now Moe will be more of a happy character. Outstanding

This episode was much more enjoyable than tonight's other "meh" episode. It was nice to have an episode focusing on Maggie, along with Moe being involved. One of the best this season. 5/5
Datoupee said:
I was just about to post how well the animation looked. This episode had some great cuts and directional views for each scene. Very very well done. It's just a matter of time until more and more eps looks this stunning. I believe this has alot to do with the switch from cel to computer animation.

I attribute everything to Lauren Macmullan, who did "Half-Decent Proposal" and "Little Girl in the Big Ten". And we know how well-done those were animation-wise, and it keeps getting better with every new episode Lauren does.
Well... I guess this is another episode that everyone likes, and that I just found boring... happened with Special Edna. But I hoesntly can't find anything great about the episode (Besides the animation). I didn't make me laugh much, the plot and plot flow was alright... the whole plant thing was jsut dumb. Overall a pretty ordinary episode (3/5)
Definitely a classic episode tonight! Absolutely uproarious! Had me laughing throughout. Excellent story and Moe was topnotch. Gorgeous animation and writing. 5/5!
Tomacco said:
I attribute everything to Lauren Macmullan, who did "Half-Decent Proposal" and "Little Girl in the Big Ten". And we know how well-done those were animation-wise, and it keeps getting better with every new episode Lauren does.

Don't forget, she also directed "Bye, Bye Nerdie" which had excellent animation also.
Like the first episode tonight, this was great, but unlike Bart of War, it did it mainly by the plot. I loved Moe and Maggie in this episode, and the mob sequence was great also. Only complaint would be the ham part at the end being a little stupid at the end, but since it was just at the end, I'll still give it a 5/5.
Why is that every season finale has to kick so much ass? Well, except for season 12.
Well, twice this season there have been double-features of "The Simpsons". And, just like the last time, the second episode was slightly overshadowed by the first. Yet this episode, technically the season finale, was still an excellent Moe episode, and I really liked having it in addition to "The Bart of War". Moe and Maggie are two excellent characters, and once the episode got off the shaky footing of its opening minutes and the plot kicked into gear, it was great to see two hilarious and unique characters play off each other. The Homer-being-jealous plot felt really forced and predictable, but to be fair, you need conflict in a show, so I'll accept it. Really, I have to say I liked this episode overall. Moe episodes on the whole are pretty good, and this one was no exception. I must also admit I'm partial to extended gags and satire, and just like the episode that preceded it's Beatles reference, I loved the Godfather jokes from Moe, and the later mafia scenes. A truly inspired gag was the Italian anti-defamation guy pulling out guns and spouting a line about cannoli. And of course, after mocking both Godfathers I and II, the line about having to pay for "Godfather III" came off pretty good as well. Overall, I'm really pleased. I'm sure there will be one or two more bonus episodes, but if that doesn't happen, I have to say Season 14 ended as good as I could have hoped.Grade: A-

Not a knock against this in any way... just for some reason I loved bart of war, i loved this one too.