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where is everyone
Nov 21, 2001
huntsville, al
Season 14's fourth episode, "Large Marge" airs tonight with alot of mixed emotions. Many have been dreading this episode for quite sometime, however, some early reviews have made many very optimistic. I, for one, am looking forward to this episode after reading the reviews of several who have already seen the episode. As usual, the thread and poll will open once the episode airs.
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It was a good episode, not good, not great. I liked the Sketch-A-Etch couch gag, and the parody of the Don't Tread On Me jack as an anti-Krusty sign. 3/5
I gave it a 4/5. Better then I thought it would be.
I had serious doubts for this episode, but you know what? It was actually pretty good. I thought it would be full of raunchy sex jokes, and Marge flashing herself looked god-awful, but instead they did everything tastefully. I missed act 1, but acts 2 and 3 were pretty good. I give it a 4/5, or a B.
Better Than Most Thought

That was definately better than the expectations of most people, but still somewhat average. I'd call it a 3.5, and lean to score it a 4 on the poll. I think for the episode as a whole, it is the best of the season so far, though there have been better scenes in a couple of others. I am definately happy to see the use of Stampy, since my all time favorite episode is Bart Gets An Elephant. In fact, I think the use of previous characters and concpets in this one was pretty cool.
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That seriously sucked. I don't want wacky plots, but that wasn't this episode's many problem. Its main problem was that it was just not funny.

Why was it not funny?

Three words: Ian Maxtone-Graham.

I used to wonder why he was so widely dispised. Now I know.


(The only funny part, IMO, was "Bart, remember that time I was crying at recess? I think I'm ready to tell you why.")
Liked it alot!

The first and third acts were strong. The second act was weak, but I was glad that they didn't harp TOO badly on the boob jokes (the song was unneeded).

Loved seeing Stampy again!
it was O.K. but definetly the worst of the 4 eps this season, i did however like the fact that it had a story

but what is up with the animation so far this season it is so crappy, particularaly the background characters, and jimmy carter does not have red hair, what the hell was that

i hope the animation gets better

i give "large Marge" a 'C'
I loved the references to past episodes like El Barto/Homo, Cookie Kwan, Stampy, etc. The episode didn't glorify implants and everyone was in character. Great to see Lisa and Homer bonding again. My only complaints are some plot looseness, the three stooges parody and Majula acting so hatefull.
id give it a 3. i didnt hink to begin with it was gonna be as bad as it was amde out to be. it was better, i was quite happy. the whole story lines are still off a bit though. they go from scene to scene a bit too quickly at times. but prob the best of this season..atleast this season is getting better with each episode. what i liked, aslo, was the sing a long. nice for the simpsons to have that again.
Stampy, batman, krusty... things we havent seen in a while. i liked this ep, im giving it 4/5. Main reason: Milhouse. He was the best thing in this ep. "sweet valley high"... pure greatness. :lol:
Far from a blunder, indeed. Overall, the episode felt very solid, and it didn't feel short and disjointed in the least. The best jokes were in the first act, I thought, from the reappearance of Cookie Kwan, to some good Milhouse lines. The second act had the least laughs, which was its biggest problem (I didn't laugh much at all really), but the story developped nicely. The third act was pretty fast-paced and entertaining, with another character return (Stampy, with his trademark people-eating), and some decent jokes. The infamous flash scene worked fine by me, because Marge will always do anything for her family's safety. The very last line I didn't really get (the fried chicken bit), and the Baha Men thing was slightly lame, but it referenced a earlier joke in the episode (which worked), so all's well that ends well. The main cons about the episode were a couple wacky/odd bits, like Marge's smile implant, and another Lenny and Carl possibly gay reference. The song was decent, but Bart capping off the scene trying to make a song didn't work, IMO.

Overall, a very solid unrushed episode, with a subplot that tied together with the main plot. Good stuff. 4/5

One thing, there were a bunch of things in commercials for the episode that didn't wind up in the ep itself, like Marge covering her implants with pots from Bart, and at the restaurant, there was something in the commercial that showed Hibbert looking right down into her shirt. Also, there was a line where Bart yells "Great mother of Bart!" in a commercial.

Not watching King of the Hill, since the "new" episode actually aired over a year ago on Global. Not such a great ep.
Wow, that was great! I expected a 22-minute sex joke fest, but it was really handled pretty well - the amount of sex jokes was alarmingly low, actually. Great setup (loved the former presidents as the Three Stooges), and some pretty good sight gags, but the main plot wasn't as good as the subplot. We also saw a couple of returning characters, including Lindsey Naegle, who's been downplayed recently, Snowball II, Mr. Teeny (guess this is the episode where he goes back to the wild and not EABF19 like we thought), and Colonel Tex. Loved the past episode references - seeing Dr. Velimirovic and Stampy again was great. Noticed a lot of cut scenes, though. All in all, a very good episode. 4/5.

Pretty nice episode overall. Most of the jokes were in good taste.

-The Bart/Milhouse subplot is well done and a nice take on the Jackass phenomenon
-The musical number
-Etch-a-Sketch couch gag
-The return of Stampy the elephant as well as some good Maggie falling over gags
-The three presidential stooges
-The ending was pretty good and it had a nice classic punchline feeling to it
-The men of Iwo Jima being toppled over by Milhouse's stunt

-Guest starring the Baha Men? The song was funny but I can't believe they actually came in to sing it. These guys must be desperate
-I saw the climax coming (I predicted it on one of the many Large Marge threads)
-Just an observation, Marge didn't appear as shocked when she got the implants. I thought the act would end with her screaming her ass off (no pun intended).

A good episode and maybe better than last week's Bart vs. Lisa vs. the 3rd Grade. Here's hoping that Helter Shelter will be great :).
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I thought that was probably one of the best episodes in quite some time
5/5 compared to everything so far.
4/5. This was much better than I thought it would be. I'll edit this post and give a full review of the episode after I re-watch it. It was great to see Stampy again, along with Cookie Kwan.
another good thing...focused on characters that really make the show...the simpsons, krusty, milhouse, had a bit of school in it...homer still has not been at work...and homer was not an asshole in this episdoe. some actual funny parts, wished i taped this episode so i can watch it with out feeling i need to judge it.
what will happen to mr. teenie?
can i get a screengrab from the three presidents?

Much better...

A little shoutout to Rob Schneider's SNL character who always says "You lika the soup. The soup is good, eh." The waiter who said "I lika to eata."

The Presidents were great. It would been great if Dubya drove by in a limo calling them losers. Sr. would say "Dubya." Dubya would look at his father and say "Da...." and scream like Homer would as the limo pulls away.

First Act: 3/5 (not much to offer me but it wasn't bad)
Second Act: 4/5 (some nice jokes)
Third Act: 4/5 (everything came together)

The episode felt complete. Hero saves the day...

Returning characters are Stampy, Lindsey Neagle, The West Side Real Estate Lady, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Surgery Man

Episode grade: 4/5

one of my favorite quotes

Bart: What, I don't get a song? Mom got one.
Homer: The way the economy is, you're lucky to get soup.
Wow, that was odd.

The good included the return of stampy, maggie randomly falling down, the musical number, and the amount of celebrities in the ep (I still can't believe that was actually the Baha men).

The bad, the whole Milhouse spinning thing was really annoying.

And the ugly, well, that was the first time we've heard Helen Lovejoy speak in a long time and she sounded AWFUL. Kinda like Maude did right before she died. When they recorded Maggie Roswell's voice for THOH couldn't they've recorded Helen's line?

Other then that the show was good.