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pretty rad
Apr 29, 2002
taco town
Homer lets a success seminar get to his head - the head of the power plant, that is, when Homer takes over from Burns.

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Successmanship 101. Harnessing the awesome power of the hook. Lenny and Carl debating on which prequel sucks more. Flaming bag of Lisa's college fund. Walling up the mausoleum. Great stuff.

Despite the focus on Homer (yet again), it allowed for the other characters to play a significant part in the story's unfolding, something that recent seasons have failed to do.


great episode. better overall than poppa's got a brand new badge, but not as funny. not as good as last week's episode overall, but still great. I love when they actually demonstrate that characters care about each other, and i liked the ending stuff with homer and burns. well done and cute. reminds us that burns is truly evil, but is also a feeble old man.

awesome diagram with homer at the bottom of the plant hierarchy, below the inanimate carbon rod. the ending of the second act was nice to hear the people cheer for homer. if this was the last three and a half seasons, they would have just let him fall or something.

the homer "helllooo" scene was hilarious.

lots of fantastic homerisms in this episode. "all my life, i've had one dream: to achieve my many goals."

4.5 out of 5 or an A-. i've watched it three times now, and am pretty satisfied with this score. i liked it for completely different reasons than gil. also, a majority of recent episode haven't revolved around homer.

gould is a talented dude. i'm willing to pretend homer the moe doesn't exist.

this is yet another great eabf episode and i expect nothing but great things from the next one two weeks from now, and so should you. i'm just so satisfied as a whole by the EABFs. here's how i rank them so far:

Great Louse Detective - 4
Special Edna - 4.5
The Dad Who Knew Too Little - 4.5
The Strong Arms of the Ma - 4
Pray Anything - 3.5
Barting Over - 3.5
I'm Spelling as Fast As I Can - 5
Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington - 5
C.E.D.'oh - 4.5

EABF- Average: 4.28
copious notes.

First act:

--Re-used couch gag from last season, but I like that one.
--I&S: they're talking... but still a very good one. "The Big Bopper? Richie Valens? Buddy Holly?"
--A St. Valentine's episode in March? What's with Fox airing holiday episodes late?
--Maggie dancing = GREATNESS
--"You there! The greasy naked bald man!" Heh.
==Overall: Not bad. And the plot's going along nicely.

Second act:

--Lenny/Carl "rod-saber" fight: hilarity
--How many eps this season has Homer getting electrocuted? Just asking.
--The Canary gag is one of the best this season.
--"Patsy" gags probably used to fill time, but still clever.
==Overall: Still pretty good. Third act shouldn't spoil it... hopefully.

Third act:

--"Everything is drugs!" hahahhahahaha!
--The webcam scene was clever.
--"I've never seen someone taken to a Turkish prison so quickly." ~quoteoftheweek.
--Burns' bricklaying gag saved the mausoleum scene.
--Barney's back on coffee. Well, good while it lasted.

Overall, excellent!
This episode was better than some....Loved the Rod fight scene but still dosn't feel like it did in earlier seasons

Final rating 3.5/5
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pretty good. i spanish paper was competing for my attention but i caught almost the entire episode and it was packed with great humor (too much to list) and some father son bonding as well. gets a very solid 4.5/5 from me. this season has been great
GREAT episode. 3rd best of the Season so far. 9.7/10- Great concept, I'm glad the water skiing bit didn't last long and mess this episode up.

Woooo Al Jean! :)
5/5 Absolutely fuckin hilarious. Maggie dancing is the best joke of the year. Lego Land was the only down fall. Ended ubruptly but thats good enough for the return of an amazingly solid plot.
3/5...not the best, not the worst. seemed too drag on after the second act.

edit: thanks for reminding me...maggie dancing was indeed hilarious. if anyone got a screenshot of that (or something similar) pm it to me please. thanks :)
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new rule: anyone who cans an episode, but also misspells a bunch of words in his or her post should have their vote nullified
Best episode this season so far, but doesnt compare to anything pre season 11.

Carbon rod in poster funny, and the heloo scene was alright. But nothing brilliant.

Also at the end at the barbieQue thing there was a sign that had 305th on it, but i didnt catch what it said anyone get that?

7.5/10, a solid episode

-Itchy & Scratchy
-Maggie dancing
-"The Phantom Menace sucked more!"
-good emotion, Homer acted well in character
-Mr. Burns is evil again
-Smithers getting busted
-Bart and Homer fighting, cute

-Homer shocked again? At least it was somewhat funny
-Resolution came too quickly
Great episode, good plotline liked Homer in it and Mr. Burns was excellent, especially with the masoleum sequence in the end. 4/5.

EDIT: I think the banner at the end said something along the lines of "Homer's 305th Everything Back to Normal Bar-B-Que." And who did Bart say he was during the baseball game?
Interesting episode. It had a sort of tone that was set in the first act and was carried through.

To make a long, non-existant review short:
Very good first act (the success character was one of the few strong character additions in the last few years)
Very poor second act (totally destroyed by misplaced gags. Marge's blabbering on, homer getting electricuted, the list goes on)
Mediocore third act (had a bit of emotion, a few too many stupid gags, it was way too short)

In conclusion it is left with 3.5/5 which I will bump up to four. One of the best of the season based on score (which isn't a good thing).
you're right about the reduced homercentricity of recent eps, jesus, but that hasn't been the case in recent SEASONS. the tail-end of last season obviously started to turn that tendency around.

anyway, great episode.

Good episode. Great jokes and a good plot. Loved the hello scene, canary islands, carbon rod, brick scene, Homer at work again, Successmanship 101, college fund, and no penis jokes. Season 14 just keeps getting better. 4/5
Fantastic! One of the best of the season...

GRADE: 4.2/5

btw: what did that sign say at picnic towards the end of the episode.
how can everyone keep saying "doesn't compare to anything pre-season 11" when season ten was the second worst season in the show's history
Much better than last week's, in my opinion. Most people liked last weeks episode, but I didn't. It didn't feel like a Simpsons episode, and this one really did, which is why I really liked it. It had many elements of classic Simpsons episodes, such as Homer actualling being at work, talking things over with Marge in bed, and going to Moes to talk his problems over. The plot was good and didn't jump around at all, which is nice. My only complaint with the overall story is that they should have had Homer spend more time actually working with Mr. Burn's job, rather than getting it at the beginning of the 3rd act. Perhaps it would have been better without the pointless sex/valentines day opening. Valentines Day was a month ago anyway!

This is probably the best Homer-centered episode in a LONG time! Homer was completely in character and not annoying at all! Plus, he didn't have a wacky adventure. Instead, he had a realistic situation and a real problem to think about, and he made the right choices for his family. This episode represents the reason we like Homer in the first place.

Good Jokes:
Itchy and Scratchy return, and they're watching them instead of some TV show parody.
Maggie's tape and her dancing
Homer at work again
Homer observing people at work
Mr. Burns being mean again
"I'll be at Moe's"
Homer at the bottom of the plant chain - and below the CARBON ROD!!!
Homer and Marge talking over problems in bed again
Listen for that voice... "do it dad!"
"Homer's 305th Everything is back to normal party" sign
Burns and the brick wall at the end

Bad Jokes:
Cletus appearance again
Homer greased up
Entire opening mainly about sex
Homer getting shocked... again!
Legoland Scene
Homer tossing Burns over the edge
"Stop looking at my boobs"

4/5 or a B+
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Better than mediocre, but I didn't love it. It seemed to have more odd, Skully-esque moments than most episodes lately, but there were plenty of good jokes and funny scenes to balance it out. Lenny and Carl's debate was hilarious, as was Burns' mausoleum, and the entire third act. The education center scene felt like it was out of season 11 or 12, but it was still a solid, pleasing episode.

Rating: 3.5/5
Glavin said:
Also at the end at the barbieQue thing there was a sign that had 305th on it, but i didnt catch what it said anyone get that?
"Homer's 305th 'Everything Is Okay' Barbeque"

And actually, Bubble Crum, I was quoting Scratchy... they actually died in one plane crash together.
It was a pretty good episode with first act being the best. It fell apart, I though, in the third where I would have actually had Homer reinstate Burns and show him connect with his family. I just didn't like the bit with Burns at the very end, him trying to build a wall. Overall a decent episode but still not as good as we were getting a few weeks ago. 3/5.

oh, i misunderstood what you were talking about, gil. keep in mind that episodes have really been homer-centric since season 3. but i do realize that most of them in the past three seasons have been bad. this was an exception, clearly.
I don't know... I just didn't laugh like i wanted to. This season hasn't done much for me. It is the first time in my many years of Simpsons watching that I've actually worried that it was on a decline in terms of quality. I have, however, missed a couple this season that I have heard were of descent quality, so I'm not giving up hope yet. As i said, there is just something about it that makes me miss the old days. I cannot explain it, it's just some innate feeling that things aren't going as well as they should be.
Hmm. Everyone seemed to like the episode quite a bit. I was really expecting it to get slammed here.

Am I nuts, or was the episode just kind of all-over the place? Maybe it was the fact that the scenes were very fast, but something just kind of..I don't know..lost of confused me in the third act. For example, I found myself trying to figure out if the opium thing in Marakesh had something to do with the story, and by the time I gave up trying to figure it out, Homer was talking to the family on the computer or water-skiing. I couldn't really tell what the focus was at times towards the end? Homer missing his family? Homer and success? What happened to Homer's love with Marge thing at the beginning? I was just getting a bit confused because things were being thrown at me so fast at a less-than fluid rate.

I'm gonna re-watch this before I review it.