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Apr 29, 2002
taco town
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With the exception of the last 5 minutes, the episode was pretty much lame... Moe is getting worse every week, and the video store scene was just dreadful and wouldn't end! 3/5
Even though they were pretty close, this is the way the ending to Gays of the Condo should've been.

The music number was great, especially Buscemi's funny-yet-pointless cameo.

What an amazing episode. I loved the last line... "Get the hell outta my yard !"... and instant classic. 5 of 5 !!!
A great episode, ranks way up there above 'Special Edna' yet below 'Scuse me'. Good jokes, I thought the plot moved very well, and the characters were very likable without any Homer adding in unneeded remarks after everything that happens. Wonderful.

Okay... was this the first episode to copy off other episodes IN THE SAME SEASON?!

This was basically Three Gays of the Condo, Reversed. Too many stupid/zany gags (Bart in the aquarium, fighting frogs), really dumb cameo appearances (it's getting really bad when you just have Steve Buscemi coming out of nowhere doing absolutely nothing for the plot), and some really bad writing. Hopefully next week won't be as bad, as the plotlines aren't as horrible.
I enjoyed this episode very much. It had a pretty good plot which flowed rather smoothly. The only things i disliked was that it seemed like Marge turned hateful rather quickly and they were already at a marriage counselor, that all went a little to quick for me. I also really didn't enjoy the song that Homer sang while he was walking, but other than that, i enjoyed. Well written episode IMO. I give it a 4/5.
The episode would of been a lot better, if it was turned into about 5 different episodes. The problem with the Simpsons last few episodes, and a few others this past season, is that they try and squeeze too many different plots into one episode. They did this one OK, but taking 2 of the plots out, and the guest stars, and the exaggerated gags, would have made it a lot better. 2\5
It wasn't mind blowing, but it was an enjoyable half hour. A lot of great jokes in here. Some jokes ran on too long, others fell flat and there were structural problems. I think that Marge's conflict with Homer came up too late in the episode, similar to Lisa's dilemna in Spelling. It also seemed rambly at points, but I found myself enjoying it. The Buscemi guest spot didn't bother me too much, but Jackson Browne was a classic example of out of nowhere guestspots.

That one WILL need another watch. I'm really conflicted with it, because that was one of the fastest-paced Simpsons episodes of all-time, and was pretty all over the place, but not in such a bad way. It was easy to follow, but by the end of the episode, you just can't figure out if that aquarium stuff and driving stuff was in the same episode. Gimme a moment to try to reflect on it.
2/5. A couple of OK jokes (Steve Buscemi, French joke), but the plot line (marriage problems) was recycled. The scene at the video store was pathetic with a capital z.
Was really good, dare I see the best of the season? No, it wasn't but it was very good and reached back into the roots of the Simpsons, It was not to over the top, but really stayed the course. Overall a very solid episode.

4/5 for season 3/5 overall
im with psyche on this one. i did not like it that much. 2/5, since i dont see why it deserves any better.
The plot for tonights episode was god awfull but there where some realy great jokes (Homer in the Video store, The penguins flying when Lisa opened the door, Neds 'letter from jesus', and I realy like the first musical number) all of which I lauphed out load at. The thing that kinda ruined it for me was how the plot did a complete 180 from homer losing his liscence to a Possible Homer and Marge breakup. So all in all tonights episode was not terrible not great 3/5
not a very bad episode. the characters were all done fairly well with no jerkass homer. the plot was done well, flowing with very few problems.

the humor was also pretty good. no very memorable one-liners, but i liked the whole opening sequence with the field trip and the dennis the menace parody cracked me up. i also liked the scene where homer is in the video store. there were no horrible jokes and the only parts i didnt really like was when homer had all that stuff in his car, and afterwards in the courtroom. the musical scenes were done pretty well.

overall, it was a fairly forgettable episode but it was still well put together and that is good enough to get a 4/5 from me
Pretty satisfying episode. Much of the first act actually felt a bit like classic Simpsons, except for Bart's slightly cartoonish injury. Homer loading his car up was pretty funny, but I really thought Lindsey Neagle coming out of nowhere was rather lame. The second act was a bit slow and boring at times, but the song really picked it up(Steve Buscemi was awesome).

I really thought they took a risk by changing the plot in the third act, but it added depth to the episode, in my opinion. The ending was quite nice and helped improve the episode(although Homer regaining Marge's love was already covered in "Three Gays of The Condo").

A bit slow at times, but an improvement over the last two episodes.

Rating: 3 or 3.5/5
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Not bad. Some good chuckles here and there. How many more refereneces of "Dennis the Menace" can they get away with? This is the second week where scenes from the promos have been cut. I didn't find it terribly interesting, but it is still a step up from last week's episode in terms of plot development and probably in the top five this season. Can't wait until next week (3.5/5).
Episode Notes

1st Act:
Fucking rich Texan - DIE
Bart getting attacked by fish - dumb
Homer at video store - too long

I forget what else happened... it jumped around too much

2nd Act:
Burn their poop? - dumb. and i hate that judge - stop bringing her back
The voices really seem off in this episode...

I stopped taking notes here (I got bored, and I wasn't finding many positive things to say)
Ugh... as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't get into this episode. Wait, I didn't want to - I wasn't looking foreward to watching it at all. I hate to say it, but I'm finally losing interest in new episodes after watching so much medeocre stuff. Still, I tried to enjoy it, but I couldn't. As usual, the only things I could notice was the fact that the plot was all over the place and horribly unstructured (not to mention reused), most of the gags were lame, childish, forced, or re-used, and yet even more forced emotion at the end. I'm trying to remember stuff I liked, but it was just so much like everything else lately, that I pretty much lost all interest in the episode. They were, IMO, on a good episode streak for awhile, but now it seems that they've fallen back into mediocrity. The only positive things I can really say, is that Homer was pretty well characterized and the episode didn't do anything over the top.

Oh yeah, more lame, forced musical numbers too. Not only do almost all the numbers this season suck, but they're almost every single episode!

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YUCK. Man, I thought this was going to be good, but boy was I wrong. I usually don't complain but this was just not right. The first act started this crap episode off, fish beating up bart, whats with that and the video store sequence was terrible. Dr. Hibbert sucked, and so did Judge Harm, there is no reason to bring her back. One of the only funny things was Homer driving with all that crap in his car. They completly overdid the walking thing...why would Homer like walking? Completly out of character. The guest stars were one of the most unuseful ever. The episode looked like it could turn around with the Marriage Conciling, but after that scene it went back downhill. They should have left the Flanders gag alone, but they ruined it w/ showing him on the train. Sorry for complaining so much, but I couldn't take this episode. Tied for worst of season with Helter Shelter. Hopefully my opinion will change after watching it agian and looking at others' reviews. Atleast I can look foward to next weeks episode, both look GREAT.

2/5 Didn't get a 1 b/c there was SOME things I laughed at and I can't give an ep a 1 for some reason...Im soft

EDIT: I didn't see what the letter from "Jesus" said and after seeing what it said in J.Re*s' post I retract my statement...grade still stands at 2
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It wasn't terrible, just all over the place. A lot of funny moments though, too many to name. Homer's rendition of "Mexican Hat Dance" cracked me up, as did his turntables. The story was really good with good writing, but like too many other episodes the main focus was completely rushed, and the ending was slowed down too much. Next week's episodes look more promising.
Act One was very terrible, as it lacked direction and changed several times. Storage joke was very good though, as was most of the aquarium sequence. The second act I thought was okay, it did develop well, but was a little bit slow. Good song, with a great ending. And the third act, like was said before, was a complete change from the previous acts, and made the episode worse. Psychyatrist scene was pretty good, and I thought the busboy joke was hilarious.

Still, decidely meh: 2.75/5. On the bright side, the season finale sounds good.
NoOneFamous said:
I stopped taking notes here
If that's true, you need to stop being such a nerd (I'm a hypocrite, but not a note taker) & watch the show for fun. Don't make it into a chore.

I thought it was a pretty enjoyable episode...good but not great. Didn't particularly like the turn that the plot took in the third act, though there were some good jokes (I dug the Flanders bit).
I enjoyed this episode more than the past few episodes. A lot more jokes that I found funny. My favorite joke was Bart and his butt cheeks in the aquarium. 4/5
You're right, it is, I admit. But it really does seem to affect how much you like an episode, because instead of remembering the few good things (which are easier to remember), you remember all the bad things as well. I also admit that watching the show has pretty much become a chore... not because I like to review episodes - thats just for fun, but for the fact that every week I try to force myself to like the episode, and lately, I just can't. I continue to watch though because the show does surprise me sometimes with stuff I really like... just not lately.
There were some serious problems with this episode. First off, I didn't really like the use of guest stars in this one. Sure, many guest stars are tacked on, but those two really seemed to be added just for the sake of guest stars. I did get a chuckle out of the comment on the new album singer-person I've never heard of, though. Also, many of the concepts and plot points in this episode were reused, and frankly, they didn't change enough of it to make it seem new. Many of the jokes were particularly awful and too cartoony (a lot of them in the terrible first act), and the animation was a little sloppy. The latter is just a minor complaint, though.

On the plus side, some of the jokes were actually pretty good. Burns giving Homer a pass to the 1939 World's Fair, mention of Grandpa proposing to the hooker, Homer imagining and even saying "Dr. Hot Dog" (best joke of the episode), and Ned's letter from "Jesus" all got some laughs from me. Also, the song was tolerable (and ended appropriately, if you ask me), and the third act really cleaned things up in regard to the rest of the episode. It was even nice to see Patty and Selma again.

Overall, I'd give it a 2.5, which rounds up to a 3. The first act was awful, the second wasn't that good, but the third was much better.