Rate & Review: "Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. The Third Grade" (DABF20)

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where is everyone
Nov 21, 2001
huntsville, al
Season 14's third episode, "Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. The Third Grade" airs tonight and, as of now, little is known about this episode since few spoilers have been released. You can click here to view the promo card for this episode. And, as usual, the thread and poll will open once the episode airs.

Great episode.

Witty comedy.

No stupid homer jokes wheres hes getting hurt, or screaming.

The story did kind of trail off near the end, but it was still entertaining.

And it was great to see bart and lisa make up at the end instead of hating eachtother.

"The Status Quo!... Ay carumba!...Thats just sad"

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heh... some nice animation goofs i saw.

Wow... Capitol City hasn't been mentioned in years... but why has it turned from a parody of NY into a parody of DC?

Was the gov. who cried the same gov from 3 Eyes On Every Fish in season 2 (when Mr. Burns ran for gov)?


I give it a 4/5. I'll elaborate more later.

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Not bad. Not bad at all!

>>Loved the couch gag (YES!)
>>And the satellite programming (bulimic Tom Brokaw? heh)
>>The fact that Homer is NOT in the spotlight-- YES!
>>"LEARN TO FART"-- Bart as his best!
>>Nelson going out of his way to do his "HA ha!"
>>Great to see the Goofball and Governor Mary Bailey again, although Tom Poston didn't do the Goofball voice :( .
>>PUNCHBUGGY! My sister was elated.
>>Milhouse as the 'class clown pro-tem': 'Cowabunga!'
>>Ended a bit abruptly, but still a WONDERFUL episode.

Pretty good episode plot wise. Fairly sane, no crazy adventures, no screaming homer, and fairly down to earth. Now they just need to make it funnier.


PsycheEnFuego said:

Seconded. Its going down in flames.
"Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. The Third Grade" (DABF20): In Review

-Chalkboard gag - Meh.
-Couch gag - great stuff!

-First Act:
Tons of great show parodies. Animal Survivor, Touch the stove, Japanese Friends, Clock Channel, Robot Rumble and School Span = all great :lol: moments.

"Will you be home from 8 am Monday to June?"

Also liked the Boob Tubery, the spacecraft with monkeys, Bart's ass grove on Homer's stomach and Bart loosing his mind, which was my favorite part of Act 1. M.C. Safety and the Caution Crew was meh. Strongest of the 3 acts, IMO.

-Second Act:
Bart's metaphors were clever and hilarious. Also liked it when Bart and Lisa introduced the third graders the "Punch Buggy" game. Great to see the Capital City Goofball (Wrong colors :() and Gov. Bailey again. "Learn to Fart" was a hilarous Bart moment. I found Nelson kind of annoying in the episode.

-Third Act:
Weakest act. Only worthy moments were the Field Trip Memorial, Milhouse imitating Bart, Maggie's mini-skateboard and sax and the "status quo". So-so ending.

Overall, a 4/5. Re-used ideas though brought down the plot. But great laughs made up for it.
-The Simpsons getting cable. "Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighteenth Amendment"
-Bart taking a school based test. "Bart the Genius"
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Pretty good ep. i give 4/5.

Couch gag: the only thing Homer-centric, but was awesome.
Ep: It was a good show. The milhouse part was good, marge being cheap about the newspaper was funny,bart going crazy and halucinating was "LOLMAO" worthy, and the flag part was a true bart moment. I could have enjoyed a better ending, but when , maggie threw away the board and sax, i thought it was ok. It could have used a little more laughs, tho. It had some good classic moments, and references as well.Its nice to see an ep based on the kids again. 4/5, well deserved. :)
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Good episode but not that great. I love the 3rd grade teacher! Principal Skinner and Milhouse were used very well here. Im glad we saw the Capitol City goofball and Mary Bailey again. BTW, was Mary Bailey voiced by Maggie Roswell like she was back in season 2? It was also fun to see Bart and Lisa actually be nice to eachother and work together(even though its happened many times before). 4/5 B.
By far the funneist episode of the season and one of the funniest episodes in a long time. There were so many funny moments. I could not stop laughing.

The state pasta, Bowtie

Coming up on the clock channel, 6:00

No one understands you she bear

Pretty good. I laughed a lot. The Bart going crazy was great.

I never watch the previews for the next week's episode. I don't want to see any of the jokes...
Pretty mediocre outing. Bart and Lisa fighting was rarely funny, and Bart wasn't as creative or amusing as usual (especially his diarhea comment). I did like most of the tv parodies at the begginning and the couch gag was classic. The story itself was rather weak and could have been handled better. I'm just saying its about time to get rid of Tim Long, and if the episodes don't start to improve its gonna seem like season 13 didn't happen. I'm actually looking foward to "Large Marge" after the fairly humorous promo.
I feel that this episode was better than a "meh", but still rather unimpressive. It did have quite a few things done right, though. I really enjoyed the first act, it wasn't too Homer-centric, the Capital City setting was enjoyable. Still, it was very random at some points. Not to mention some characters acted very strangely.

I'm beginning to regret giving it a "3/5" on the poll. I think it deserves more like a "3.5 or 4/5.
This is one reason why Bart Simpson is a god to me.


I couldn't stop laughing. One of the best gags in years... and to hear Homer say it later!!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I loved the way they tied up the end with Bart and Lisa making up with each other. Very sweet!
I liked almost everything about this episode! Great classic jokes, had be cracking up the whole time, Homer was his classic self, cool references to season 2, etc. What a change from last weeks Mike Scully crap-o-rama. If only Homer would act like he did in this episode all the time. But I guess its good proof that Homer is best when hes not the main star of the show these days.

My only complaint is that it seems kind of weird for Bart and Lisa to hate each other that much, since most of the time they get along pretty well. Oh, and I found most of Bart's pranks in this episode to be childish humor (Learn to Fart?). Granted, he is a kid, but it seems like the pranks could have been a little bit more creative. Let see... the puking news guy was unnecessasary, and finally, the ending was a bit anti-climatic, but I found the hillbillies hilarious, as well as Homer & Maggie, and Milhouse trying to be like Bart. "Now thats just sad."

4.5/5!! :D
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A good episode and far more coherent then the episodes in recient years. Other characters in the spotlight THANK YOU.

Plus I liked the fact that Lisa got problems wrong by thinking too high minded and Bart got questions right based on past experance. He remebered all his old studing tricks and didn't miss a beat, he's alot smarter then he lets on sometimes.

The hill folks joke at the end was a bit on the goofy side but it wasn't overly long. Mary Balely (I know the spelling is wrong sorry about that) as gov still was a nice touch.

Overall a strong episode and a return to a more grounded style is a good thing. The old school referances were great. I think affter last week the ghost of Scully may be finaly exercised.

I missed the promos for next week's show, I get the impression I'm going to be throwing down the 1/5 rating for that one given your reactions.
Very good.

It was nice to see Mary Bailey again, even if she was out of character.

I liked the different TV channels, I guess...

Maggie's little sax was cute.
HellBender said:
Can someone explain the couch gag?
It's a direct parody of the opener to Get Smart, the 1960s spy spoof starring Don Adams. Co-created by Mel Brooks.

The first two acts were classic Simpsons all the way. The 3rd act is somewhat of a mixed bag

Best moments

-LEARN TO FART: Bart is back in prankster mode baby!
-Nelson's haw haw's were great too
-Animal Survivor and Japanese Friends had me rolling
-Pikachu and Bender's camoes as well as the Jewish folk song
-The field trip memorial
-The return of Mary Bailey, Capital City goofball, and a little bit of Skinner in sinister mode
-No moaning or sobbing in the classroom
-Bart and Lisa strangling each other
-Marge's fanny packs "Lisa's brother" "Bart's sister"

Bad parts

-Ending was way too anti-climatic
-The safety team show, what the hell?
-Bart & Lisa get rescued by a bunch of hilbillies
-The Homer watching Bart/Lisa on the TV gag
-No Miss Hoover? I guess Maggie Roswell isn't returning for good

Otherwise, it's the best episode so far this season
A near classic. The only thing I can say bad about it was near the very end with the other people who had been lost on field trips. I loved the first act with the crappy television shows. It was also great to see Mary Bailey as Mayor and Milhouse doing Bart's catch phrases.
how is the gov out of character? she has apparently aged more and changed a little from her one small appearance. people had different hair color then. lisa was practically still a clone of bart.
Mafia said:
Wow... Capitol City hasn't been mentioned in years... but why has it turned from a parody of NY into a parody of DC?

Was the gov. who cried the same gov from 3 Eyes On Every Fish in season 2 (when Mr. Burns ran for gov)
It could be that Capitol City has a downtown area (the New York-ish part, and the DC-ish area, which could be on the other side of town or something.

and yes, that was Mary Bailey, who was elected in "...3 Eyes on Every Fish"
Simpson Purist said:
Bad parts
-The safety team show, what the hell?
-The Homer watching Bart/Lisa on the TV gag

I thought those were funny, as well as the making fun of tv shows bit. :)
Another little flashback I got: The hotel Bart and Lisa stayed at is the same hotel Homer and Mindy (and later Marge) stayed at in The Last Temptation of Homer.